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How to become a trader

Professional stock market players who started playing ice ten years ago, studied by Western books translated into Russian. Over time it became much easier for beginners to learn the basics of stock trading: at their disposal a host of training courses. After the 2008 crisis, many brokers to re-open courses. Currently about 20 companies are trained for future traders at seminars and authoring courses. A few educational centers promise to the actual practice of experienced traders and as teachers. We chose five features that can help you choose the right training center.

Practice in the first place

First and foremost, you need to pay attention to whether there is a detailed description of the site is the center of the course. The program must be specified exactly what knowledge and skills the student will receive after graduation. Must give preference to those companies who have in the curriculum there is as much practical training. It is desirable that they started a few days later, on the second or third lecture. Teachers should start with the basics, like running Exchange and what tools are available for the stock market. They must also teach the basics of technical analysis and work with Terminal (Quick and others).

“In many courses there is a problem with the program, students make what they do not need yet. For example, why students Elliott Wave Theory? They need to talk about simple strategies that will determine when to buy and when to sell, “- says Oleg Makarov, head of the Institute of exchange trading” ALOR. ”

Another important point that the program is given due attention to the basics of trading psychology on the exchange. Also, do not need to go on courses where a lecture talk about the benefits of a particular broker.

More lectures, the better for you

The first session usually lasts two to three academic hours. It should acquaint teachers with the stock market, and how much it can earn. “Many people come and ask to teach them how to earn 300%, and once in three days – says Oleg Makarov. – But we just be warned: in the first year if you earn 30% per annum, it will be very good. ”

If the student is decided, it is usually advised to write to him at first on the initial rate. In a good educational centers is 8.10 for 2-3 sessions akadem.chasa. In less time, not learning anything, even the basics of stock trading, said Viktor Romanovsky, Director of Training Center “BrokerCreditService.” You must also pay attention to the teaching staff: well, if there are practitioners of traders, not university professors, said Valentin Savenkov, director of the Centre for IC “Aton”.

Free Consultation

After the introductory courses for beginners at once there is a lot of additional questions. Major educational centers provide an opportunity to get answers to them: through the Internet or by telephone. Such advice is usually provided free of charge. But it can allow only large brokers. “Choose training centers, which are organized by major brokers, they have their own teaching staff, and a decent level,” – says Yaroslav Kabakov.

Distance Learning

As the leaders of almost all the centers, more and more students prefer to learn at home, by means of the Internet. Pluses are obvious: low cost and flexible training schedule. There are two ways this kind of training: a webinar in which the student has the opportunity to immediately ask the teacher and the distance course. All major centers organize webinars. But this type of training is one drawback: the student may not always thoroughly investigate a particular difficult situation.

Nearly free

For many brokers, educational center – is another channel of selling their services. Therefore, they are interested in getting the student to knowledge, traded with them the same services. Therefore, courses are relatively inexpensive.

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