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How to increase sales through the website

Recently, the Russian search system “Yandex” is often a change in their ranking algorithms of search sites: some global changes priklyuchatsya every six months, each quarter is changing something small. Last new dress — the emergence of the algorithm “Snezhinsk” in 2009, which became the most significant algorithm in the history of “Yandex”. Search engine introduced a complicated system of search, with tens of thousands of factors. It is assumed that the new approach will help to more accurately and consequently quick search of information.

The system eliminates all purchase links, more attention is paid to the internal structure of the site and the information which it is presented, filter sites based on criteria which have not previously been. For example, now has become an important factor in the density of keywords in the text.

Many of the key demands, which occupied the top sites with confidence rankings of “Yandex”, flew far beyond the 5th page, and some just do were the 10th and beyond. The cause of these falls consequently a drop in traffic to websites and declining sales.

Laid-version has a search engine “buggy”, as in the top 10 we can see the sites that got there by accident. For example, in one of the most difficult to advance themes — “plastic box” — occupy the top ten websites, setellity (small sites, the purpose of promotion are the main site) or sites that just do not move.

However, under the new conditions of the search engine as a guarantee of success. Consider a real case from the practice of a company that promotes websites Artex Media.

Customer — company «ISOVER», domain The main difficulties of promotion — a large number (about 300) and high competition keywords (“Isolation”, “soundproofing”, “lagging”, etc.). The task was to move in two search engines — Google and Yandex.

Organic growth

We chose a model of natural development of the site in search engines. In other words, we have constructed a work as if you were not involved in site optimization specialists: there is a natural activity information, the natural growth of a reference mass. Through this method, site search engines take site to the top with much more readily.

Working with content

Must be constantly updated text on the main and inner sections of the site. On the basis of certain parameters necessary for all our key demands, we regularly analyze the content of competing firms that are in the top. The result of this analysis are the supply problems for copywriters, which then creates the necessary volume of texts with a certain number of keywords.

Also, there are some problems at sites with a large number of requests that we encountered in site promotion Specifications of goods are on the site, often repeat each other at sites of competitors. Duplicated information reduces the credibility of the site — it deals with a separate filter for search engines. We have to look at this site is not unique information and rewrite it completely. It’s not just about the pages you want to promote, talk about all the pages, as in the new algorithm, any page on the site reduces the overall rankings.


For the natural development of the company’s site is under construction and placement of press releases with active links to the promoted website in the online media, as well as other popular information resources that are credible in the search engines. In addition to increasing the weight of the reference site, which is very important, it still gives a small influx of visitors.

Score competition

Specialists are analyzing the optimization always promoted competition-based query request rate and the cost of its promotion, and others. This analysis allows us to accurately determine the timing advance key request and create an optimal promotion strategy.

Change Tracking

In the process of updating site content, change URLs, adding new, sometimes it happens that when you click some of them not found “error 404” appears, or a copy of the page. But the first nor the second should not be in the index search engine. To avoid this, it is necessary to agree on changes to be introduced on the site. We also conduct regular analysis of the resource for copies of site or 404 pages, caring for their timely removal.

promotion effectiveness analysis

The site was originally spun on a large number of requests — about 300. An analysis of price / performance, we have withdrawn some “expensive”, but not the most efficient queries, and added a new, more targeted and effective.

The result? At this point in the top search engines are about 70% of the total number of requests promoted, some requests that have been excluded from a semantic kernel have also been displayed in the top, in consequence of the customer received as a free bonus, multiple targeted traffic — this was due to the general advancement site. The overall site traffic increased by 65%, which leads to increase in calls and emails by 40%. The main result — sales growth of 45%.

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