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How to withdraw Ukrainian business to a new level

Once I asked my friend how he managed to make his company an industry leader , to which he immediately replied that he and all the company’s top management worked twelve hours a day with only one output .

They were engaged exclusively in business.The main distinction of leading companies from the rest is the focus of strategic marketing .

Small businesses have to focus because of a lack of resources , a major focus consciously, through professional management. But the average business is a kind of strip temptations for its founders , and the band manages to overcome only those who choose priority.

If Western companies is easy to answer the question of what are the basic components of its business concept , the Ukrainian businessmen this question might lead to a deadlock. Business concept – it is a marketing platform that serves as a basis for creating a company which concentrate the resources of the company. The Swedes have an effective way to determine this concept of ” 4 Core»: values, core competencies , customers and products.

That takes energy from the business ?

Key competences

Defocusing strategic marketing occurs when a company operates in several industries. In the morning we are selling coal , and in the evening – the manufacture of food products. As a result , core competencies do not develop or not created at all , and the company remains in the last position in all its branches . Take a look at the leaders – all of them are concentrated in one market , ” OKKO ” – in the retail market of petroleum products, “ATB” – in the food market , ” Roshen” – in the confectionery market .

Key clients

For strategic marketing is very important to the businessman could answer two questions : Who are its main customers and where are they? Instead to concentrate on the core region , Ukrainian entrepreneurs are by trial and error in all regions of Ukraine. Can I split the defense, if advance across the front lines ? For example, a network of shops “Eve” is the best one smart strategy . First, the company has identified a priority for her city , where shops opened 15-20 and then just went on .

To answer the question “Who ? ” Need to determine what the basis of differentiation – on the uniqueness of product / service or price leadership. Achieve success in two areas fail.

Chain stores perfumes Brocard has chosen the path of democratization still in the middle of zero . Expand rapidly start production of mass-market level and the bridge since then there was a risk that many customers may abandon the range of the network. Time management drew a line in the network pricing below which prices did not drop . And when Brocard regained its position , attacks competitors successfully resist – Dnepropetrovsk of Bonjour and the Russian network “Arbat Prestige” .

Product Highlights

Several years ago I became acquainted with the marketing plan of the Ukrainian producer of household chemicals. In one year they planned to release dozens of new types of products ! They are even more ambitious than Procter & Gamble. On marketing communications money was allocated according to the principle ” will support that does not sell .” Several successful products , which could be really successful brands not received particular attention . Ukrainian business problem is the absence of redundancy assortment and focus on the most successful products. Note the volume menu in mediocre restaurants.

Core Values

At one of the training sessions for managers Distribution Company sounded simple question: ” Would you have agreed to sell expired goods ? ” Which divided the company in two. Some immediately answered “no” , others said ” would have thought .” Often the words that the company ” does not appreciate the value,” can lead to considerable problems. Not giving a single answer – what would the company do what answer “no” to that every day direct the staff – the business has no chance to become competitive . Nassim Taleb According garbage can also grow, but it will never develop .

To determine the business concept is not necessarily immediately close all business areas except one. ” 4 Core» helps the entrepreneur to distribute the roles effectively exploit synergies key areas and create a sustainable marketing platform . And it always remember what the main business , and what is optional.

As the Gospel of Matthew: ” Enter through the narrow gate , for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it .”

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