Igor Kolomoisky: "I said Pinchuk, "Life it's a supermarket, take whatever you like, but the ticket office front" | Предприниматель

Igor Kolomoisky: “I said Pinchuk, “Life it’s a supermarket, take whatever you like, but the ticket office front”

All three Ukrainian billionaire — Akhmetov, Pinchuk and Kolomoisky — almost peers. The most public of them is the son of ex-president. In the last year has become relatively affordable, Rinat Akhmetov. 42-year-old Igor Kolomoisky — the most private person of higher caste of Ukrainian business. Three months of negotiations preceded the agreement of different intensities, given in an interview with Igor V. “ZN”. After finishing the interview, we think hard … and asked the leader of the group “Privat” after proof-reading material to send us a text with a signature on each page. Kolomoisky agreed without hesitation: “Every word of his I can confirm the documents and witnesses …”

Igor Kolomoisky was born in Dnepropetrovsk. An engineer-metallurgist. He graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute. Business deals since 1985. He is a member of the supervisory boards of most major companies of the group “Privat”, “Moscomprivatbank” SPC “Neftehimikprikarpate”, “Ukrnafta”. Under the control of the group are metallurgical and ferroalloy plants, a monopoly position in the Ukrainian market of manganese ore. The assets of the five packages GOK. The Group owns metalloferrosplavnoe production in Russia and Romania. The total value of the Group’s major shareholders of which are also Gennadiy Bogolyubov and Alexei Martynov, on a very rough estimate is estimated at half a billion dollars.

“Hard businessman who is trying to detail to defend their interests. He tends to frequently revise the rules during the game. It should therefore be treated with special attention to the business with him. He nepublichen, but officials and influential. ” This is the opinion of Igor Kolomoisky competitors. We can add that neither in the past, nor under the new government did not accept the dictates of Kolomoisky and authority.

When Viktor Pinchuk is angry, then moves to a quiet, polite tone emphasized communication, from which the interlocutors shivers down my spine. When angry Akhmetov, his blackened light-gray eyes. What makes Kolomoisky when angry? Now we know — he agrees to an interview …

— Igor V., to begin with, could you tell our readers what “group” Privat “. Everyone says: “Private”, “Private”, a large financial-industrial groups with interests in the mass of the spheres, with immense capital. ” What is the property owned by the group and in what areas are her main interests?

— I think that the “group” Privat “— is a phantom, a journalistic term. Reality — it’s Privatbank, which has shareholders. Each of the major shareholders are, in addition to banking and other businesses. But all these businesses are not united among themselves, are not associated economic and corporate responsibility. The fact that journalists have called the group “Privat” — no holding or corporation. Here one can draw an analogy with the “Interpipe” IUD or SCM.

— What do you personally own in Ukraine?

— I have about 30 per cent stake in Privatbank. I own other property through indirect non-affiliated companies. Some of them are residents, some — not.

30 percent of the shares owned by Privat Gennady Bogolyubov. Among the owners of the bank is Alexei Martynov, as well as management Privatbank.

In principle, the shareholders, “Private” there exists a conditional distribution business mentoring programs. Martynov priority deals with ferroalloys, Bogolyubov is the president of Privatbank, is its main load, although there are many others. I’ve been doing more corporate things, oil sector, in part — iron and steel.

— Some argue that Tihipko Privatbank left with a dowry, which exceeded the amount of formal provisions. Is this true?

— No, not so. If Sergei Leonidovich produced with the structure of a divorce later, but not at the stage of market development, it would get so much more. But what has been done — is done, and today he is related to “Private” is not. In some small objects, where we have a small package, but he has a little more, we have retained the interaction. But it does not scale business and about them not even worth talking about.

— We have heard reports that in Italy at the bottom of the birth of a daughter of Igor Surkis had a dispute between you and the minions of the previous government. You said that under the new government live well, and they claimed that bad. What were the arguments of the parties?

— This was not a serious discussion, and participated in it, not I, my friend. And he really objected to his opponents, who argued that life in Ukraine is very bad: “Before, we could not participate in the competition for” Kryvorizhstal “, and now we can.” And he said that now people sit in jail for what he said: “From prison is a way out, and out of the woods with a severed head will not leave …”

— How do you assess the economic situation and its prospects?

— By the numbers all look good. But the standard of living is very low, and it worries me. Although the reasons for the same prices in the vast majority of non-internal and external: more expensive energy becomes, the external market conditions unfavorable for steel products, of which the budget is seriously underpaid. Although there are signs that the fall in metal prices due to seasonality and is transitory.

— How to feel in Ukraine millions, we know about. And they feel like billionaires and multimillionaires? What are going to, for example, and you’re going to invest if you?

— Most of my assets are directly or indirectly in Ukraine. So I worry about what is happening and will happen in the country. But I am — an optimist.

With respect to our investment plans, then, of course, if justice will prevail and the NHF will return to the state, then we will participate in the competition for the acquisition of controlling interest in Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant. Pinchuk, the plant was acquired illegally, as it, by the way, back in 2003 warned: “The contest should be no special conditions. Clear and distinct. ”

I think that we will participate in a sort of consortium or pool for the acquisition of “Krivorozhstal”. As for other objects, then today the privatization process has slowed down noticeably. I think that Valentina Semeniuk still need to figure out what legacy she left Mr. Chechetov, bring in all the State Property Fund in order and a clear program of privatization. And if the program will be interesting for us to object, we will participate in competitions. Although today we still need to work on bringing order to the existing facilities.

— For example?

on petrol, gas and oil

— I belong to a certain stake in “Ukrnafta”. And under the influence and control so-called “group” Privat “is more than 40 percent of the company. Until two years ago by the shareholders’ Ukrnafta “has decided to build a vertically integrated company. But for a number of subjective and objective reasons, today this process has stalled. And despite the fact that the recent meeting of “Ukrnafta” was conducted and we found common language with the new leadership of “Naftogaz Ukrainy”, we have not developed a system of effective and coherent implementation of the cooperation in the construction of FIV.

— Have you developed relationships with the new head of the supervisory board “Ukrnafta”, the first assistant to the president, Alexander Tretyakov?

— We met with Mr. Tretyakov only once, several years ago. And recently we communicate only by phone. You know what to call the relationship does not add up.

— When Alexander Tretyakov said that a gas station to buy “Ukrnafta” more than a million, Alexander Y. pootryvat promised for this head. However, to date all of the head intact, meeting was held and it was decided to spend more than $ 500 million for the purchase of gas stations. How did you negotiate?

— Last refueling “Ukrnafta” purchased in 2004. And those stations that “Ukrnafta” bought at auction in May and June this year, not paid so far: at some gas stations do not permit of the Antimonopoly Committee, and in other cases, the government limited powers to the size of the sums allocated for the purchase. I think that the feasibility of expanding the network refills “Ukrnafta” will be discussed at a shareholders meeting in September, where a final decision.

— Alexander Yaroslavsky has sold its 10 percent stake, “Ukrnafta” you. But it turned out that this was an option package and Pinchuk. As you have resolved and settled whether this situation?

— We have some papers signed on this occasion with Pinchuk. But they signed when his father-in was president. And yet these papers will be considered, and I do not know at what level …

— What in your view is the main cause of rising gasoline prices and what is your price forecast?

— The main reason — increased market prices for oil. And while the price of oil will remain at the current world level or rise, the price of petrol in Ukraine has dropped. Or it may grow.

— To what extent?

— I do not exclude that the price could rise to five hryvnia per liter.

— For what period?

— Peak sales are usually in July-August and October. If we get through September and October and up to five hryvnia for this period, the price does not crawl by the end of the year it may be somewhat reduced. Everything will depend on the price of oil on the world market, as well as on what the price of oil will form a Russian suppliers.

Also today, Ukraine has a shortage of refining capacity: one closed in the long reconstruction, someone — to prevent. I have a fear that rising prices could also coincide with a kind of artificial shortages of gasoline (call it so). But I hope that this will not happen.

— If Russia, which likely will, increase the price of gas will not have a close in Ukraine steel industry?

— Iron and steel — no, but chemical fertilizers, nitrogenous, which in Ukraine six, it is likely to be closed for a while.

— Do your partners have a stake in “DneproAzot” that they will do in this case?

— We’ll have to then rebuild the company or create a new at this site. Today the price of gas is in an area of ??70-75 dollars per thousand cubic meters. If the price is raised to 150, about which there has been talk, then “DneproAzot” will not be able to be not only profitable, but even to work “to zero.” I think that this fate befall “Cherkassyazot” Severodonetsk, Gorlovsky, Rivne and port.

— Will you and your associates to participate in a tender to build a new refinery, after the president and the prime minister said that he would build?

— I’m not sure that this construction will take place. Rather, we participate in this tender will not. Even if the plant will actually be built.

Threats, power companies and Budenovka

— know that you are in the three addresses in Ukraine — the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Interior Ministry and Security Service — have sent letters that Constantine Grigorishin and you Poroshenko alleged racketeers. What is in dispute, and respond if somehow our law enforcement agencies in your letter?

— I know that the authorities are interested in this information, and the Attorney General’s Office conducted predsledstvennye action. Personally, I’m with Peter Poroshenko no contact had not. Simply referred to him Konstantin Grigorishin, describing the actions to be taken against me. Grigorishin said that Poroshenko — his partner “50 50”, and told me what car I get any earth, if I do not support the issue Grigorishin capture power companies. Indirectly, the attitude Poroshenko to this process, I can tell by the fact that virtually the entire action plan, outlined to me Grigorishin was implemented. And about this plan for some people, relaying information to me and told Poroshenko.

— According to some sources, you and your partners have acquired Konstantin Grigorishin half of its package of eight power companies. In addition, you also got half a packet belonging to the former partners Grigorishin. Thus, you should be formed in each power companies package up to 40 percent of the shares. Is this true?

— I will try briefly to tell you the story of the acquisition package power companies, especially since it was largely determined by my current situation, including my address generated in the threats that we talked about above.

So. I purchased a 50 percent Grigorishin of its assets in eight energy companies, “Dneproblenergo”, “Zaporozheoblenegro”, “Poltava”, “Sumyoblenergo”, “Chernigivoblenergo”, “Lvivoblenergo”, “Ternopoloblenergo” and “Prikarpatieoblenergo.” The first paper we signed at the end of September last year. Before the first round of presidential elections and a half months. I understand that Constantine wanted Grigorishin “inshurens” — strahovochku in case if Yanukovych wins. In mid-October, I gave him the deposit, which he, as far as I know, used to support the opposition and told everyone that he gave the revolution its money. Although, as it turns out the de-facto, the money was mine. They say the opposition has Grigorishin support in the amount not 15, not $ 16 million Now 12 of them were mine. Therefore, let the great revolutionary Budenovka itself tries not: it is not known who is more revolutionary.

But we do not know. The deal was completed in late November. As a result, I have gained 50 percent of those companies which, in turn, owns 40 percent of the power companies mentioned. Agreement also provided that we have to buy out their former partners Grigorishin …

— Do Surkis and Medvedchuk?

— … Yes, the former partners Grigorishin the 30 percent stake in power companies that they own. And then work together to create a normal power company. We planned to make the company public. The fact that power companies do not give a high operating profit — they have a high capitalization cost. But if there is stability and the conditions for normal operation, this company can be expensive on the market, and this makes it possible to increase the value of shares that you possess.

Until December 5 — the date the Supreme Court invalidated the second round of elections — Mr. Grigorishin normally look at plans for the repurchase of a former partner of shares. But after the victory of Viktor Yushchenko became the all clear and determined, the position has changed little Grigorishin, and he just said that there is no need to buy, because now we can take everything away for free.

On this ground and we had a conflict. I said that we are at war with anyone and do not intend anything from anyone not intend to take. As a result, he warned me: “Then you may have difficulty.” In February, he tried to capture the “Poltava” and “Prikarpatieoblenergo.” I am in the beginning of March, made a statement on “1+1”, which is unacceptable things and Grigorishin no right to call the owner and dispose of edinovlastnym on his own behalf about 40 percent of assets oblenergos. After all, half the package of already belonged to me. This situation is not resolved to this day, and I think that is not resolved, since he made against me of which went far beyond commercial relationships.

— And what was the threat addressed to you?

— The threat was this: if I do not give him a power of attorney for shareholders’ meeting on power companies, it will be trumped up against me, criminal cases, and I will have a lot of trouble.

— By the way, under the previous government against you, a criminal case over an attempt by a lawyer Konstantin Grigorishin, who at that time had already parted with Surkis and Medvedchuk and became a partner of Viktor Pinchuk. Incidentally, before the opening of the case, I personally was holding statement to the Prosecutor General Grigorishin lawyer that you threatened him. Then the lawyer had suffered serious stab wounds, and, accordingly, a criminal case. As far as I know, so it does not end. Is it true that now is an attempt resuscitation of this criminal case and how it could happen that hurt is the person who threatened you?

— What may be, in your opinion, the relationship between a businessman and lawyer, serving another businessman? Lawyer — is a performer, as an accountant, as a manager. It is beyond the line of corporate conflict. Therefore, no relationship between a businessman and a lawyer can not be a competitor. Even more so — threats. Lawyer, you are talking about, worked Pinchuk and Grigorishin. I think that these businessmen are carefully worked out the whole procedure and run it into the case. But even though the political regime, they could not open a criminal case against me, came only “fact”. However, I do not know whether it was all because I have a paper where it is written that the opening of a criminal case denied for lack of evidence.

Now was another attempt to send the criminal case opened into the attack on the lawyer, directly opposite me. But after my letter to the prosecutor, I hope, will be objectively investigated and held accountable by those who originally planned the worst. Resuscitation attempt included in personal case scenario that I outlined Grigorishin March 5. All points of the plan implemented in May, June, July, so I have no doubt who is behind this. Those people, whom he called to me as their partners — namely Poroshenko Peter I, and the organization behind it all. I do not think the power of attorney to attend a meeting of shareholders is of such methods for both the Grigorishin, and for those who, he says, is his partner.

About “honey-cake” in the fight for the NHF

— What, in your view, should end with an epic Nikopol and whether an objective solution to this dispute in a situation where everything depends on the courts, and courts in the business pluralism could be way affiliated with both parties?

— I do not want to judge whether or not the courts bribed bribed. I can competently judge of how in 2003 a competition was held on takeover NHF, as it was carried out economic activities in the enterprise. And my knowledge gives me reason to believe that justice — namely, in the return package a 50% share of the state as illegally acquired at the time the consortium, “Dnipro”, represented by Pinchuk.

We fully understand that before he had the opportunity to put pressure on the State Property Fund, in the courts. By the way, I do not understand why, in the light of what is happening not ask a few questions to Mr. Chechetov, the former head of the State Property Fund: Who called him and he was given some instructions? Ask him, in particular those formed as the conditions of competition, what were his actions to implement the regulations, decisions and determinations of courts, who came to him and why he threw them in the trash? I remember how in 2003 he said that “someone knows how to play chess, while others can not.” So, for everything in life when something has to respond. And for the “soup! Soup! “Too. I understand that Mr. Chechetov person was forced, I understand, from what he called the high cabinets. But there is always a person who has courage, it is possible to retire, instead of clinging to a chair and carry out criminal orders.

— Do you intend to redeem shares at the NHF and Schegolevskogo Dementienko — junior partners Pinchuk?

— I’m not sure that they have a standing stock.

— Given what’s going on with the “Alpha-Invest”, they probably can not be Pinchuk …

— In the NHF, as you know, in general, very complicated story with the registrar. Despite the decision of the Securities Commission, “Alfa-Invest” continues to exist as a country illegal entity. This recorder was appointed meetings, which later were recognized by the courts as illegitimate. So I do not know what stocks to Pinchuk, which — in Dementienko. Do not know what to NHF owns Viktor Pinchuk, except for a package of 50% +1 share, resulting in illegal competition in 2003. They say he has a 23 per cent, and perhaps actually 10? Who knows?

— Why are you so you are aiming for is to package the Nikopol returned to the state? Why the example of Abramov and Vekselberg did not want to buy the plant from Pinchuk?

— Firstly, we have never bought property rotten. No one. Secondly, I believe that in time we cheated Pinchuk, when I went on a privatization tender, preparing conditions for itself alone. As a result, a package 50% +1 share he bought for $ 80 million (410 million USD.) While on a transparent bid to the price reached at the time up to a billion hryvnia. By the way, to Abramov and Vekselberg Pinchuk suggested we buy all of its available shares Nikopol Ferroalloy — more than 70 percent. But we refused. We do not want him to buy anything, it is our principled position.

— But you met with Abramov? Why?

— We tried to convince him that such a big businessman, who owns a public company, “Evrazholding,” not to make a person buy rotten, because it would lead to unnecessary scandals, including international. He did not heed the warnings. As a result of bad articles have appeared in New York Times and Wall Street Journal. In addition, it is questionable funding in the privatization process “Kryvorizhstal”. But I for one do not understand why Abrams for $ 380 million buys a package NHF Pinchuk, if after the return of this package, the state could buy it for the pure competition is almost the same money?

— Maybe he is afraid that you agree with Tymoshenko about the conditions of competition and this time they will be formed under the “Private”?

— Privatbank will never participate in contests with special conditions. We have always been supporters of the contest must be transparent and the highest bidder, the winner. We defend this view today.

— It is known that there are some papers that are signed between you and Konstantin Grigorishin on the fate of Nikopol Ferroalloy. What kind of documents and when they were signed?

— The aggravation of the process around the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant began not today, but in December last year. There is a paper signed by Grigorishin Schegolevskim Dementienko and — on the one hand, and me — on the other hand, the receipt of corporate control over the NHF. This paper is called agreement. But later, when Grigorishin told me about how much should be paid to various officials who support it, and that the plant will need to buy Pinchuk, and not the State Property Fund — the agreement ceased to operate. We quarreled and stopped work on this issue.

— Igor V., there is expert opinion that Poroshenko in NFP helps Pinchuk, and Yulia Tymoshenko — you. How do you comment on that?

— The entire press, judging by the publications, it is known that Poroshenko supports Grigorishin, but I know this situation from the inside. Remember, you asked about the signed paper between me and Grigorishin? So, according to her controlling stake in the Nikopol ferroalloy was to be returned to the state. And we buy it should have been in the public tender. But then the situation has changed, and Grigorishin said we have to buy a plant from Pinchuk, and not the state, and for it to Pinchuk Poroshenko … Well, in general, they have there is some agreement. I did not know about these arrangements, I am of them were not reported.

But in recent years become a part of broad sections of information that will be purchased if Nikopol Pinchuk, and not the state, Pinchuk for it to share with Poroshenko channels. In March of this was discussed. We participate in the transaction declined, saying that the plant will acquire from the state. Against this background, there was a conflict, after which Grigorishin rushed to look for Abramov and Vekselberg. Maybe he was someone else will. After all, it is clear that from someone who gets to plant two billion hryvnia — the state or Pinchuk, depends, will get if the people behind Grigorishin additional “gingerbread”. From this I Grigorishin and not hide it. Moreover, Grigorishin, openly, and called the amount that should go to work for someone who will help preserve the right to Pinchuk, a majority of Nikopol. We were asked to pay a pretty penny, which caused us to rejection and misunderstanding: with some of these cases?

— Behind the scenes gossip that we are talking about $ 50 million?

— Yes, yes. About 50 million.

— How much do you, in case the tender, ready to give a package of Nikopol in a 50% plus 1 share?

— If the competition was held today, I think that the price would reach 300 million and if the contest will be held tomorrow and it will auction the fight, I think the price will rise to 400 million: hype, the auction, the blood is … Someone goes to the casino, someone to auctions to buy the Nikopol Ferroalloy.

About GOKah, debts and “Kryvorizhstal”

— In his turn, and Pinchuk, you could be a claim, for example, you have washed away his shares in Margantsevskom and Ordzhonikidzevsky GOKah. How did this happen?

— If Pinchuk had a claim, he would have expressed them. I know that at one time, two 25-percent stake of the GOK has acquired a kind of American company “Bloomberg.” Subsequently, however, the company did not come to a meeting of shareholders, did not participate in additional share issue, subscriptions, and as a result of her bags had been washed away. As you mentioned GOKah we have influence but not control, and even more so — the dominant package. If Mr. Pinchuk says that the company “Bloomberg” and it — it’s one person, then we will probably recognize that there was unfairness in its shares. We are ready to discuss with him the matter to the extent of our influence and expertise in these enterprises. But he does not identify himself with the company, “Bloomberg.”

— Again, with Viktor Mikhailovich you encounter on KZHRK — “Krivbassrude.” Say that you replaced the management Pinchuk and set management “Privat”?

— Pinchuk temporarily managed by this company in derelict period. Control over management, he was again thanks to his connections with the State Property Fund. But when privatization is over, “Ukrrudprom” and company “Solayn” became a full-fledged owner KZHRK — it changed management. Now there are normal working professional people, and people “Interpipe” kicked out.

— Hard. Another issue of GOKovskoy sphere. In October 2001, you have been some misunderstanding with the former owner of the Southern Mining. In particular, the acquisition of the plant, the company was the seller of Yulia Tymoshenko nedoplacheno 30-35 million out of 50. They say that after the change of power issues, the available to you from the previous owner YuGOK were withdrawn because the missing money was paid …

— If the shares are sold YuGOK and Julia, then sold it to, not us, and Vadim Novinsky. Their relationships have, in principle, do not touch. I do not deny that in his time at Southern GOK we had a collision with Vadim Novinsky each of us tried to put the plant its management. But we sat down, agreed and, over time our relationship grew into a great friendship. And in his relations with Yulia Tymoshenko or not with Yulia Tymoshenko, I do not dedicated. If a person wants to say something — he will tell you not want to — do not tell. We Tymoshenko has never bought nothing and were not in each other’s debt. At the same YuGOK all perturbations occurred in October 2001 and from 2002 there normally coexist Kolomoisky, and Novinsky, and other shareholders. The company is working properly.

— Alisher Usmanov is now raised the issue of creating a “Eurasian companies” — the union GOKs Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. How do you feel about this very idea, and discussed whether it will go down with you and whether it is in the Southern Mining interstate association?

— On behalf of all contacts with YuGOK Mr. Usmanov is Vadim Novinsky. The establishment of a “Eurasian companies,” we did not discuss the subject. I can not categorically say — good idea or bad. Probably need to ask the author of: pluses and minuses of what he sees in her. I, for one, in which the monopolization of whatever I see only disadvantages.

— Which partners take you to the pool in the fight for “Kryvorizhstal”?

— We do not know who will go to the contest as a let’s go, but that will go — sure.

— Does your partner to be a pool of Kazakh billionaire Alexander Mashkevich?

— Do not exclude it. I know that we came up with this proposal, but negotiations have not yet been conducted.

— Can you, based on their sources to confirm the information that in Sardinia, in a hotel, talks were held between Abramov, Pinchuk and Akhmetov Vekselberg and the creation of alternative pools for the upcoming contest for “Kryvorizhstal” < / strong>

— As far as I know, Akhmetov was not there. And you mentioned plus business Grigorishin actually met in Sardinia. And, according to my information, discussed during these negotiations was in particular the “Kryvorizhstal”.

— The Prime Minister announced that the tender for “Kryvorizhstal” will be conducted through open auction in increments of one percent. What do you think will be able to defend the government if the technique of the competition?

— Given that there are rules established over the years, I find it hard to talk about the organizational problems of the tender. I do not know whether the prime minister to change the time to do it. But regardless of the technology of the contest, if there are no additional conditions, if no one can look at the package and give a competitor for five dollars more, you’ll be all right Who is the greatest gave the winner.

And if we can still hold an auction — excellent. And the move could be more than one percent and five. Put it all and we shall walk.

on “1+1”

-In case of victory in the battle for Pinchuk ferroalloy, perhaps, some channels will go to his lobbyists. What kind of “gingerbread” will go to someone who will help return the plant to the state and subsequently to make NFP a controlling stake in the new competition? 40 percent of the “1+1” you’re buying for Tymoshenko?

— I have a question for you: do you feel the difference between the two situations? Someone help Pinchuk realize $ 380 million for its rotten ownership, resulting in the state receives no money for a controlling stake, but this one gets channels. Here is the logic.

A second situation is totally beyond logic. We — business people, and why do we need to return second-sous-gift-stvu package, once purchased an illegal auction at a lower price Pinchuk, pay someone a bribe in the form of 40 percent of the “1+1”? By the way, the cost of a 40-percent block of the channel market is estimated at $ 100 million you want to say that we are for what the state itself will return something, someone willing to donate 100 million? Where is the line of reasoning is sound?

— know that “Private” is almost always worked without a political roof, but it acted cynically clever and brazen. So in this situation because you are interested in the package went to the state. First, to punish Pinchuk. Second, get the opportunity to tender to purchase this package. Third, get the opportunity to receive regular dividends from an existing minority interest in NFP. Fourth, sell your ore plant that did not want to buy Pinchuk.

— Let’s start from the end, with the ore. We do not need to sell the Nikopol Ferroalloy ore. Yes, in 2003, Pinchuk has refused to have to buy it, which led to the closure of some production facilities to those enterprises in which it traditionally took it earlier. And in order to restore this production today, you need to make an investment far in excess of funds previously spent to stop this production. So far the amount of ore that is produced Ordzhonikidze, and Manganese, fully realized, and an extra ore to Nikopol, we have not. So if we, in the case of passing a series of procedures and competition, become masters of the plant, you will need to think hard about how to redistribute the commodity flows, as ore supply NHF.

Also subject I would answer you on all other issues, but I want to say I have no doubt in the transparency of future competition. We do not intend to buy and give to someone, “1+1″, because the state reclaims the property.

And as punishment Pinchuk, then he would do it. In 2003, we warned him: ”

— I have not bought from Eugene Chervonenko “Orlan”, but I know that the market for soft drinks there was such a deal and the company associated with the brand name “Biola”, acquired the company associated with the brand name “Orlan” and “Premiere”.

— But “Biola” — is your company, and its juices and drinks water all the east of Ukraine.

— I’m in “Biola” is a commercial interest, but I do not do this business, and am in it only a passive investor.

— You bought a Russian metallurgical plant Alapaevsky because you did not have NHF?

— We bought Alapaevku, because it is a good building site and we consider it as a promising place to build elektroferrosplavnogo production.

— A U.S. draft of a stage now?

— In the stage of negotiation and decoration. For over a year we have been in talks to acquire U.S. ferroalloy plant. There are objective difficulties: the plant — bankrupt, is on trial.

— A last question: why we are the second hour of talk on the phone instead of having to record this interview with us in the editorial office or at your office?

— Unfortunately, until October to do it in live mode will not work because I suffer from an allergy to ragweed. Allergy sufferers will understand me. At the time of flowering plants of the ill-fated I am always going out of Ukraine.

— That is, it’s the only reason why you can not travel to the Ukraine, and no arrests and detentions Are not you afraid?

— I think that there is no such prospect. But all this I promised Mr. Grigorishin and I do not exclude that this can happen at any time. He said that in Ukraine, an influential person.

— Did you come to the pants without back pockets, and no one there you will not insert the gun and drugs do not throw up.

— I think that if the fight even more aggravated, the case will not in their pockets and not into drugs. As I was warned by my friend Poroshenko: “In him there is so much there is to see that somebody Kolomoisky sells all that he has in the Ukraine, and goes to Indonesia.” I am only one did not understand — why Indonesia?

— You said you wanted to rent a movie and fly into space. Why have not realized the dream?

— No, the cosmos would Bogolyubov, and I wanted to make a film like “Once in America,” but the money is spent “eight series,” power companies. What life is, and movies.

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