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Kolomoisky changing image?

“Rumours that the owner of the group” Privat “Igor Kolomoisky will soon become a” second Mikhail Khodorkovsky, “it seems, spreads itself Kolomoisky. It’s no pressure on his business there – at least in the fuel sector, which they say the most.”

Maybe there is no pressure on the group, but against the very IV Kolomoisky all still used some leverage. Suffice it to recall searches, which took place in the tourist complex “Bukovel” pressing for a change of management at the Southern Mining, in which the intelligence agencies, although not involved in, but inactive, as well as recent events have caused a change of management at Ukrnafta, which can rightly be called one of the pillars oil business group “Privat”.

However, it appears that pressure just as in land acquisition under the tourist complex “Bukovel”, according to the prosecutor that the State was nedoplacheno 66 million hryvnia.

The story of the more banal YuGOK in 2007, offshore companies, “Private” sold 50% stake in Evraz Group YuGOK owners with “Dry beam”, Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical plant them. Petrovsky, and three coking. Another stake YuGOK, which is the remaining 50% remained with “Smart-Holding.” Nevertheless, the change of shareholders has not led to change in management of the factories, the operational control of which has remained in Gennadi Korban (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), and Sergey Barabanov (CEO). This was primarily due to the fact that the Southern Mining remained debt to a succession of “Privat” firms, the amount of debt was UAH 300 million. The task of the old-new management and has been paying off this debt.

But the debt was not repaid, and YuGOK getting worse. She grew up accounts (450 million hryvnia) and receivables ($ 2.1 billion hryvnia, most of which have “Privat” company). At the end of 2009, compared to other GOKami YuGOK showed the worst results – production of iron ore compared with the crisis year 2008 decreased by 5.5% – up 7.1 million tons at the industry average reduction of 3.4%, sinter – 69 , 9%, to 1.1 million tonnes at the industry average decline of 19.1%. Combine losses totaled 73.5 million hryvnia.

This is not to say that “Private” and its managers feel at ease at the end of 2009 they had several times passed the nerves, and they declared martial law in the Southern Mining, trying to blame the legitimate owners in an attempt to capture a raider of the enterprise. But when it came to real change in leadership, everything was quiet.

At a meeting of the Supervisory Board April 30 Corban was dismissed from his post as head of the supervisory board, was elected in his stead Alexander Lastenko. Then it was decided to dismiss and appoint Barabanov Acting predpravleniya Michael Korolenko.

However, several hours after the close of business on Drums made an unsuccessful attempt by force to return to their workplace. It is unlikely that ousted the head of the GOK actually planned to return so his seat – just had to have at least some scandal.

By similar scenario events developed and controlled by “Private” Oil Company “Ukrnafta” operational control over which was taken in 2010 in exchange for the agreement of minority shareholders (note the group “Privat”) to pay 5 billion UAH. in dividends, which are first of 2010 were required to state welfare payments and pensions.

After a year, whether because of the crisis, whether due to “proficient” policy “Privat” Management of Energy and Mines Yuriy Boyko said the change of leadership Ukrnafta by poor production performance by the end of 2010.

Concluding, in front of the group “Privat” anywhere there are no obstacles, and in some areas is even promoting power. So the rumors about “the fate of Khodorkovsky,” which expects Kolomoisky really exaggerated.

This story can redistribute it and those who want information on the pressure, “Private”, and the group itself. Of possible targets may be, change the image of a corrupt and power pet, which she had during the reign of Timoshenko, the image of an innocent victim.

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