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How to reduce costs beauty

Premise: It is advisable to seek accommodation with the opportunity to withdraw at once 5 years, no less. Decorating should be comfortable, no frills – no more than $ 400 for a 1 m ?. “The time when the salons of the palace did have passed” – warns Dmitry Vinokurov stylist.

Consulting: In management consulting firms that help open the salon, there is usually a verbal agreement with certain providers, so this advice is obviously biased. However, newcomers still without consultation is necessary. It is better to immediately announce that you will choose the suppliers themselves and make the purchase themselves, too. Consultations cost about $ 400-600.

Partnership: The contract with the supplier of world-class (Wella or L’Oreal) will use theirs logo on the sign of interior and with every purchase to receive a gift accessories, as well as the possibility of training at a vocational school and take on lease equipment at discounted prices. The costs of these contracts – you can not sell the products of other companies.

set of services: It is not necessary to run multiple services. For example, in Tokyo, the fastest growing network of salons operating in the mode of fast food: there are only four hairstyles with a certain standard value, cut only takes 15 minutes. Ukraine has no analogues.

Advertising: Annette Orlov, managing a beauty salon, “Annette”, advises us not to be lazy and turn the firm into the register of small businesses, and not much to time to carry out social actions. Thanks to them, her salon has received free advertising time on television one of the city.

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