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Internet is 2.5% of GDP in Ukraine

The Boston Consulting Group and Google conducted an analysis of the Internet economy in 10 countries. For example, in neighboring Russia, which is not far away from Ukraine on the development of Internet technologies among the mass of the population? internet economy of Russia amounted to 1.6% of GDP, and this is the 2011 $ 19.3 billion in the Ukraine, of course the amount is much smaller but also impressive – $ 1 billion, 2.5% of GDP in Ukraine. And in relative and in absolute terms is less than in major Western European countries, but Ukraine has better dynamics.

“Ukraine – the most dynamic Internet market in Central and Eastern European region by the number of users, growing at 15% in 2010 versus 14% in Russia and 7% in Poland. As a result, over the past year, the total number of Internet users in the country reached 13.9 million people, “- says Victoria Tigipko, which itself has recently invested in several IT-projects.

BCG and Google have already conducted research in 10 countries. The analysis is taken as the basis of turnover of Internet services, and sales of network equipment and pay for Internet access. The main principle of the study – a comparative analysis of countries, the dynamics of growth and other indicators. Characteristic shows that the Internet in Ukraine is underdeveloped relative to Western Europe, but in a much better speaker than in the same Western Europe.

Favorite on deposits IT-sector in the country’s GDP for 2010 was the United Kingdom – 7.2%. Behind her are Sweden, Denmark and Hong Kong with the results of 6.6%, 5.9% and 5.8%. Of those who “grazes the back” – Spain (2.2%) and Italy (1.9%).

The purchase of goods and services in the Ukrainian spend nearly as much money as the connection to the Internet (in the UK, for example, 5 times), this suggests that consumers are not yet fully matured to a full online shopping, this process still goes on, experts say.

Most people use the Internet to search for the goods and make purchases in stores already. In the UK the opposite: online shopping in the lead as opposed to off-line.

At the moment, the reasons for the weak of online trading are well known: poor logistics infrastructure and lack of confidence in payment systems (on both sides, both from business and from customers), but one problem still is now less, broadband internet access (broadband) is in almost all major cities of Ukraine.

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