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Igor Kolomoisky: Between Us Pinchuk guarantors can not be – we are currently guarantors

… back in ’96, Igor Kolomoisky with his three partners — Gennady Bogolyubov, Alexey Martynov and the late Leo Miloslavsky went to lunch at the office of Privatbank, where they waited Tihipko. During the meal Tigipko as casually said that over three million bought about ten percent of the shares of Dneprodzerzhinsk nitrogen. Eating at the table stopped …

— What three million? — Asked Tigipko.

— Dollars.

— Dollars? And that is — stock?

— Well, the company’s shares — has continued to head the bank.

— It’s clear! And they look like?!

— Well … it’s a line in the computer — says 10% — Privatbank.

— And for that, three million? — Outraged partners. In those days Kolomoisky friends still continued to trade Korean computers from Moscow. Games with the shares seemed to them a sham. But it took less than ten years, and Privatbank has become one of the biggest players in the securities market, and the band gained fame Inside the most aggressive raiders in the country.

By crisis of 2008—2009 was prepared by Igor Kolomoisky better than many competitors. A few months before the collapse of the market, Privat successfully sold nearly all of its metallurgical assets of Russian Eurasia, and met the crisis with a large sum of free resources. Of all the oligarchs in the country, Igor Kolomoisky least complaining to the crisis and, using the political situation and the collapse of prices, continues to strengthen its position.

We recorded it telephone interview — Igor Kolomoisky, is currently on vacation in Greece, where he, in his words, hiding from Ambrosia. At the request of the businessman, the conversation was divided into two parts — the economic and political. The political part of the interview will be prepared and published in early September.

— Igor Valerievich, a year ago during an interview with the “Ukrainian Truth”, you said that Rinat Akhmetov, has created a terrible precedent, when using the fact that the Regions Party was in power, usurped “Dniproenergo.” But now that the new coalition government, you are using the influence of his deputies for the majority, received 18% of the shares Ukrtatneft. What then do you differ from Akhmetov.

— I believe that this comparison is not just incorrect, it is absurd in itself. First of all, “Dniproenergo” was almost a state company — it has more than 75% of shares belonged to the state. And Akhmetov, using the fact that Yanukovych was in power, initiated an additional issue, that is actually caused the state to issue additional shares on account of debts of the enterprise. And instead of buy it myself, the state allowed to buy this package Akhmetov. This is called the hidden privatization. Scheme — but not fully legitimate. If Yanukovych was not in power, this would not happen ever.

And what does this situation is the fact that happened on Ukratnefti? Ukrtatnafta not owned by the government and I Tymoshenko as prime minister it is not bestowed. And anyway, I did state sold the shares? The state as it was 40% and left.

A 18% stake was contested. At the time these shares were issued and were in possession of the issuer. Ex—leader Vladimir Ukrtatneft Motytsin changed the stock to the unsecured promissory notes and companies SeaGroup AmRuz Traiding. In the words of the Motitsyna who also managed by these companies on behalf of Kuchma and Pustovoitenko.

When Motytsina imprisoned, he sold the company Infox. And when Infox understood that nothing in this package can not do, he resold them Tatar side for alleged $ 20 million. A final point with theft of the securities put the Supreme Court, which ordered the return to action Ukrtatneft.

By law, the issuer can not hold these shares in his more than a year — it must either liquidate the stock or sell. A company needs money for its purposes, and put it this stake up for auction. Invited him to all participants. And the firm “Korsan” bought these shares.

— but by a strange coincidence, participated in the auction only to your company.

— Wait a second. “Ukrtatnafta” — Closed Joint Stock Company and the law of the auction, in principle, could participate in only three parties: “Korsan” Tatar side ( Tatneft Tatarstan and the State Property Fund — UP ), and “Naftogaz Ukraine”. NAC refused to participate, and the Tatars did not come because they believe that this is because of their shares. A “Korsan” came and bought it. And here the influence of some of my deputies to the majority?

— Two members close to you — Igor Mace and Alexander Tretyakov — chaleny coalition and are directly related to the creation of a coalition …

— I understand. We assume that there is your assumption that Kolomoisky can affect a bat and Tretyakov, the existence of the coalition, but it’s like air to Tymoshenko and the Cabinet, because if there is no coalition, then it goes to rest. Right? Let’s not waste time on it, because it’s so obvious: yes, we can work to ensure that the sympathy of the government were in our favor ….

— … and in particular, for example, influence the decision of NAC to withdraw from the competition. In terms of interaction between business and government than the situation is different from what you are accused of Rinat Akhmetov and the Party of Regions?

— Wait. We live in a country where everything is connected to everything, including business and government. But the question is: what took myself through this connection? What gave me the government? Maybe port plant? Or you might let me spend an additional issue in Ukrnafta to dilute the government stake? Or maybe I was given an 25% equity stakes power companies, which in principle with me Grigorishin very interested in?

— but the question still remains: why from the competition refused to “Naftogaz Ukraine”?

— All elementary: NAC refused to participate because he could not — he has no money! I believe that the leadership of NAC has made a mistake — they had to find money and participate. Moreover, we would have been glad that they participate — would be a normal classic auction. But the NAC has no money — and it had great financial difficulties. Where it took two and something billion hryvnia? In the country every month hysteria as pay for the gas comes from Russia, and you believe that NAC would be kind of money?

I’ll tell you more: the words of management of NAC, Tymoshenko made them participate in the auction. “Naftogaz Ukraine” has registered, filed documents. This is true. And indeed they were forced to Tymoshenko. But then it came to deposit the amount that should have been made to the accounts of the organizers of the auction. Since NAC did not send money!

Or do you think this Tymoshenko told them? If you sincerely think so, then I have another question for you. Let’s say, ten days after the auction Nacu would have to pay two or two and a half billion hryvnia. Where would he get them? In this note: NAK if not paid, the deposit would be returned to him no — he remained at the company. Who would be responsible?

— But you can not deny that the presence of NAC in the competition could significantly raise the price of those shares and you would have to pay a lot more ….

— Do you think Tymoshenko nothing else to do but to save money Kolomoisky? ( Laughs ) That the state benefits from it? What wins a budget? Wins only company and do not receive state, but increase the value of its stake in Ukrtatnafta.

Basically, you can leave your suspicions, but say that I have as a journalist has the right to interview Tymoshenko, the Tatars and to ask them all the same questions. Was there such that they are not allowed? Or say that come do not come, but we will still not let. ( Laughs ) I think you can even request and receive all correspondence for the auction. After all, look, most importantly, that the court gave no!

— Who could?

— Yes, the same NAC. Stated, for example, that they did not report about the auction, or that it is not allowed to bid that they submitted the documents, but they have not taken ….

You are nothing think so benevolently of NAC is configured to us. Take a position on the NAC Ukrnafta. There after all what the situation? I told them long ago said, let’s sign a joint agreement between private and public shareholders, and thereafter will operate normally. This agreement is being prepared for two years. In principle, it is already at the exit. When his sign, collect shareholders’ meeting, divide the dividend and so on.

But no! Representatives of the NAC hard not to come to the meeting and the press trying to fool her that Kolomoisky not want to share dividends. And I asked them directly: if you want the dividends, then why the hell you include in the agenda of the meeting of shareholders of changes in the composition of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the shift? You want to get control over the enterprise? So under existing legislation, I will not allow it. The agenda before distribution of dividends you turn on the issues that I fundamentally do not uphold, because I, for one, do not like change director. In the end, we have there forty—something percent of the shares, and we reserve the right to protect their rights? Here we are fighting, as we can.

And then I want to ask you, why is this situation with NAC Ukrneft spoil our blood, and by Ukrtatnafta he suddenly silent? Why can not I call Tymoshenko and say tell me that these NAKovtsy already behind us? But this is not happening. Do you think that the more important to me — or Ukrtatneft Ukrnafta?

— Obviously, Ukrnafta. But then arrangements can be local or global.

— Then I have another question: the conservation coalition to Tymoshenko — a global issue? Obviously, yes. And if we assume that your chain is valid: I — Mace — Tretyakov — coalition — Tymoshenko, then what is the meaning of my local exchange to the global question? You also agree that I can be anyone, but not an idiot? Why, then, I can not exchange the global to the global and solve all their problems with Ukrnafta?

If I can not, so either way, this scheme does not work, or on a really impressive effect in my coalition. Right?

— Would you do that you have chosen this?

— First, because the scheme does not work!

— What is the impact on the coalition still impressive?

— Well, you do it, they said that if the Tretyakov — my managing partner at Glavred — this is all they know, and the Axe — and this is also no secret — in the oil business, in addition, also a friend of mine, naturally that I have influence on the coalition. But these people have their own interests, his vision, his own views. That is, I can not call club and say, tomorrow come out of the coalition. Thus, this scheme does not work either.

— But you can influence any vote?

— Are you really think that I can call a bat, his friend and say — a voice or no voice? Do you think I can do that?

— Maybe in a tone not, but I am sure that agreement is still going on.

— First, there are lots of themes and issues that we, in principle, not interest. As the saying goes, we still — as they like.

And secondly, Mace himself knows better their own interests than I know them. And if he wants, he will communicate with Tymoshenko and talk. But since the forehead — a voice not vote, it does not work.

We do not live in a one—dimensional society, where a causal relationship quite primitive. That is, I will vote you here, and you give me Ukrtatneft — call Dubin, so he did not come to the competition. ( Laughs ) and in principle I am glad that it’s impossible. Because for Dniproenergo no exchanges were not. They are different — they have it all together and everything works perfectly. They pulled together and Dngeproenergo.

— but for some information, you still have reached a truce with Akhmetov about Dniproenergo?

— And where does it? We have him and there was no war. I’m not at enmity with Akhmetov, and with a government that gave it to him and voted for an additional issue. And with that Akhmetov? What does he have to give up those gifts that he do it? This is a question of his personal modesty or immodesty. It sometimes happens that a person says, you know, I’m such an expensive gift can not accept. ( Laughs ) So is this!

In this situation, I fought with those who made such gifts. Yes, Akhmetov might do not like it, but I do not like much — what to do. This is a business. If, for example, tomorrow will be declared the privatization of large, then the money saved on Dniproenergo Akhmetov, will go back to where I want to buy something. And at the auction Akhmetov will fool my head and raise the price. Why should I? I believe that everything should return to the starting point. That is, Akhmetov there were 15 or 12% — please let it remain.

So we continue to struggle, and there no reconciliation. Moreover, we have won another Supreme Court because the Supreme Court decision a year ago were disavowed by the Higher Economic or some other court. By the way, it is generally in practice impossible, inconceivable!

— If you fought against the former government, and you must fight against this, because it actually recognized the right of Akhmetov …

— You know, on the one hand during the reign of Yulia Tymoshenko gave nothing to anyone. This is a good thing. On the other hand — did so, just to Dniproenergo, I think, Tymoshenko broke their election promises. Because she promised to return it to the state, and as a result of its officials were at the meeting of shareholders with 51% of the shares than the de facto acknowledged that they do not have 76% and 51%. A vote given Akhmetov Service in 40%, than actually also acknowledged his share. And yet voted for the board, which belongs to Akhmetov — DTEKovskoe.

I think it was a conspiracy. But in what form and at what level, I can not explain to you, because I do not know. But I am sure that without the agreement has not done. Maybe someone conspired behind Tymoshenko, and perhaps with her consent. Nobody knows. But facts are facts.

— Just before the crisis, you sell all of its steel assets. You now feel the benefit of the money?

— ( Laughs ) You know, we try not to assume someone else’s money, and do not like it when we believe. And if you ask about the status of the assets, it all depends on the market. For example, our ferroalloy assets work so—so, because the whole market fell metallurgy. Dropped production of steel, respectively, dropped production of ferroalloys. But we have this attitude and philosophical: there are good times are bad. Indeed, the positive market conditions have become discernible only last three to four years. And before that it was not shaky or rolls — and there were times heavier than when harvesting cost of $ 130 per ton. ( Now price in the area — 400 — NC )

— Some businessmen claim that Private metaktivy sold, because he foresaw the crisis.

— If I foresee a crisis, I would be two orders of magnitude richer ( laughs ). No one foresaw the crisis, and I do not believe those who say that anticipated. Yes, we understand that the crisis may descend at any moment, but no one understood how this happens, how much it will strike. Because, in fact, the crisis did not start last year, and another in 2007.

If you remember, too, and the Asian crisis did not start in 98th, and 97th year and has come down to us exactly one year later. And if we take the current situation, the mortgage crisis began in 2007. And even then it felt very good financial structure. Everyone thought that the industry and commodity business stretches from the financial situation of the hole, but it did not work — everything collapsed. But all this is felt only in September 2008. Who clever — in July, in August, because then they could not have contracted. I personally also relate it with the Olympics in Beijing. It opened on August 8, and by the time large purchases from China have stopped — I mean the procurement for the construction of infrastructure. All the money was spent, all limits are automatically closed. And it was the last straw.

So all this talk, we’re so handsome and all anticipated — it’s an element of randomness. Metaktivov sale was the result of a chain of events. At one time we were Novinsky industrial partners. And after he teamed up with Akhmetov, other enterprises have lost meaning, there could be no prospects for their further integration. And we had to think, or to unite with ISD, or to join in Metinvest Akhmetov, or look for someone else. Well, here m and found someone else. That is, push all the same association was Novinsky and Akhmetov.

— But do you now regret having sold the company Evraz?

— No, of course. The price of these assets today, about four times lower than in the past year. But .. do not worry — I think, once again grow.

— And how do you assess their losses? Falling asset prices, for example?

I would not say so. We have not lost — we nedozarabotali. ( Laughs ) A fall in asset values ??have not really care about — we are not going to sell anything, so who cares how much do they cost? Our companies were not included, we did not take loans against their shares, so we do not care how much their estimates the market. For example, Privat: sure, he has fallen in value at times 4—5. But what I difference, if I was never going to sell? Except for the comfort of their self—esteem.

— Recently, the results of trading 25%’s shares you bought the shares with Grigorishin Chernigivoblenergo, and actually gave Lvivoblenergo Surkis. Why?

— There arose such a situation: because of our complicated relationship with Konstantin, so we decided that the entire process of buying shares in our fully managed Grigorishin. I gave him this complete carte blanche and said that everything you do, I admit in advance: how much you buy, so many will — I will give half of it. Therefore, what is bought Surkis Lions, not Grigorishin — I think there was some technical overhead. Grigorishin can not expect that Surkis buy, do not know. I think that if the auction was repeated today — he would not have missed, and then missed. I think so.

— And you have the proceedings on this occasion was not?

— Well, what trial? If I had not bought it, he could say. that I had played up there Surkis. And so it is entirely the work of his hands.

— you’re going to continue to buy shares of power companies?

— Now — no, because the starting price is inflated.

— By the way, Pinchuk has remained in the proportion of NFP?

— Where? In NZFe — no. There does not share it.

— And where did it go?

— Let’s not discuss where the proportion of Pinchuk.

— So Pinchuk no effect on NFP?

— Directly — no. Mediated, not much can be influenced.

— not much — this is how many percent?

— Well … at around 20%.

— And how true that mediate between you on NZFu spoke Russian State Duma deputy Alexander Babakov?

— Between us Pinchuk guarantors can not be — we are each other guarantors.

The second part of the interview is available here: Igor Kolomoisky: I would advise you not to relax – the crisis has not passed

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