Google earned in 2010, $8.5 billion | Предприниматель

Google earned in 2010, $8.5 billion

In a press release that was posted on Friday, the company’s website reported that the search engine Google in 2010 earned $ 8.5 billion

The company’s profit per ordinary share was $ 26.31, and the proceeds – $ 29.3 billion versus $ 23.7 billion a year ago. Net profit in the 4th quarter of 2010 totaled $ 2.54 billion in general rose by 29%.

Revenues for the 4th quarter was $ 8.44 billion, up 26% compared with the previous corresponding period ($ 6.67 billion).

“The fourth quarter was simply stunning conclusion of the year. The market of digital economy gains momentum, the production of innovations pushed our performance up … These financial indicators give us optimism and confidence in the future, to invest more, “- said Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Along with the publication of financial results Google obnarodval permutation of the top management of the company. Larry Page, co-founder, takes over as CEO, replacing Eric Schmidt, who will serve as chairman of the company.

On April 4 Larry Page will be responsible for the operational management of the company.

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