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How to make money on a free service? Innovative hair stylist

Ben Davies talks about his approach to business with a history spanning 5,500 years – to the business of the male hairdresser.

Once on the social networking site Facebook I saw an advertisement Gents Place offering a free haircut, which annexed as shampoo and hot towel. And if the cost of this service is usually accounted for an average of $ 35, a proposal for a free haircut seemed very tempting. The cost of this free service, according to the specific ad was supposed to include my name, e-mail, phone number and contacts to Facebook. Barber was in the center of Leawood in Kansas. While I was waiting for my turn, I re-read the news on your iPad, using the free Wi-Fi. Since the service was going to be free, I decided to order a neck shave for $ 10 using a razor with foam. Everything was just wonderful.

Upon returning home I hurried to tell you about this service to your friends on Facebook. And the next day I received a message from the 29-year-old barber shop owner Davis, who, as it turned out, communicated with each new visitor hair and leave it in your contacts Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. The text message said that the barber business social by nature, and social networks – this is the best way to attract customers and tie them with a good and lasting relationship.

How, then, Davis developed his business using only the social network? His first barber Davis opened in 2008 in Frisco, Texas. Since then, it has attracted more than 5,000 customers through Facebook. The calculation of its simple. After receiving a free haircut, many customers bought more and more service, namely a straight razor shave for $ 10 – and I was no exception. Thus most of the customers come again and again. It is said Davis, attracting a new customer it costs $ 10-13, and if the client like the service, he returned, and these costs quickly pay for themselves. Thus, the profitability of barber Davis last year was 20%, for $ 2 million in revenue.

More than 750 people came when they learned about the Gents Place via Facebook, in addition ordered and paid service. For $ 595, you can every two weeks to receive not only the usual haircut and shave with a disposable razor, but also the means to buy hair care products at a discount. Ordering a subscription cost of $ 3,000, the customer receives not only a haircut every two weeks, but the whole session, which includes a head massage, drawing on his arms and neck care products, and shaving procedure is complemented by a massage, lasting for one hour.

Davis is now a business is going up, and besides the three already working hairdressers, run online store called The Gents Advisor, which is planned as a platform for social networking. To take advantage of this resource, you must create an account, then the user can find plenty of advice for the care of their appearance, business development, and even tips on how to build a relationship with the opposite sex. The articles will be free, but to get a personal consultation with a specialist on Skype, will need to pay for one of the plans. Also, users will be able to enter the site through your account in Facebook, where they will see all your friends to join the The Gents Advisor.

Sam Ben Davis is committed to trying to discover new ways and approaches to business as usual. After graduating from the University of Texas, he took part in the creation of an insurance agency on the Internet. The headquarters of the agency was TWG Insurance in Irving, Texas. It is said Davis, the power of social online resources very changing people’s lives.

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