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How to turn a brand into a successful brand

The leaders of branding agencies offer their advice.

What is the difference between a trademark and a brand ? It seems to be the same ( in translation from English brand – « stigma “). Marketers understand this difference. Brand suggests the presence of a logo and trademark , while the brand – it is a well-known company in the market , which enjoys a notable demand. Any manufacturer seeks to make their mark in the brand. How can this be achieved?

President of Depot WPF Alexei Andreev :

1. Look for or invent values.

If you build a brand by all the rules , but without insight, no results will be. Any brand has to have a certain magic unexpressed value to the consumer , so that even if the shelves , completely hammered cheaper private labels, the buyer still gave preference to this brand.

2 . It is important to have a “constitution brand “

That is the plan for its promotion. It is important to decide what to whom and how to talk about the brand. The more specific you define the content and tone of the information for particular groups of customers , the more success will be all brand communications .

3 . The brand name does not mean anything in itself

With a well -designed communications strategy can be almost any word to give the desired sound . A lot of brands are named for nothing, but that they are no less successful.

4 . Do not forget that you can win the loyalty of customers not only high quality

Socially responsible brands are more like customers . If the brand will focus people’s attention on values ​​such as caring , kindness, love, friendship , they will not give up on him .

5 . Believe in your brand

Otherwise, you will feel constant discomfort , your communication with the consumer will not be convincing, and people immediately feel the trick. You can tell interesting legends and create beautiful images, but you only need to be based on truth.

Mildberry president Oleg Beriev

Be practical

First of all branding needs for solving problems in business. Do not just give up the original and beautiful concepts, just try to find a profitable use for them .

2 . Do not head in the clouds

The truth of life is not always happy, but it is possible to find opportunities for success.

3 . Always build relationships

Even if you are busy planning sales, do not forget about building relationships with consumers. Consumers do not want your concept , they want to see them realized. Does not really matter what you want to convey to consumers as to what consumers hear . Do not forget to inspire consumers – it’s a hot bu not give instant results , but will form the basis for further growth.

4 . Refer to the senses

Do not act according to the procedures , act according to the meaning . They live longer , they are easier to manage, they are brighter develop.

5 . Do not blindly follow the western concepts

We are constantly trying to learn something from the West, follow the new concepts and forget about reality. And it is this: Russia lags behind many Western markets, and therefore the concept we can be applied only partially. For example, if you compare the activity of native and foreign brands in the media , you know how to look past modestly . Although the application of these concepts, we are quite adequate . The fact is that our environment is not yet sufficiently developed . And it does not mean that we should abandon the social networks. You only need to give them a value that would correspond to our reality .

General Director Andrei ArtGraphics Purtov

1. Limit your target audience

Already there is no ” national brands for the entire family .” Now increase the value of advertising in the media has led to the fact that its use unprofitable. We must look for a more narrow niches , and limit your target audience. You can find vacant niches where brands can develop and bring considerable profit .

2 . Do not use direct advertising

Today, communication is necessary to focus not so much on consumers , as opinion leaders and ” evangelists “. The main purpose of communication is not to sell or promote goods, and to call for the debate and draw attention to the brand through social media.

3 . Promised – follow

A fancy name and packaging will help you attract the consumer to buy your product, but only once. If you want to succeed, always keep our promises. This includes not only products, but also communication.

4 . Work with a number of contractors

Do not create a brand of “turnkey” . Companies that have always bought all in one place, can get the product a low level , and the same will lose. Brand strategy , logo, name , packaging , promotion in social media , advertising – all the better to order it in different agencies that specialize in your desired type of service.

5 . Packaging should be the “smart”

Discard the catchy and unprincipled packages , replace them with bright and intelligent. Packaging can not only draw to the product, but also to entertain and care – for example, about the environment. Now consumers are willing to pay more for the brand, for which there are good deeds .

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