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How to find staff

Natalia Artemov, the owner of a network of salon, “Your style» : «I am sending their employees for training at the school at the other networks. Pay the training of master ourselves, but we give them loans for tuition. Tools: Scissors, combs, manicure tools, pedicure, by the way, the wizard also bought themselves. ”

Alexander Glushkov, owner of the network, “Monet» : «I’ll take on the position of administrator of a man who was a DJ, loves theater and visual arts. An interesting image must be a master, and the administrator and an accountant. ”

Mysin Alexander, owner of the chain stores’ Mysin Studio »:« I have to recruit young people into college and continue to teach them. During the interview, look not so much on what they can do with his hands, as on their interpersonal skills, intellectual abilities. I’m looking at them the potential ability to sell their services. To work in our stores, these people will be ready in two years – they usually work all the time in other shops and go on my training. I teach them what topics worth discussing with the client how to deal with different psycho. ”

Annette Orlova, owner of the salon “Annette» , author of “The Woman in the beauty business: how to organize and lead to the success of an enterprise of the beauty industry”: “I take the masters with experience not less than three years. Their work immediately should look good judge, but not a potential competitor for the job. Administrator must be sought with experience in sales, but not in the salon business. ”

Dmitry Vinokurov , the owner of “Studio Beauty Dmitry Vinokurov» : «I prefer male masters – they feel thinner female figure. Treat your employees like to be creative individuals. If you believe that your stylists – the artisans, it does not rise above the hairdresser’s number 5. ”

Silchenko Andrew, owner of the network hairdressing Maija : «I have introduced a five-day working week and an eight-hour day. With such a schedule of required fewer workers. In the salons, where a 12-hour shifts, 60% of the time – simple. Besides, my masters do not have time to work on the side. We explain to them that the work in the cabin – it’s a restaurant, and home care – a picnic”.

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