The Cabinet plans to increase quotas for grain exports | Предприниматель

The Cabinet plans to increase quotas for grain exports

The Ukrainian government can increase grain export quotas by 1 million tons of wheat and 1.7 million tons – for corn, and after March cancel them, the Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Prisyajnyuk Nicholas.

“We are studying the balance sheet and will likely continue to increase quotas by 1 million tons of wheat and 1.7 million tons of corn. Ministry of Economy is now beginning to shape the draft resolution. It will be in February – before the end of March. We are trying at the end March, after all, to abolish quotas, because it is near the new crop “- the minister said in Kiev on Wednesday.

“The grain embargo” was introduced in Ukraine by 31 March 2011. In the Federation Rosiyskoy it operates from 15 August 2010 to July 1, 2011.

Quotas for grain export, originally introduced by the Government of Ukraine at the beginning of October 2010 up to December 31, 2010, at the end of last year has been extended until March 31, 2011. Moreover, the total size of the quota was increased by 1.5 million tonnes – up 4.2 million tons. The quota for corn exports increased from 2 million tons to 3 million tonnes of wheat – from 0.5 million tons to 1 million tons.

During this time the quotas are distributed only once a way that caused then sharp criticism from market participants: The Cabinet decision of November 10, 2010 limited the period for applications, so many exporters are simply not able to get the findings Minagroproda and submit their bids.

Special commission November 12 last year, 2.182 million tonnes allocated quotas among companies. In particular, LLC “Agricultural enterprise” NIBULON “LLC,” Kernel-Trade “and the enterprise with foreign investment,” Serna “received 52.6% of quotas on grain exports.

Then the Ministry of Economy announced the call for applications from 16 to 30 November on exports of maize in the retained export quota of 518 thousand tons, but it was never distributed.

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