Gennady Korban: Axelrod has done for more than Dnepropetrovsk all mayors together | Предприниматель

Gennady Korban: Axelrod has done for more than Dnepropetrovsk all mayors together

Daring murder in a public place known builder and patron of the city shook million. Conventional wisdom: in Dnepropetrovsk return “dashing ninetieth.” Police comments on the stingy. They are silent and the local authorities. The only one who agreed to an interview – is a friend and business partner of the deceased, the chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Slavutych Capital” Gennady Korban.

– Mr. Korban, in your relationship with Gennady Axelrod was dominated by business or personal reasons?

– We met about 10 years ago, and from the very first meetings I have deep respect for this man. Very soon we became friends. Business issues faded into the background, giving way to human relations. It was more than friendship, but rather, a spiritual kinship. We had breakfast together, lunch and dinner, called up twenty times a day. They said, basically, on everyday topics. Most went to rest with their families.

With Gena was easy and pleasant to talk to. He was tireless in fiction. Could drag me to podvernuvshiysya boutique, almost by force to impose new clothes, and take away the old, promising to return it as a gift for 50th anniversary. He loved all stores, with a long ruffled traffickers, through which was aware of all the city’s gossip – what people are breathing, and even who is sleeping with whom. It was always interesting. I genuinely liked this man.

– And yet the townspeople remember Gennady Axelrod, primarily as a builder.

– At the end of 1990 in Dnepropetrovsk formed a group of young and dynamic business (Vadim Ermolaev, Alexander Kaganovsky, Gennady Axelrod, Valery Shamotiy and others), aiming to dramatically change the look of the city. There were interesting projects, investors were tightened, and began the “golden decade” of the construction boom.

Gene was probably the most talented and highly motivated. Not for nothing was he who took the most neglected parts of the historic part of town. Think that was a center of Dnepropetrovsk 15 years ago. In the Central Department Store – squash, where the Chinese traded mixed rags, sauerkraut and fish. In the “Children’s World” – a series of false and counterfeit vodka, caviar. And for hundreds of meters around – terrible unsanitary conditions. Now it is clean and spacious European area with two modern shopping malls.

– But some citizens still believe that Gennady Axelrod destroyed valuable architectural monuments, such as “Children’s World” or hotel “Central”.

– It’s not true. “Children’s World” – a typical example of the late Soviet eclecticism. The hotel “Central” – Stalin’s Neoclassicism in the low-budget version. There is no architectural value of these buildings are not represented, and this is not the opinion of the inhabitants, and the conclusions of experts.

The hotel Central

The hotel Central

Another thing that was not all the objects appearing in place of the demolished “Passage”. But Axelrod was not just a talented senior manager of large construction projects, he – conceptology ahead of his time, and the true dignity of his buildings still appreciate descendants.

Shopping Complex Passage and the French Children's Carousel, instead of peace and hotels

Shopping Complex Passage and the French Children's Carousel, instead of peace and hotels

In modern architecture, there are two extremes – either the extravagant exterior of the building is detrimental to the functionality or the functionality of the rate leads to primitivization appearance. Axelrod, like no other, has a sense of architectural taste, was able to strike a balance, do not go to extremes, so that its facilities and stylish, and functional at the same time, but the lack of pretentiousness. I think they asked the vector of urban development of Dnepropetrovsk in the years ahead.

That is the Children's World

That is the Children's World

– After the tragic death of Gennady Axelrod on the city internet forums erupted discussion. Some implicitly recognize the merits of the deceased in the formation of the modern image of Dnepropetrovsk, others believe that all of his projects – pure commerce. Who is right?

– I see no contradiction between these points of view. The ideal building, on the one hand, to integrate harmoniously into the environment, on the other hand, have a commercial component. So accepted throughout the civilized world. I will open a “terrible” secret – even a museum of modern art, built at the expense of patrons, are designed for self-sufficiency. Business – the engine of progress, it is an axiom, and silly to deny it.

Let’s ask ourselves – and that for more than 20 years built in Dnepropetrovsk city officials that have the billion-dollar budget? One or two schools, several Heat Exchangers … And then, you thought about how monstrous objects gives green light to corrupt licensing system? Just look at the buildings on Prospect Kirova, try to find them in harmony. The mayor and the chief architect for the cultivation of tastelessness in town planning has long should resign.

– Leaves, Dnipropetrovsk authorities have not found a common language with a large construction business?

– It pains me to say this, but despite the best efforts of businessmen, the city where I was born and lived most of his life, in the eyes of the dead criminal into a province. Although relatively new source of manpower was called, the financial capital of Ukraine and other honors given characteristics. After starting conditions, we were better than in other metropolitan areas. Because people like Axelrod, one of the first in the country have begun to clear the Augean stables of the architectural “scoop.” It is they, not the city officials have become the new engine of urban development. And officials are mired in greed. True, they did not forget the Day of the city to cut the ribbon at the opening of another object. But in reality, only one in the last decade, Axelrod has done for Dnepropetrovsk more than all the mayors put together – 20 years of independence.

In a normal city, and a normal country, officials and residents would have said “thank you” to businessmen who risked for the sake of the common good of its own and borrowed money, reputation and, as has now become clear, life. But the kind words in his address Dnepropetrovsk builders and have not waited. Moreover, Mayor Ivan Kulichenko, who once wrote the European area and the other Axelrod projects in their electoral asset, does not even come to say goodbye to the dead. In my opinion, because he could do only a little man.

I think if you have local deputies remained a shred of conscience, they should raise the issue of assigning Gennady Axelrod title of “Honorary Citizen of Dnepropetrovsk.” The man who literally put his life for his native city, has earned this award.

– What were the principles of life Gennady Axelrod?

– This was a man who appreciated the beauty around. He is beautifully dressed, beautifully formulated his thoughts, even ate pretty, but it does not get hung up. “The most exquisite pleasure is to add pleasure to others.” This aphorism of Jean de La Bruyere was so close outlook Genes that he made it the motto of his construction company.

Inaccessible to the press, it was easy in dealing with ordinary people. Could start a casual conversation with a salesman, a waiter, a foreman, and for each find the kind words. In the glittering circle of friends honed sense of humor.

And Axelrod was a great mystic. Literally every one of his mysterious creature keeps tracks of fate. When the project is developed the world’s largest Jewish cultural center, “Menorah,” Gene was originally focused on the variant with 12 fronts and 20-story main tower. Later, decided to increase the tower to 22 floors. Did it instinctively, as if obeying an inner voice. And when the building was already in full swing, suddenly realized that the number of fronts, “Menorah” represents the number of tribes, which formed, according to the Scriptures, the people of Israel, and the floors of the main tower – the number of letters in Hebrew. Everything happened as if the author of the plan was driven by the hand of God.

And another mysterious coincidence. Long before the “Menorah” Vadim Ermolaev Yekaterinoslav installed on the boulevard so-called architectural form small businessman, beggars, which became the prototype for Axelrod. Most recently, Gene took me to “own” the monument and asked: “Guess where I look?” I was dumbfounded: a look bronze businessman was fixed directly to the central tower of the newly constructed “Menorah”.

Bronze statue of Gennady Axelrod - Vadim Ermolaev gift on the day of birth

Bronze statue of Gennady Axelrod - Vadim Ermolaev gift on the day of birth

– And why the businessman-fashioned beggar with Axelrod? After all, Gennady Axelrod, according to media, was a very wealthy man.

– This is a fallacy. Gene has never sought to accumulate capital. Personally, he had the money just enough to have enough for good food, quality clothing and travel. He often said: “Quite what I have rich friends.” And indeed for the implementation of their projects, he went to the wealthiest people and how would jokingly asked, “Give me your money, I will make them a beauty!” From here – and a corresponding sculptural image.

In our conversations, Gene often lamented that the oligarchs are often invested millions into dubious projects, development of which involved people who do not feel the specifics of Ukrainian cities. Foreign kontseptologicheskie firm to get an order, offer the client a volume of documentation until the calculation of public transport and traffic density. But not in these papers the main thing – the concept of the future facility.

A similar story exists with the first Jewish cultural center. The project sponsor, one of the owners of “Privat” Gennadiy Bogolyubov approached several foreign companies, but the proposed options was not satisfied. Then he remembered about Akselrod, and soon there was a project “Menorah”. Bogolyubov, when I saw the layout, the author said the idea: “I have no words, it is simply a genius. I will build “Menorah”, whatever the cost. ”

By the way, the events described took place in the midst of financial crisis, and the construction of Axelrod has not earned a dime. That I deliberately emphasize for those who in every nouveau riche businessman sees greedy.

– “Menorah” – a project of world significance, but in the minds of most Dnipropetrovsk it is still associated with the Jewish community. That’s voices, they say, Axelrod engaged in charity work only “for her» …

– Remember that museums, restaurants, retail establishments and other objects of the Jewish cultural center open to people of any nationality. In addition, Axelrod donated to the town library, built by him on the street. Lenin. And he renovated hundreds of meters of urban communications. And then, few know that in 2010 he developed the concept and preliminary design of the reconstruction of the Assumption Cathedral in the square Poor Damian, that is next to the “Menorah”. According to the author, the cathedral was reborn in modern form, but with the preservation of historic proportions and architectural forms. It is important that the height of the bell tower of the temple corresponded exactly to the height of the main tower, “Menorah”. Thus, stressed the closeness of an equivalent of two and the world’s oldest religions.

Central City Library

Central City Library

After the death of Axelrod fate of the project is questionable. However, I can pass it of use to those who undertake the revival of the Assumption Cathedral.

Jewish Center

– Your friend recently there was no apprehension?

– Gene more than once that he was going to live in ’93, so the plan – more than enough. But the bitterness that increasingly have to swim against the tide in his thinking still present. “In Dnepropetrovsk became impossible to build – he complained – no commercial sense, but the authorities are on the drum, and the townspeople, too.”

Axelrod is very worried about the lack of a strategic concept for the development of Dnepropetrovsk. He proposed to follow the example of German cities of Frankfurt-am-Main and Dusseldorf, which in the absence of historical and natural curiosities, attracted millions of visitors, erecting a huge exhibition centers. But such objects on the money only private investors will not build. Requires partnerships between business and government. Unfortunately, the word “partnership” government officials, mainly understood as a “bribe.”

Gene is so tired dull indifference of the authorities and citizens, that his next concept called “Evolution” he presented in the form of a stepped building with the figure of a man walking down the towers – a monkey. It was a signal that the evolution takes place in Ukraine in the opposite direction, from Homo sapiens – the Australopithecus.

– What do you think about the versions of possible customers murder?

– I have already said in an interview with one of the sites that the police, in my opinion, is on the wrong track. For example, delves into the family relations of the deceased. Or puts delusional assumption of debt owed to the bank Axelrod’s “Forum” as the reason for the assassination. For those interested, I can clarify that the industrial and financial group “Sparta”, headed by Axelrod, really was the debtor of the bank “Forum”. She, like many other construction companies went bankrupt during the financial crisis and was dissolved by court order. If you follow the logic of the police, then by now the bankers had to shoot for thousands of executives of bankrupt companies.

– Among the inhabitants are also popular version of the involvement of high-profile case of local crime bosses – “NARIC”, “Mazeppa”, etc.

– Another nonsense. Axelrod has never entered into relations with criminal structures. And then, you mentioned “authorities” have long been “turned into a house manager.” And their “six”, if anyone, and fearsome, is it that the market traders.

– Is there a political motive for the incident? It is widely believed that with the advent of the new government, “Donetsk” undercover officers and security officials “squeeze” someone else’s business.

– Neither I nor Axelrod in politics has never climbed. And we never received the so-called Donetsk group of signals, or, say, improper proposals to reallocate business.

I was and still is only one version of which I have been voicing in recent years various investigative agencies. This and other killings and assassination are connected with a person in an American prison, as well as with members of his family. I insist on this version!

– In the media there have been reports that you have promised one million dollars for his help in apprehending criminals.

– We do guarantee the payment of financial compensation in the amount of $ 1,000,000 for information that will help the investigating authorities to enter the killer. This refers to reliable information (number of machines, information about rental housing, etc.) rather than the conclusions of fortune-tellers and psychics. If anyone has such information, please send them by e-mail antikiller.akselrod @ gmail.comPolnaya confidentiality is guaranteed. Let me remind you also that giving false information to impede the investigation falls under the Criminal Code.

– How do you see a way out?

– If the government and the citizens do not learn to appreciate the work of talented local businesses, will not stop flirting with the bandits and will continue to turn a blind eye to the antics of xenophobes, we spit on everything and go away from this city. And they let him continue to live in their shit together with Kulichenko lzheistoricheskimi and architectural monuments.

But those who ordered the killing, and Axelrod, though not relaxed. Gene was the soul of our company, and these inhuman monsters tore our soul. I declare to them hunting. I will find both performers and customers heinous crime, and they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Objects constructed Gennady Axelrod:

European square, 1990

Европейская площадь, 1990 год

European square, 2010

Европейская площадь, 2010 год

Karl Marx Avenue, 22 in Dnepropetrovsk, 1990

Угол ул. Куйбышева и просп. Карла Маркса, 1990 год

Karl Marx Avenue, 22 in Dnepropetrovsk, 2010

Угол ул. Куйбышева и просп. Карла Маркса, 2010 год

The residential complex «Amsterdam» on the Quay

The residential complex «Amsterdam» on the Quay

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