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How to build a successful business doing catering

PARAD catering CEO talks about how to properly look for new areasdevelopment.

In 1997, Russia began to emerge restaurants specializing in outbound service. Our brand was then called ” LanCh .” We provide enough service primitive : we used Western models in the Russian market . In addition , we had engaged in promotion of catering services, that is, to talk about the service and attract new customers. Work then it was very interesting , as there was very strong growth .

Then we started to expand this service by adding more catering and organizing corporate events turnkey . We specialize in organizing sports events. At that time, our company has been well known , so customers trust us and the process of organizing the event.

Force majeure form team

Organization of corporate – is a separate story . During the ” hot ” season, we received orders almost every day , with those from the most simple and to the exotic. At that time we lacked proven contractors , as our business is fast gaining momentum . Once we have organized a beer festival, benches and tables for which ordered from unverified contractor , and as a result of the order was not delivered on time . Then I myself went to Moscow to control the loading process , but saw no table and no shop is not collected. And at this time we have already mounted the platform , because after 60 hours of the event was to begin ! Then our department personnel had in a short time to find two bus student to us for help. And it was December , it’s cold outside . Then we even rolled the bus away to no desire to go back to Moscow. These benches and tables so far are stored in our warehouse, reminding us of the hard night.

Such situations make any team better united team buildings . And if such situations arise, they would be worth to organize . In fact, after several corporate uneasy we begin to understand each other without words . Of course , every employee we perform their duties , but if there is a force majeure , everyone is willing to help as you can, and no questions arise anybody. When we organized a Christmas party for the bank. Then our competitors lured our servers right next to the metro , bringing all of our employees in an hour were in place in aprons , ready-to- table service . If the girls did not know how to open the champagne , they asked for help from the man sitting at the table. No hopeless situations . Now many of those workers already occupy the top position , but on the experience of the waiters still tell newcomers.

Income from “free saucers”

Our company is very developed rapidly , and many customers are already confused, what are the services we provide. Then we decided to create another brand called PARAD catering, which was allocated to the direction of catering . In this title , we recorded the basic principles of our world-class restaurants , specializing in outbound service : activities at a high level and professionalism of our team . If ” lunch ” meant schedule and dinner , the ” hits ” – a great holiday celebration.

By 2004, though we did not provide world-class services , but were very close to it. But at this time there are a lot of new catering company that offers customers both small coffee breaks and activities for 100-200 people . Our business is seasonal , and the largest orders we received in December , when the Christmas holidays come . We receive orders almost every day, though some of them may be 10 000 people – such activities are not too tough for small companies . Yes and small banquets for 500 people have difficulties , as young companies do not always have enough inventory . We are working on this market for quite some time , and so we formed equipment in sufficient supply , and most of the year it just Stocked – large corporate events occur , not every day. So we decided to take our inventory of rental younger companies.

In 2004 we formed a separate service we provide our restaurant equipment for rent for a period of three days. Now we get from income and “free saucers” that had just been idle in our warehouse. This service quickly became popular , and so after 4 years , we have identified it as a separate brand – Rent4Party.

In addition, we also offer additional services , such as installation of equipment, ship orders for all activities on Russia , which allowed us to strengthen our market position. We provide high-quality restaurants and clean equipment, dry cleaning, laundry and wash after using it ourselves . To date, we have not only a wide range of services, but also a record for the number of Russian equipment , which allows us to receive orders for events by 10 000 people – many of our competitors can not afford it. While that has not yet appeared worthy counterparts Rent4Party.

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