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How earn a partner

How can I extend the range and speed up sales online store , involving different partners.

Today was a very popular partnership. We are partners provided considerable help , when we opened and started to promote our store . In addition , competent partnership can significantly improve the company’s earnings : a very useful and interesting experience. In our work we use three types of partnerships: the sale, promotion , assortment .

Do not be afraid of unusual conditions

As for me , the most interesting kind of partnership – to expand the range , or rather , the partnership with suppliers. This does not apply usual suppliers to the usual conditions . For us, this partnership with a company that supplies us with the cooking , and recently we have started to cooperate with farmers . The range is quite unusual , especially if the country products . And what is most convenient – we are working out the specific terms of cooperation beneficial to both parties.

At first I did not want contact with the cooking , and it is quite true, because the salad will not live long , but we do not offline sales and close to Olivier did not bake bread (Of course, many times we thought about selling freshly baked bread, but has not yet figured out how to do this , because then you need to buy ovens for baking ) . But the guys , ” cooks ” on the site does not have time , so we found a profitable outlet for both sides – we put them on the range of your site, and they, in turn, we are preparing a meal for each order . Thus, every morning we get fresh food, is not in stock balances , and customers are very satisfied .

With farmers we also found a good way out : we accept orders for a week on the same day. On this day, they bring us fresh products , and we will deliver them right away .

Through this collaboration, we have new loyal customers , and we appreciate that.I would also like to develop other non-core segments , for example, to sell books , and toys for children. But so far there is no right partners .

Many customers from ” “

Somewhere in five or six years ago, I received a card “Malina , though I do not remember where. I even somehow use it, and even tried to get a gift . But you like things were not available , and then I lost the pin and the Council has ceased to use it. Of course, I could re-release it , but there was no particular desire . But now I see that more and more people want and can use all kinds of discounts and promotions that save . And for us it’s an interesting possibility.

Once we started working with the club ” .” To date, these clubs mass, but it is the ” ” one of the first of its kind that existed on the market for 10 years.The principle of operation is simple: the members of this club can receive bonuses on the map, using the services of its partners, among which were the banks , stores, airlines, etc. Then , having accumulated a certain number of points , people could exchange them for gifts. In addition, bonuses are different types : regular , double, and many more options depending on the partner and shares it offers. This service is not cheap , so we had to pay the club a certain percentage of orders, but very effective .And in November of our customers accounted for 40% of the customers of the club. They brought us 30 % of turnover. The club provides us customers , our goal is to get them interested , they returned again and again. I was very pleased with the result, but in the future we plan to continue with Nikolai similar experience of cooperation. Now we are working with the club Home Credit Bank, whose clients are also the owners of such cards . We, as partners of the club must offer its customers discounts . Also we have implemented the ability to pay via card Home Credit Bank.

When selling a third person

But the most surprising for me to kind of partnership began selling through intermediaries. It would seem that in the internet age such sales are not significant at all , in fact it is not so.

Payment here is the same as with the clubs – the calculated percentage of the order. And when at the beginning of the year Delivery Club offered us cooperation, we did not give up . Delivery Club – a unified system of orders, which brings together different service delivery – from the shops and to the pharmacies.

Today it is a growing trend – such marketplaces bring together several goods and services , respectively, the customer can go to a website and order yourself immediately and products, and pizza , and medications , etc. In addition, operators Delivery Club is very polite and courteous to all appeals . Perhaps this they attract customers , because as explained by the fact that people are getting orders from our online store in the original packaging with all the contact details on it , but I still turn to the club.

Turnover of Delivery Club is 10%. With that it is not the first such service , which we had to face , but the most successful was the collaboration with only Delivery Club.

How to pay

Now I’ll tell about the cost. In fact , each partner always comes quite humanely. But if there are several of these partners , we may have unforeseen circumstances . Here is an example . Client is registered in our online store. From the second order , he can get a discount from 1 to 5%. He already has a card ” ” ( we pay bonuses Club ) order payment is made ​​by credit card ( we pay a commission payment system ) , and it turns out that a map of Home Credit Bank ( we provide a discount card holder ) .

The result – two thirds of income from the order we have lost. Of course, it’s worth it , after all , how many discounts received , the client certainly make your next purchase from us, and moreover lead us to new clients. A much more important for us to develop, what to save on clients .

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