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How to earn income on the packaging

One day ahead of the tractor on the highway in Nevada , Michael Enos noticed lying in the sight of the boats , which were packed in white shiny plastic . As he recalls , such packaging is very interested in him , and he promised himself to get the same for your boat .

It was in 1993 when 26 -year-old Enos just started his own business – the company Johnny on the Spot, which was engaged in that rented out mobile toilets . And he used the boat on the weekends when traveling to hunt ducks. He tried to find such a package across the city ( he hails from the city of Reno, Nevada ) , but the search yielded no results . Then he bought shrink film , spent $ 2,000 on tools and only the eighth attempt managed to do the same packaging. It took three days.

And only 14 years later Enos remembered the interest that caused his trailer packed with boats. Then he sold his business and launched a new project – the company Fast Wrap, which is engaged in the production of packaging. It all started with the opening of six branches, and two years later the network Fast Wrap totaled 64 points packages throughout the United States . When we pack can be anything – from child to watercraft octopus for water parks . This year, Enos expects to receive $ 8.6 million in revenue , while , as in 2009 , the figure was $ 1.3 million

Before you open a business , Enos studied at taksidermita and for seven years engaged in the manufacture of stuffed hunting trophies – foxes, bears , marlin . At first he wanted to do video rentals . But when he learned that the founder of Blockbuster Video began with the fact that garbage collection, Enos decided to use their strength in the industry waste Pumper. Then he saw an advertisement of mobile toilets and immediately contacted the manufacturer to find out the price. He spoke with the owner of the enterprise Sanson Clyde , who told him that you can get all the details just arrived in St. Louis. Already after 12 hours Enos was in place. Seeing him, Sanson , hlovnu his knees , exclaimed: ” Wow! “.

Then he decided to assist Enos , giving him 300 mobile toilets , which had to take $ 100 per month for each . Then Enos earned $ 30,000 . Soon after , he sold his business , which earned him $ 5 million An avid fisherman , he bought a boat and went to Cape San Lucas on the hunt for swordfish . But soon he became bored with this lifestyle . Nine months later, Michael remembered with boats and trailer package, which he was producing . Then he realized that he was too young to have a rest, and decided to begin his own business again .

After analyzing the market shrink packaging , Enos found it empty niche . Then were either very large companies like Global Wrap, dealing exclusively with global projects , or small firms , like ShrinkOrSink, who were engaged in packing boats. Michael realized that can pack anything from motorcycles to entire buildings. Could sell the franchise worldwide. So a company Fast Wrap.

As Michael says to pack a 12-foot catamaran and the building of 20 000 square meters. m area need the same materials : industrial dryer and not very tightly with plastic wrap . First object wrapped with film , which is heated with a hair dryer , causing it to shrivel .At the end of the 1980s . Fast Wrap took packing buildings. Earlier for shelter construction sites used canvas or plastic film of Visqueen. Shrink film is much easier to seal . Inside the building , packed with such a film is easy enough to maintain the required temperature , and if the money to build an end, it is possible to preserve it . Global Wrap also engaged in the production of tents for various sporting events and holidays.

Enos used film gives us Up North Plastics, which makes plastic sheeting and garbage bags . He pays part of the costs of shipping UPS customers so that they can return it for processing .

How much revenue it receives ? Pack 20 – foot yacht can two employees ( $ 15 per hour ) , it only takes one hour and $ 25 for the film . For the client the cost per foot of film is $ 20 . Cost of this package is $ 55 , and the client receives a bill for $ 400 . Large projects receive more income . For example, one franchisee bargained packing hospitals Kaiser, which is located in California . Area Hospital is 22 000 sq. m. m , the cost of such a package – $ 40,000 , the transaction value of $ 250,000 , but in the end – a considerable profit.

Doing this business does not require any additional costs other than insurance that all franchisees are obliged to buy on-demand Fast Wrap. Since this business is working with movements , and tools and plastic can be transported in wagons , to open a branch of the company can be in any part of the country . Garth Harris, who is the franchisee Fast Wrap, working at home , and all materials and tools kept in the garage .Enos also works in a large office building with total area of ​​550 square meters. m, in addition to which is open and a large training center . In his company’s 16 employees , including his 64 -year-old father , Richard , holding the position of Managing Director . According to Enos , the discovery of cost him $ 750,000 , which he used his savings , but a year later returned the entire amount.

Since April of 2008 Enos began selling franchises , which cost $ 144,000 for a single franchisee. The money enough to buy tools , film , truck license. License fee is $ 30,000 , and it includes management , marketing materials , and training for one week . Also, the coach is going to Fast Wrap franchise to within one week to help him in starting a business . Paying $ 35,000 can qualify for the service areas where the population is 600 000 people. 6% from each sale – this income Enos .

Now Enos may already work in Canada , he also wants to enter the market of Mexico, Turkey and the UAE. He plans to sell five thousand years deductibles.Anthony Serafin , president of rival Global Wrap, do not believe a single word about franchises online Enos . According to him, he still experienced enough to realize such large-scale projects . For example , such as packing houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana , which held Global Wrap.

And small business owners believe that packaging such simple items like boats or furniture, license and do not need . Owner Euroglass Mobile Shrink Wrap Neal Lawson argues that Enos just creates a lot of noise about nothing . Yes and training , and license fees , which conducts Michael is not worth the money .

But Garth Harris did not agree with him . It has already received $ 110,000 , which invested in the project , and now plans to expand. His business is growing steadily , and he gets not only small orders , but such as packing two hotels in Las Vegas , which was not completed due to lack of finance.

Michael himself is confident that his business is unique , as no one does anything that they do. “I’m doing more and better ” – says Michael .

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