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From the Internet at home: a review of the freight market

Ukrainian market of online trading over the last few years demonstrates stable growth. Even in 2014, when economic instability negatively affects sales tabloid stores, the Internet market continues to gain momentum. Moreover, the online market is quick to respond to emerging needs of consumers. So, recently became popular to use online shops offering uniforms, ammunition, edged weapons, as well as embroidery and traditional costumes, the trend is clear for all reasons.

Such rapid development of the Internet market, will certainly attract the attention of companies operating in adjacent markets. Nothing surprising in the fact that for the right to serve online shopping started to fight shuttle cargo shippers. Some operators express delivery market is to online shopping accounts for more than half of the increase turnover. However, managed to gain a foothold in the segment is not everything.

But assessing the effectiveness of specific carriers with online trading is not so simple. To do this, at least, must be rated online stores to understand the scope of work of a particular seller. But these ratings can at least claim to objectivity, now simply does not exist. Also today there is no more or less adequate segmentation of the market. To exit from the situation and the fact that the market works on the Internet, as a starting point for analysis were taken rankings, compiled on the basis of site visits shops. In particular, popular ranking

However, it is not all so simple. For example, under the heading “Online Stores” often leading positions are occupied not the shops, portals and directories that do not sell products, but only provide an overview of products. Also in this category rankings often ignore some popular auto parts stores (they are included in another category rating «Auto / Moto”). Many of the sites do not work with freight forwarders, preferring to deliver goods to customers. There are those who do not favor a particular operator express delivery, giving the consumer the right to choose the most. For example, the Odessa store «Volta bikes» ready to work with any suppliers, as well as to deliver the goods or shuttle transfer conductors / Railway if it is the will of the client.

To analyze the performance of carriers with Internet segment, we took the top 250 ranking, ruled out those companies who are undecided in choosing a freight forwarder or give the choice to the customer. Then added stores, included in other headings of this rating (in particular, the “Auto / Moto”), suitable in terms of attendance of their sites. The result was about a hundred online-points, which from mid-May to mid-June had coverage of the entire Ukrainian Internet audience at 0.01-0.1%.

It turned out that most of the popular virtual stores have very real off-line platform: warehouse or commercial enterprises. Delivery of the city their home stores usually carry their own. The same situation in those localities where there are representative online store (a rare but some online stores are opening point in 2-3 cities). Delivery to the regions they give the major players in the outsourcing market freight route, giving customers a choice of 3-4 options. Leading position is occupied “Autolux”, “In-Time” and “New Mail”. To a “second tier” carriers in popularity of online shopping include “Gunsel”, “Delayveri”, “Night Express” and “SAT”.

However, in the context of commodity categories situation varies. For example, the overall picture is exactly the same situation in the largest sector of online commerce – selling machinery, equipment, electronics, and modern gadgets. Here Twenty most popular among Internet users prefer stores to deliver products in the regions by the above companies. Most offers plenty of choices, sometimes focusing on a particular carrier. So, Donetsk shop “Computer technology” is ready to deliver the goods in six different companies, but specifies that the transport company “New Mail” as possible “cash on delivery”. Many stores offer no more than 2-3 options. So novomoskovskiy “Tehnovek” offers clients to take advantage of the “New Mail” or “In-Time”. The same situation is in stores “VTshop», «NextGame». There are those who are loyal to one carrier. And here, again, leading listed companies. For example, an online retailer of electronics «protoria» works only with the “New Mail”; «Gefest» – only with “In-Time”.

But in the popular segment “Everything for the car” the situation is ambiguous. It clearly can be divided into sub-categories “auto parts” and “tires / wheels.” In the last very strong companies like “Autolux”, “In-Time”, “New Mail”, “SAT”. And this is understandable. The fact that these carriers before the boom of online trading had good contacts with suppliers of these products. In particular, for the carriage wheels and tires they provide a separate preferential tariff system. Not surprisingly, having started selling goods over the Internet, manufacturers and dealers expressed a preference for the already established partners. In the subcategory “auto parts in general,” the choice of transport companies are much more extensive. You can also take advantage of services and “Delayveri” and “Express MIST”, “Night Express”, and even the delivery of “Ukrposhta”.

Incidentally, the state monopoly position very strong in the segment of “Goods for tourism, recreation and leisure.” This category structure is very difficult, as there are many seasonal items: bicycles and components, products for fishing, camping equipment, and more. But in the warm season on them for more than 10% of the total supply of online shopping. Besides “Ukrpochty” products in this category carry the “New Mail”, “In-Time”, “Autolux”, “Gunsel”, “Your time”, “Night Express” (listed in descending order of popularity among online merchants in this category). There is, however, interesting combinations. So, Kharkov shop “VELOstil” agree to work with “Ukrpochtoy” only if the destination no representation other carriers working with the company. Their colleagues from Kiev «» deliver the goods using the “New Mail” and “Delayveri”, specifying that the buyer can choose another company, but then obliged to pay 50% of the transportation cost.

In the product categories that are endowed with less user attention, according to rating, the situation is similar, but some features may be noted. So many shops offering clothes, prefer to use the services of “Ukrpochty” (as historically more during the heyday of “cataloging” trade). Sellers of furniture very rarely give in logistics outsourcing, as they often requires not only items directly delivery, but also skilled care when assembling the finished product directly to the customer’s premises. Shops specializing in garden tools, seeds and seedlings, work with “In-Time” and “New Mail”. Merchants Embroideries chosen “Autolux” supplies delivered using “MIST Express.”

However, it only trends. The market is growing, structured, changing. Take at least the following fact: recently online trade mainly based in the capital. Today, in the first hundred many popular shopping outlets, representing Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye. With increasing their positions can predict increasing the share of carriers whose positions are strongest in those regions. However, the situation on the eastern region is ambiguous – both in terms of online commerce, and as a whole in relation to socio-economic development in connection with the ongoing political processes. Therefore, we will observe the development of the market and report on trends and developments.

cite data analysis:

Structure of online stores that are included in the review, by product categories

Appliances and electronics – 37%

Parts – 14%

Leisure Products – 13%

Clothing, shoes, accessories – 10%

Home – 8%

Babies – 5%

Other – 13%

Online trading market structure in terms of regions based TT

Kiev – 85%

Other regions – 15%

Market Structure online trade by region-based CT (excluding Kyiv)

Odessa – 15%

Kharkiv – 12%

Dnepropetrovsk – 11%

Donetsk – 9%

Kherson – 6%

Lugansk – 5%

Zaporozhye – 5%

Cherkasy – 4%

Lviv – 3%

Ternopil – 3%

Other – 27%

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