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How to find out if it works good shop?

The main indicators are customer base and its back shop . As for werewolves, for the sites software stores an indirect sign of a good chance of success in their niche will be a turnover of $ 1 million for the first year of operation. It should also take into account the gross-margin – if it does not shut off the running costs, it was all in vain. With respect to the store customer base can be said that if the first year he did not have enough buyers 100,000, then he would not live, according to Felix Muchnik. “To the online store should apply the same criteria as for the ordinary enterprise: just need to know the effectiveness of investments, the average size of accounts, customer inquiries,” added the businessman.

How many visitors are buying something? Alexey Kuzmin to say that the norm – when of about two hundred visitors at least one register, and in ten of those who have been registered, customers will be 3.4 person. According to Valeria Kovaleva, in order to achieve success the project should be 2% of the buyers of one hundred requests. Excellent indicator would be if out of 100 visitors will get 5-10% of anything, I am sure Oscar Hartmann.

There are online stores, to make a purchase that required registration. “Registration will scare the client” – says Valery Kovalev, creator Basil Muntean, store manager said that in the case of the sale of clothing on order of registration is important for future updates and details of the size of things. Similar view is shared by Alex Ametov from Look At Me Store: «Registration is required for the construction of the CRM-system (Customer Relationship Management System – control interaction with customers) and to establish relations with the consumer. In order that some part of potential clients will leave, will have to accept. ” With registration, you can also monitor the index of repeat purchases . If half of the registrants will get something for the second time, this is an occasion for joy.

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