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Protection from collectors

What you should know the debtor: the difference between the structures and civilized “black collectors,” and how to talk to them.

You’ve heard horror stories about the visits of collectors: that appear suddenly, threatened, intimidated even. In fact, far from it – very frightened, cornered a man is unlikely to want to continue contacts and, consequently, will not give money. In this article I am going to offer some advice indebted, for which “took” collectors.

A. From the opening bell collector, check its “legality”. The agency must contract with the bank to transfer debt. Information can be obtained from the bank or to request documents in the agency. “Illegal” collectors may not have legal grounds to contact you.

You have every right to make sure that the caller is indeed a collection agency employee. Specify the name of the agency’s name and the name of the caller, and always – the basis for working with your debt. Do not be amiss to ask – have remained unchanged whether the requisites for the loan. These agents and the company he represents, will be useful if you have to give them a complaint.

Two. Need to know the amount of the debt and to find out whether he calculated. You should request the bank details on the personal account and an extract from it. After receiving the data, take your contract with the bank yourself and try to recalculate the amount of debt.

Three. The general advice when talking to the collector: do not panic and do not conflict. Tune in to a constructive conversation. An employee agency has no problem “push” on the debtor, his goal – to return money to its client (the bank), and it is important to agree with you. Offer to reallocate debt, offer to make you comfortable repayment schedule. The agent would rather the small monthly deductions from salary than require payment of all sums “to the Future”.

There is little psychological tricks that can be used when communicating with the staff of the collection agency. Suggest you refer to by their first names, no middle name, it assumes an increase in the level of confidence. Ask about the possibility of a personal meeting – many accustomed to the important issues addressed in the telephone conversation. For example, you may be uncomfortable to discuss your debts with your family or at work.

How sadly aware, but in practice the process of communicating with the debtor is almost the opposite. Indebted bank customers need to speak with a representative of the bank, not wanting to talk to a third party. May simply make a phone agency “black list”, to ignore or drop calls. From the standpoint of the psychology of this is logical – people do not want to talk about their problems. But this is fundamentally not the right approach. Now that the bank sought the services of debt collection company, the more contact you, he will not. Therefore, avoid contact with the agency – is simply to delay the solution of the problem. It is also fraught with increasing amounts of debt, as long as you pull the time extends accrued penalties and interest.

4. Even if you do not have the financial ability to repay debt, it is better to get in touch with agents of the collection company. Life situations are different, and for the collector it is important to find an individual approach to each payer. Not because the collector is human, but because that will increase the chances of return to duty. No need to ask the bank to defer – so you’re just wasting your time in vain. Try to explain your situation to the agent. Bring documents that confirm your temporary inability to pay (a certificate from the center of employment, for example). In this case the collection agency will give you a reprieve.

Five. What happens if collectors could not get through to the borrower, and they still come to visit? How should I proceed? First of all, ask the guests of documents proving that they belong to a particular collection agency and the right to represent the interests of the bank (the bank issues a special power of attorney, which you must provide). You decide to let the agent in an apartment or talk over the threshold. The task of the collector in this situation is not to scold you or intimidate, and to establish business relations and negotiations. Talk to an agent and try to use it to find ways to repay the debt.

In practice, our company happens to comes to funny situations. One of the agents, working on-site debtors came to one defaulter to clarify the situation. The man began to tell him how difficult it is to find a job, that life is ruined, and things like that. Our agent questioned the details of the borrower’s professional qualifications, work experience, and left. A day later the collector to the debtor brought a newspaper with offers of employment and offered to call on a number of vacancies right now in front of him. He was invited to several interviews and was soon offered a job, after which he repaid the debt.

6. All the above tips are suitable for normal, civilized and lawful collection companies. But there are still “black collectors,” and they continue to work, despite the fact that their little jars and turn them often. What do we know about them? “Black collector” is a group of individuals who often do not even registered as a company engaged in buying up distressed debt from smaller banks. Their method of work is the psychological pressure on the debtor by phone calls or personal contact. They use all means to introduce people to the stress. This excludes him healthy idea to ask the documents entitling them to their activities. “Black collectors” can cause you to think only of returning the money, or the deplorable consequences of evasion. If they need the documents, they use an approach “should be – true, and no questions are asked.”

As an example, a borrower has not repaid the debt on time with your bank. The case was transferred to a collection agency, which proved to be just such an illegal office. The borrower has agreed to sell a personal car and took the agency offered assistance in this matter. “Black collectors’ bought his car through the front person, and it extended a reported transfer of the proceeds to the bank. Later, when it became clear that the bank did not receive any money, the borrower was no car, no money and the old debt.

Another example of illegal activities of these companies: new details provided by the borrower to repay the debt, not those that are provided in the contract with the bank. The man takes the place of their funds and irreversibly loses, while having no debt repayment.

The main conclusion: In any case, demand from the collection company agents all the necessary documents, check back details of the bank, is reinsured. If you are threatened – complain to the bank, whose interests are represented by the collector. If it does nothing, and you continue to threaten to contact the police. If the police does not take a statement or doing nothing, act severely – write a statement to the prosecutor’s office and serve on the collectors in court.

I would love to, so you never have to use the tips. Just seriously its costs, and do not make rash purchases.

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