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How to convince an employer that you are worthy of greater wage

According to recruiters , you need to work to increase . First, you need to prepare the iron arguments

White -collar workers are not so often turns to get a raise . Typically, this increase they receive during the transition to a new position or to another company. To this must be prepared in advance , so as better to have on hand trumps when to start talking about money.

An important reason.

The best reason to get a raise is changing jobs . According to the manager of external communications recruitment company Acumen International Eugenia Aleksandrova , if an employee is committed to improving their skills and thus does not change positions , higher salaries, he did not wait . Sell ​​yourself more when you can move to a different position at another company , she says.

For example, if you want to improve your English or to obtain additional knowledge – it is up to you. Do not expect to receive for this increase to the salary , the head of the practice of ” Production and Technology ” recruitment company Hudson Antonina Ermolenko . You can get such a premium in the transition to a new position in the new company , confirms it .

But there is a company in Ukraine that offer their employees opportunities to climb the corporate ladder. A person can start with an ordinary salesperson and grow to the director’s office, says Antonina Ermolenko . But, unfortunately , not many companies welcome such a ” leveling ” of skills and abilities .

Raise your price

If you want to upgrade to a paid position , conduct a test of their skills and knowledge. While it is very difficult to determine how much it means this or that skill in payroll , yet recruiters sought to determine the degree of importance of the various arguments.According to experts HeadHunter Acumen International , Ukraine and the principal value of an increase in wages should be built in the following order:

1. Experience . In this regard all recruiters agree that it is important for the employer to the applicant previously served similar functions , explains Antonina Ermolenko . Therefore, it is important to strive to achieve the goals on the present job , and always capture these gains. To confirm his words , it is better to take on a job interview recommendations.

2 . Management experience. According to Evgenia , this experience is very important for all high-level positions . You should be able to tell about the achievements of the team, you were driving , in specific terms.

3 . A broad base of contacts. This is especially important for marketers , sales managers and recruiters . This framework must be comprehensive , relevant and constantly updated.

4 . Knowledge of PC . This criterion is a basic prerequisite for employment , said Natalia Matsipura , PR-manager recruitment portal HeadHunter. According to her, sometimes even welders do not take the job without the knowledge of the PC.

5 . Knowledge of a foreign language. Certainly , knowledge of English will not only add points to you at the interview , but the impact on your future salary , according to Eugene A. . But if you want to work in a German or a Japanese company , better to start visiting the respective courses.

6. Demand for specialty.If your specialty is one of the gaps in the labor market , you can increase your salary requirements . According to recruiters , very popular with employers are sales managers , programmers , lawyers , accountants and financiers .

7. Communication , familiarity with officials. This criterion is very important for executive positions in GR (government raltions, due to the government ) and the PR, especially for lobbyists , which is very high demand .

8. Higher Education. According to recruiters , even today in the car park is very hard to get without a diploma .

9. Certificates , courses and workshops . This criterion can contribute to you at the interview. But, according to Antonina Ermolenko , one only having an MBA is unlikely to raise salaries . As she says , it is rather confusing , but it is not a rule , as many companies want to see in your office employees with MBAs , but are not willing to raise wages because of this .

10 . Driving license / driving experience. This criterion is not mandatory, but for many senior positions driving license is desirable .

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