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Investments and the problem of leader

The main criteria for evaluating initiator startup, meaningful for the investor.

We have been consulting in the areas of investment for ten years. Our company analyzes businesses and business plans, promotional support in the preparation of plans for growth, goal setting, organizational issues. Each year, our experts will find and consider nearly one hundred projects, including those who sent us. As shown in the work of about twenty of them, then we help them in finding an investor.

Reasons that our company does not take up all the proposals, only five. For this article we have chosen the fundamental – the problem of leadership.

In every business there is usually the instigator – the project’s creator, entrepreneur, organizer and initiator of the process. In the circle of investors is popular English term – “Stakeholder”, but he is more informal, and I will use the designation “leader.”

Since the dating and in the process of cooperation with the leader to find out:

Does he understand the purpose of his business?

For the leader needed is the ability to talk about problems, he decides to help a specific project, thus showing a high personal interest in its success. A good leader can be considered as someone who is easy to determine the purpose of his business literally in two sentences and confidently describes his vision of the business in the long run. If the investor does not like the intended picture or description will be confused and unclear, then he will not invest. As an example, we convert to the Russian businessman to the question, “How will your project in five years?” Said the company will increase production of its best products in the world. Investors are not satisfied with this position – they felt that an entrepreneur, this is not a strong understanding of the competition, or does not see opportunities due to its lack of ambition. Now his company continues to consistently produce their products, and even increased its production. But recently (the year before) the release of such goods were engaged in China.

Effectively put it?

Any business should operate “as an adult,” starting with the first stage of existence. The scheme of work and the measurement of success should be accessible and understandable to everyone who takes part in the project, albeit unofficially. At one firm, which we did, the main criterion for success of a top manager was in his own words, “the opinion of Bones.” Kostya (name changed to the conspiracy, by the way, all of them are now working successfully) was the owner of this business. This situation led us to a more detailed study of the business processes of the company, and then to the conclusion that all they have kept on without him, and Costa, nothing happens. For small businesses this is normal, but the prospect of business development for medium and high level of almost zero.

For a good leader is important to understand that the project is not created for the initiator of the business, and to future shareholders. In the absence of this understanding of the entrepreneur to obtain investment for it will be problematic.

Can he become the leader, followed by the people go?

The answer to this question is very subjective, but it can be easily verified by experts. Would you personally work under that person, whether you are clear reasons for his actions, normally you think of his methods work? An indicator of a good leader is the credibility of subordinates and a rare change of the substituents. But his close associates should be sufficiently independent in decision making and are able to cope with their own part of the work. Paradoxically, such an environment a leader always easy looking for a job in other companies. But for the “real” leader is not difficult to “grow” new worthy partners. And if the company is not the normal rotation of personnel, but there are many “essential” employees, it may be to increase the investment risk.

Such criteria are suitable for projects where the initiator and the leader. In our practice, was a case where the initiator of the business was a scientist. He has developed an innovative approach to the treatment of unpleasant diseases, and is well understood that to effectively run a business and deal with organizational issues it is unlikely. We found it an effective project manager, who helped the cause ripe for serious undertakings. After that it became possible to invest in this company, and it works well so far.

Are you confident in the leader as a good partner?

Can you trust this man? Is it possible to agree with him about anything? The entrepreneur, who can insist on its in any contentious issue, not a good leader. What was not impressive business plan, investor confidence to a man representing this plan will be the determining factor. It happens after the next meeting with an investor, someone from the staff may blurt out: “Alex, even though you yourself believe in what they just said?”. Once we had eight months to convince members of the company and potential investors to conclude an investment agreement with us, but because of mutual distrust within it never happened.

Really easy to find a compromise leader in any situation, even where they seemed to be no. It is important to understand that the contract, especially the investment should be mutually beneficial. Especially if this contract is an investment.

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