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How to overcome stress

How to keep the line between obsession and passion and what to do if this limit is already worn off .

Stress – this is the human condition, which can not even say that it makes you stronger , so far does not kill .Stress makes a person weaker results in human errors , which are often fatal. But the most unpleasant thing is that stress is an integral part of the work of top managers. It is a kind of occupational disease of those who put career and success at the forefront.

I do not believe that stress can be combated . The only way out of a stressful situation – to rethink their attitude towards work and life in general . For example, I am familiar with these top managers who think too hard about their responsibilities to shareholders, employees , managers , do not give yourself the opportunity to relax , rest and think about something other than work .

The boundary between passion and obsession go very easily. And we are not talking about the fact that almost every top manager who seriously busy with his career , does not keep a balance between personal life and work , and that there is a difference of effective and ineffective efforts . After all, there is a considerable difference between what a person sits up to night work and working on the weekends before the surrender of an important project or the conclusion of an important contract, and when he does not give himself a break from the corporate correspondence or internal reporting . You can not turn the work into a form of self-torture .

Everyone knows that to bring yourself to a state of complete deadline is very easy : people constantly running, but the time to the most important things he still does not have . According to John Kotter , author of many books on leadership and a professor at Harvard Business School , it is called a false sense of urgency. In this state, a person always has to choose from a matrix Eisenhower less important but more urgent task.

Everyone is different and everyone has their own way to observe the harmony between work and personal life. I identified myself to the following principles :

1. Build your schedule so that as little time was spent on solving minor problems , and solve important issues before they become urgent ;

2 . Maximum engage in any business ;

3 . The principle of balance of life should be an important task, both in life and in work .Of course, not everything is always so perfect , but it helps me to avoid stress and not to choose between personal life and work.

To prioritize

It’s not that hard to get rid of the need to carry out urgent but minor problems: they must be delegated to subordinates , and those that remain unresolved, distribute , so that they do not take the time constantly . For two things are necessary : the presence of a good team and the ability to trust the people with whom you work. If readers are interested in this topic, I can tell you about it later in more detail.Must learn to identify the strategic issues that will be addressed only you – this is one of the first de , which must be met before you begin working . In fact, time management and prioritization are very interesting and challenging topic to which I will return to my new column .

Concentrate on the task

The maximum focus on the task at hand is not just a question of management, as a matter of psychology. It is not easy to maintain a continuing interest in any occupation . It is important to analyze the past and predict the future, but to give it too much time and effort is not worth it . I always try to remember that today – the main day , the thing that you are busy at the moment – that’s the main thing , the person who is in front of you – the main man . From my colleagues I demand the same . That is why our meetings are usually not boring. We try to talk as little as possible about the past silt future if it is not connected with the present. The main theme for us – the urgent needs, capabilities and results that can be achieved today. And it’s really interesting.

Do not become a hostage to the mood

It is important to learn to manage your mood. After all, if you yourself are boring , everything can not be interesting. For example , consider the problem Monday morning. Everyone is familiar: bad weather, you do not get enough sleep , a meeting or a meeting is very boring , does not reach the result , and you are sitting sullen , not fully awake and realize that there are two options : you can agree to these terms and the rest of the hour , and even day to spend in such a counterproductive state or shake , laugh , joke and offer ourselves and others a different view.

If you have any ideas or interesting experience in this matter , I will be happy for your comments .

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