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Real Estate: Where is profitable to invest?

The easiest way to purchase commercial property in Puerto Rico, Singapore and Hong Kong, and the most attractive to the owner of Britain, Ireland and Iceland. Russia in the middle of both lists. To such conclusion experts of NAI, which analyzed the conditions for acquisitions and leasing of commercial properties (office, retail and warehouse) in 60 countries around the world: they compared the tax environment, the average duration of leases and the level of agency fees.

Transaction costs are minimal in Latin America, Eastern Europe, as well as in Puerto Rico, Singapore, Panama, Hong Kong, Korea, Colombia, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Estonia and Ukraine, concludes NAI Becar. But the income from the rental of the most stable in Europe, primarily in the UK, Ireland and Iceland. The market here is more civilized, and the country risks are low, passed through the representative of Colliers International CEO Max Gasiev. But for professional investors and property owners are very high demands on security transactions, and therefore transaction costs (including costs for consultants, due diligence) above, he continues.

In Ukraine, only a few buildings comply with conservative investors who are important long-term leases, tenants are reputable and stable income, conveyed through the representative head of research and strategic consulting Cushman & Wakefield Denis Sokolov.

Ukrainian businessmen themselves are willing to invest many years in Western Europe, as well as in the U.S., especially Florida, passed through the representative of NAI Becar CEO David Godsho. Property prices there more attractive than before the crisis and the economic situation is stable. At the same time, he explains, the aim of Ukrainian companies – not so much money (income above in Ukraine), but to diversify business . Russians are also investing in the countries of Central America (Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil). The most popular business centers, and in the developed markets of tourism – hotels. Commercial real estate Ukrainians and Russians less interesting Godsho concludes.

Tax on buying property in an average of 2-5% of its charge state, and usually pays the seller, according to NAI Becar. The highest tax in Belgium and Greece (12.5%), Chile, Japan and Puerto Rico, it is not, in the UK tax charge, but with the purchase of 500 000 pounds more expensive.

Severe restrictions on the purchase of real estate is in 22 countries out of 60, who studied company. This is mainly to Asia (including China, Japan, Taiwan), Latin America and some European countries (eg Russia).

The agent for the transaction, usually receives 2-5% of its sum (in the SG is an average of 2%). Reward the broker for rental properties is on average 8-10%.

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