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Gennady Korban, “Impact on “1+1″ – more than have its own faction in parliament …”

Private”- the non-public business group in Ukraine, whose principal owner – Igor Kolomoisky – live in Geneva, and everything else is a citizen of Israel.

Gennady Korban – a ram and a ladle of “Private”. His name occurs in the context of corporate conflicts of this team. Although primarily known Korban raider country, and its methods – outrageous, he prefers to call himself “Conflict”.

In an extensive interview, “Ukrainian Truth” Corban first revealed many secrets of the “Private”. On some of them previously only guessed the public, and some even became a revelation.

– The “Private” is perhaps the most closed business empire in Ukraine. Do you plan some more public activities?

– Structuring, as does, say, Akhmetov? … He, I believe, exposes your business to political risks. I’m not going to criticize him, it’s a private matter businessman.

He structures the assets of myself and the company SCM, where he also – the owner of 90%. There is obvious risk for a businessman – owner of billions of dollars of assets.

I think sooner or later Kolomoisky assets and partners – what you call a group “Privat” – are somehow structured, displayed on the world markets, will get some form and content.

– Can you say exactly what is included in the group “Privat”?

– This is a very large ferroalloy holding a very large oil holding company, Metallurgical Holding, a coke business is engineering assets. They are less relevant, but they are. Are there any nutritional assets such as brand name “Biola.”

But we can not say that the group “Privat” – is a certain group or some kind of legal entity, which is owned by two or three people. It’s just a group of partners, and Kolomoisky has partners in this business.

– And you – a partner?

– I am a partner in several businesses Kolomoisky, but not for some strategic directions – it is a legal business, business, associated with PR, with some media.

– So you Kolomoisky partner in a media holding company, which is created on the basis of UNIAN?

– Yes. I, Gennady Korban, together with my partner at the legal business, Boris Filatov owns 25% of UNIAN.

But recently formed holding company based on the “Glavred”, which went in UNIAN. If our share count, it may happen that we belong somewhere 12,5% “Glavred”.

– What is the situation with the channels of the “City” and “Movie”?

– They may have come into this holding “Glavred”.

– That is, Tretyakov – partner Kolomoisky?

– Tretyakov – also a partner. Tretyakov has a share in the media holding company.

– What?

– I can not say that.

– That is, holding “Glavred media” – is the property of the four partners, Kolomoisky, Korban, Filatov and Tretyakov?

– If you overdo, you can say so.

– Explain the situation with the purchase of Igor Kolomoisky shares of CME, which owns the “1 +1”? Kolomoisky bought by itself or as a representative of this group of people?

– No, Kolomoisky personally owns 3% of the CME, which acts as a shareholder, “1 +1”.

Now with Kolomoisky Lauder teamed up. As far as I know, has the right to Kolomoisky affect no more than a destination management company “1 +1”.

– What do you mean by the appointment of management?

– If he is dissatisfied with the leadership of the channel “1 +1” if it fails to meet its objectives, it can initiate their retirement.


– And as was stated? 3% – too small to influence a company …

– There is a board of directors. And every member of the board, obviously, has some responsibility. Kolomoisky as a fairly powerful businessman in Ukraine, will affect the Ukrainian assets of CME and voice their opinions, but for him to listen. No more, no less. It’s just a board of directors.

Plus, there is an option to Kolomoisky 40% of the channel “1 +1”. This option is worth tens of millions of dollars back in 2003 or 2004, was bought from Messrs. Rodnyansky and Fooksman. Now this option is going to realize Kolomoisky, but only with the consent of CME.

– How much time will be in proportion Kolomoisky “1 +1”?

– In the case of the option it will have 40% of “1 +1”.

– But before the court invalidated all agreements and Kolomoisky Rodnyansky!

– If you want to understand the nuances, you’ll have to catch the legal technicalities. I had an option to Kolomoisky Fuksmanom and Rodnyansky, which is caused, first of all, the consent of CME.

That is, before you exercise the option, the CME as the owner of the vast package has a preferential right – the right of first refusal.

At that time, the CME has agreed, but that agreement appeared in the form of e-mails. Therefore we can not say it was a deal. And Kolomoisky filed a lawsuit on the recognition of the so-called verbal deal he reached with Rodnyansky and Fuksmanom.

Today, probably, written consent of CME on the implementation of this option. And this is – is a new process. Our Ukraine has the right regulatory, formal … Formally, at the time Kolomoisky could not file documents showing actual prisoner deal between him and Rodnyansky Fuksmanom. So was invented by a certain design, it had a controversial …

– you acknowledge it, and yet, on the basis of a verbal agreement and Kolomoisky Rodnyansky you tried to prove that the contract between them …

– But money is been paid! They got most of the money. Fuksman and Rodnyansky are well aware that it was not a verbal deal.

And when they went to court and protested that no agreements are not concluded, they actually lied, because there is such a treaty. Just do not sign these contracts they are personally, and offshore companies affiliated with him.

These documents we have, and if you give Kolomoisky requirement to implement the option – with the consent of CME – Fuksman not have the right to refuse him. If he fails Fuksman – then, of course, Kolomoisky is entitled to accuse him of cheating and other dirty things.

– A channel “1 +1” will enter the holding “Glavred”?

– I think not. “1 +1” – a separate business projects, especially with a partner by the name Lauder. Therefore, Lauder also be called the group “Privat” (smiles).

– Everyone says “Private Party”. As in the group decision-making? Partners quarterly sit down and work out tactics and strategy? Or is a Kolomoisky?

– Kolomoisky in fact a very democratic person, although he is credited with various horror stories. Every business has a managing partner and that person is fully responsible for this trend to all the partners – to himself and to the partners Kolomoisky Kolomoisky.

– That is the managing partner – is a key link?

– Yes.

– In what areas do you have managing partner Kolomoisky?

– I run a business in real estate – shopping malls in Dnepropetrovsk – and research project “Proton 21”. This is – a private physical laboratory, which is separated from the former Institute of Nuclear Technology.

– There are already some invention?

– Yes, of course. There are great works, but mostly they go to the West, the local Academy of Sciences does not recognize them. In fact, scholars of the “Proton-21” open method of cold termoyadra. Cold fusion reaction – a dream of mankind, the energy from nothing! (skeptical)

– It’s business on the verge of national security?

– Yes, on this occasion there is a very large volume of correspondence between the National Security Council, Security Service, with all sorts of bodies.

– And the media do not you managing partner?

– We manage UNIANom and managing partner of Kolomoisky “Glavred Media” is the Tretyakov.

– What is the general aim was the creation of this media company, are you satisfied with its development?

– Holding just created, and say whether or not we are happy, very hard. After a year there will be some first reports. Because there is no Kolomoisky unhealthy political ambitions. And he is more suited to any project as a business first and foremost.

– He is a political project!

– No!

– you know, Kolomoisky supports the “Our Ukraine”!

– Maybe he supports someone … But I would not say that it is systemic support. It does not controlled by political parties or officials on the payroll.

– You know Kolomoisky – he also will never invest in one thing and will diversify the risks?!

– Yes, it will diversify risks. And definitely try to put on a future winner. He has tremendous insight!

– That is, if they say that he supports the “Our Ukraine”, BYuT, Vitrenko and Brodsky – it could be true?

– It is relative, but can … Brodsky had friendly relations, but the policies he did not give him money, I can say for sure.

– And what gave?

– They have a joint business – holding “base.” This Zhydachiv pulp and paper mill.

– That is, in fact, Brodsky also managing partner of Kolomoisky?

– No, he does not manage the business. He – a passive investor.

– Brodsky made the proposal to “Observer” also came in holding “Glavred media”?

– “Browser” – a personal business that is owned by Brodsky. Perhaps the proposals and made, but Brodsky today commended “Observer”.

– How much do you estimate UNIAN?

– From 10 million dollars.

– How much did you spend on “Glavred Media”?

– I do not know. We have merged by combining the corporate rights. An estimate of these rights, arranged, of course, with Kolomoisky Tretyakov.

– How true story that came to Kolomoisky Tretyakov in 2005 with the requirement not to buy the “1 +1”?

– In 2005 was indeed a situation in which some policies do not contribute to this process. Moreover, they urged the president and even organized a meeting with Viktor Yushchenko Lauder to Kolomoisky was not in the business “1 +1”.

– Why?

– Obviously, the fear of influence. I think that “1 +1” weight on the processes in the country – is more than have their own faction in parliament.

What is a faction in the parliament? This is 14 people. “1 +1” – is big business, big business advertising, a great influence on the public, on public opinion.

– In what is now estimated “1 +1”?

– It is hard to say. I think that no one really channel is not evaluated. I could tell their subjective evaluation, the analogy with the “Inter”. If the “Inter” is, for example, $ 300 million …

– Wait for the channel seems to have asked a billion!

– And, already a billion? At a time when the “Inter” Khoroshkovsky bought … By the way, you know that the coterie of his nickname – Ken!

– Why “Ken”?

– Well, here is his nickname in Kiev polittusovke. He, you know, for a so caring … well, a true metrosexual. (From NC: Ken – a doll, a friend of Barbie)

Therefore, the “Inter” and if today is worth a billion – is for the entire holding. A “1 +1” – is not holding this one channel.

– A channels “City” and “Cinema” is it not integrated into the “1 +1”?

– “1 +1” is neither a direct nor an indirect owner of the channel the “City” and “Cinema”. If this integration occurs, it depends primarily on the will of the CME. Since they are stockholders in the “1 +1” and “City” and in “Movies.” If the merger takes place, the value of the group increases.

But I think that today, “1 +1” as the channel is not less than the “Inter” as a channel. Because they share approximately the same advertising market. And if the “Inter” audience of 35-37% in Ukraine, then the “1 +1” – 33-35%.

– you yourself to understand who is the beneficial owner of the “Inter”? This was a lot of different walks of conflicting information …

– We – is Inter. I believe that behind it the Russian investors, Russian money. Mr Abramov, mostly.

– And that Firtash bought part – is a myth?

– It is known that Firtash sold Khoroshkovsky K1, K2 and “Megasport”. But Firtash – not the guy who just takes and disposes of assets for cash. I think it was interesting to exchange their shares in the channels on the new venture.

The second part of the interview : Gennady Korban: The Kolomoisky simply coincided with the tracks Tymoshenko

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