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Online stores will be obliged to have offices

“If members of parliament will oblige online retailers to have offices, the price of goods they can rise” – reported by the Paul sat, head of the Association of Electronic business Ukraine, at a press conference which was devoted to discussing the draft law on domestic trade.

This bill is currently under discussion. The draft law expected to require online retailers and other companies whose activities are related to trade via the Internet, work only with the office. Companies that violate this law face a fine of one hundred and not subject to minimums.

Sergey Litvinenko, director of the department of examination and analysis of the effectiveness of public support for Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, believes that this law will positively affect the market as a whole, will help bring the market of online trading of the “shadow” and protect the rights of consumers, because there are now many online stores that have web sites that do not specify any address location, nor the legal name of the company, or other data that can help you identify the company.

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