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Kolomoisky not get the “MAU”

Existing shareholders UIA intend to exercise their right to buy state-owned shares CHAO, leaving, therefore, likely to participate in the privatization structures Igor Kolomoisky, according to Economic News.

On Friday, three companies are co-owners of PJSC “Ukraine International Airlines’ (UIA), issued a message of intent to acquire state-owned shares of the airline in the amount of 61.58%. According to the information bulletin “Securities of Ukraine”, the company Capital Investment Project (now owned by 6% CHAO) will acquire 9.58% stake, UIA Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (which owns 22.52% stake) wants to buy 36.09% stake in the carrier, and UIA Holding GmbH (owned 9.9% stake) intends to buy 15.9% shares of UIA.

This message is the first official confirmation of what has previously only speculate: the privatization of UIA is implemented the script does not open, and domestic sales of state shares. Predictions of such a course of events has been based, for example, that minority shareholders have blocked earlier decision SPF amending the charter of the company, which would eliminate the rule of law a priority of existing shareholders to participate in privatization.

On the other hand, had reason to expect a decision on the public sale of the package, as it promised to bòlshie revenues for the state budget. Recall that in December last year, the desire to participate in the privatization of the said two companies that are not current shareholders of the UIA – Windrose and “Dniproavia” (the latter officially included in the alliance, “Ukrainian Aviation Group”, which unites aviaaktivy Igor Kolomoisky, the first, according to market participants , affiliated with it).

Windrose willing to pay 61.58% MAU 492.9 mln. “Dniproavia” – 516.841 mln. While in closed sales force airlines to shareholders will be invited to buy shares at a price which an independent valuer will assess the package – the SPF has already chosen for this purpose “Ukrainian expert group.” According to sources, “Interfax-Ukraine”, the appraiser determined the value of the package at 270 mln. And the draft contract of sale at that price has already been sent for approval to Mininfrastruktury.

So, now you can actually talk about the new owner of the UIA – in all likelihood, they will become ex-CEO and a former co-owner of “Aerosvit” Aron Mayberg. Back in early 2010 at the UIA had at least four shareholder – but the state company Capital Investment Project, owned by Mr. Mayberg called (bought back those shares at 6% of UIA, which previously got rid of the Aer Cap), as well as Austrian Austrian Airlines ( through UIA Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH) and the EBRD. During the year the EBRD and Austrian Airlines had withdrawn from the shareholders and the ownership structure has acquired a valid species.

Experts believe the current situation surrounding the privatization of UIA quite controversial. On the one hand – a closed sale airline clearly meets the letter of the law, on the other – the cost of state-owned obviously undervalued. Independent analysts estimated it at about $ 250 million, deputy head of the special commission on privatization VR Oleksandr Bondar said that the chosen scenario is certainly sell “privatization in one hand” and not in the interests of the state.
“The state had the legal leverage poprepyatstvovat this by lifting the rate of privatization in a closed re-charter UIA, in accordance with new legislation. It made sense back when the company had a few shareholders, but now there is only one private shareholder, and intrigue as to who will get it, no, “- says Mr. Cooper.

In the State Property Fund explained that the principle of privatization on the principle of maximum revenue from the sale is not always correct. “You have to understand that the smaller price to pay for the new shareholder of state-owned stake, the more free money in his will for the company. Therefore correct to privatize a specific investobyazatelstv – then the company will have an opportunity for further growth, and the state will receive their proceeds in the form of income tax, “- explained one of the representatives of the government.

Apparently, in general liking of power are more likely to side of existing shareholders UIA, so privatization should go relatively smoothly. For example, previously vice-prime minister, but now more and Infrastructure Minister Borys Kolesnikov critical comments about the prospects of NATO expansion, “Ukrainian Aviation Group.”

“The Alliance, in effect, privatized 60% of passenger traffic in the Ukraine. We still have to ask the AMC, in general, how it happened and why, today, the ticket Kiev – Dnepropetrovsk – Kiev costs $ 500-600, “- said if Mr. Kolesnikov.

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