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When cheaper petrol in Ukraine?

It’s been a month after the promised gas station owners drop in gasoline prices , but nothing has changed . Price 95th ranged from 14.5 to 15.5 per liter, while the dollar passed UAH 1.5 compared with April . When cheaper petrol? Wonder motorists. This question should be answered by the AMC ( Antimonopoly Committee ) which shall monitor the economic soundness of strategic products, including gasoline , but was limited until the antimonopoly committee recommendations that gasoline prices should be reduced by at least 1 c. However, the owners of gas stations their arguments , in which they give figures in 18 UAH per 1 liter of 95-octane , and say ” you should be grateful that not 18″.

Continue this dispute had until April 29 , before that date , oil traders obyazyany send economic justification for the price of gasoline . AMC threatened investigations and penalties , but these are only words , each motorist loses its budget at least 200-300 USD per month.

There is a single hope for a dollar decline to 10-11 USD, while petrol should be cheaper by at least Rs 1.5-2. Depreciation may contribute to IMF tranche which came in early May . However, whether it will contribute to a drop in gasoline prices is still very controversial issue.

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