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How to sell a franchise

According to the practice of many companies , franchising is a very profitable way to build relationships with partners, particularly in the area of ​​fast food and catering . Here are some tips for those who develops the franchise and wants to ensure that all standards in his business strictly enforced.

Carefully choose a partner

The right choice of partner for franchising will be half the success. Such a partner should strive for long-term cooperation , to support your corporate culture and values ​​, should be ready to strict compliance with all standards of business. To evaluate the candidate for the cooperation necessary to carry out multi-level interviews with the leaders of the main areas in your company , to help them develop a business plan . Experience shows that of the 50 partners after the interview may be the only one. You need to create such an image of the ideal partner for Franchising and guided by their own intuition when looking for that. If between the partner and the ideal way a conflict , it is necessary to examine the end of the whole situation , for example, will be useful to make a trip to the region this partner . It is important to hear the comments about it in a business environment , to investigate his business and make a decision.

Compliance with standards

Working with partners, the most important thing – it’s strict compliance with all standards. Best of all this will create a library of standards, which will specify all processes – from receipt of goods to cooking . And if in some part there will be no such standards , it may lead to the fact that you can not find a common language with his partner , accordingly, will not be able to guarantee the safety and quality of your customers. Therefore, you should not start a business of franchising , without conducting such a formalization .

Supply chain management

It is important to say all contractors franchise partners . This will help to avoid doubts about the quality of the product. Primarily assert suppliers. Because of this you will always be sure that the client can get the same taste and quality of food in the whole chain of restaurants . If you do not arrange logistics for all approved suppliers and distributors , it means you are not ready to start a business by franchising.

Training managers

A very important element in the franchise network – training managers to work in the field. They will be able to track its compliance with all standards and partner agreements . Before you start working with a new partner to all well- trained managers and the end of their certification . Also, you will be able to carry out various management education programs and workshops throughout the period of cooperation. This will help to improve performance in the workplace and improve efficiency.

Control of the franchisee

You will not be able to support the valuable work in partnership on franchising , if you do not carry out continuous monitoring . That means to us control? First, territorial control must constantly test the entire chain of restaurants : should be under the control of the entire transaction process , which also includes the storage of products , the process of preparation of dishes , etc.

Second, this is the work of secret shoppers, through which you can get information about the quality of compliance with all standards. Permanent contract clause in our company – this is a mandatory contracts with well-known on the international level a company that provides services in the mystery shopper network KFC restaurants around the world. That is the partner of franchising there is no way to know the secret buyer or somehow alter the results of his work. Mystery shopping has to assess compliance with all standards according to key indicators. Conveniently, one company is evaluating the entire chain of restaurants , which sends us a copy of the report to the franchisee.

Failure to comply

The franchisor needs to be set all the principles of working with its partners, if not complied with all the requirements of the contract. All these principles need to be specified in the documents. Often there are problems with the corporate culture , violations of standards of service , working with suppliers that have not been approved. In such cases, you can apply a variety of measures : it may be a conversation with the business owners to correct any errors , and closing restaurants franchisee .


It is important to motivate the partners to an effective and productive work. And those who keep all of the standards are better than others , should be encouraged. For example , our network of restaurants across the network, as well as other countries of the CIS is the best restaurant in the city of Yerevan . As an incentive, the director of this restaurant got a trip to South Africa. Sufficiently curious fact is that out of 22 of our Russian partners , the best performance in this category showed restaurants operating under the leadership of women . The main religion in our company – is recognized. Do not regret a confession for those partners that best comply with the standards in your work and develop their business with you. Do not forget to thank them for their efforts in their work.

Two mistakes franchisors

All novice franchisors should be aware of two errors, which occur most often in this business . The first mistake is the desire to reach a compromise. You should never start a job with a partner who does not meet the requirements of the company , or even turn a blind eye to minor violations of the standards. The second mistake is to strive for rapid growth. It is often such that franchisors in an effort to develop quickly can ignore compliance with certain requirements , which could lead to the erosion of the brand until the destruction of the business.

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