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Intelligent Investing

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Intelligent Investing

First of all it is necessary to focus on products that require great intellectual effort, not investments .

Now we understand that the situation is reminiscent of 2008 . Exchange rates are now very varied , and all the stock exchanges in avgeste collapsed . But the situation still does not look like a global crisis , and therefore minimize the development , constantly waiting , it would not be very sensible. All that we can now preprinyat – not relax.The factors that caused the financial crisis in the world , has not been resolved.

Financial systems are distorted . Change country risks . We realize that now uncertain times , and forced poetosu postraivatsya under the current reality. I can only say that Napoleon’s plans , we are not building , so do not expect rapid growth . We do not make long-term investments . Better not venturing ground for large industrial complexes , but do little machine that will soon be able to pay off. The next year, we plan to increase by 5-10%. In 2011, we planned that growth will be 15 %, and increased by 35 %, which is caused by stabilization after the sharp collapse in 2009 . But over the period of restoration business in 2010-2011 and there was no future . This is because many companies , many companies simply returned to the level at which they fell during the crisis.

We are currently working on expanding the range and the creation of new collections – these are the foods that require more intellectual than financial zatrat.My take to hire people who can offer us new ideas . In 2008, we started building the author’s collection of corporate gifts . In late 2010, was organized by the department of R & D, dealing with the fact that new development does . To date, we have developed 200 author gifts, half of which were created over the past year. The share of gifts designed by its own design decisions , in the back of the “Project 111” as of 2010 was 4.8 % , in 2011 , this figure increased to 6%. Sales of new products rose by 56 % over last year .For example , we recently developed a stick – machine , which can not be lost. Pri clapping machine beeps to follow in which you can find a machine. With that, the idea we found on Twitter, and then got in touch with the author . Also among our latest innovations is the stick – men , which we called “Professional” , a notebook designed specifically for heavy industry workers called Real Hard Work. On the pages of this notebook you can find almost everything – from the rulers of different species to various games such as sudoku and sea fight. Just recently we had zapushchenno knitting production , which allowed us to create knitted items in a corporate style .

We have made our management reporting more operational. If earlier reports all the income we could see only a few months , and therefore not immediately able to determine the cost of the subject, but now I get all the necessary each month. Da and I say to these reports more frequently . Also, we have become much more careful to control operating expenses. We are a bit limited freedom of department heads : we reduced the amount by which they can dispose of without approval .

Now the company is protected against a possible decline and lack of vendors in any industry. We work with all suppliers . When one industry there is a decline , always which industry will not grow tired . For example, when the banks collapsed , the collection business prospered , the esl will always be those who will order corporate gifts . For us, a more interesting overall situation in economic . For example , I’m not so interested in what happens outside the country , for me, is more important than how things in. Investment situation does not allow the expected growth. The business environment is not very positive for entrepreneurs . Also, we are inclined to go to the foreign market : continue razrabtku products can be in Russia , but to produce and sell better abroad.

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