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Gennady Korban: The Kolomoisky simply coincided with the tracks Tymoshenko

Continued interview with a representative of the “Private” in the raid and corporate conflicts Gennady Korban. Start is available here: Gennady Korban: influence on the “1 +1” – more than have their faction in the parliament …

– Tell the story of the formation of “Privatbank”. According to some information and Kolomoisky Miloslavskogo helped their parents, who were tsehovikami?

– “Privatbank” was created in early 1990. There was this guy – Tihipko, who raced through the city with the idea to make bank. At this needed funds, but no fathers, no money was given.

Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov are in business with the 1986-87 year, when the first law on cooperation. They started business with the office equipment imports from Southeast Asia and created a company called “Sentosa”. This island of entertainment in Singapore.

Founders’ Privatbank “There were three companies -” Solm “,” Sentosa “and” Vista “. “Whist” somewhere has got … Apparently, this was their a temporary partner.

Leo and Alexei Martynov Miloslavskogo owned company “Solm” and Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov – the company “Sentosa”. To date I have not known the exact pattern of ownership in “Privatbank”. I know that the management also owns a share, up 10 percent.

– Who is responsible for “Privatbank” – who’s managing partner?

– Mr Bogolyubov.

– And in other businesses?

– Shulman manages coke, it also has a joint project entitled People.Net. For the bank shall be directly responsible Bogolyubov. Kolomoisky practically manages itself ferroalloy business. In the oil business, he has managing partners – Kiperman, Mace and a number of people. Any particular strategic decisions are made, of course, with the participation of Kolomoisky.

– Is there a business, where would Kolomoisky was the junior partner in relation to others? Or is he always a key partner?

– I think that it is everywhere a key partner.

– but he only manages ferroalloys?

– Ferroalloys Division Kolomoisky manages itself, but trading carries Alexei Martynov.

– once you are going together to discuss business strategies?

– No, all together we are going to some birthdays or holidays.

– A Surkis brothers were managing partners Kolomoisky?

– They – managing partners Kolomoisky in power – are the six power companies.

– It is known that Kolomoisky associated with the football club “Dynamo” (Kiev).

– Believe me, “Dynamo” is owned by Surkis.

– But how can one explain the fact that you, Gennady Korban, doing some of the questions on “Dynamo”?

– Yes, I help them. But this personal assistance, of which I was asked to Surkis brothers. When Grigorishin began raider attacks against “Dinamo”, I was filled with their problems. “Dynamo” to Surkises – their child, the club is more important “Kryvorizhstal” or power companies.

Therefore, we, together with Boris Filatov (Korban partner) protected “Dynamo” from Mr. Grigorishin absorption.

I can say that today Grigorishin completely lost control. He is not in the register of any corporate rights, no action!

– The new version of the registry, which is changed to cancel the shares with Grigorishin …

– Why new? Everything was done beautifully, and legally correct. Quite possibly, at some stage Grigorishin owned 0.1% of corporate rights, “Dynamo”. The deal to sell his 0.1% of the void.

Accordingly, in the registry to make a turn. And today these shares are owned by another very famous person who bought them officially on the secondary market. This is the widow of Mr. Lobanovskiy. Let her try Grigorishin pick them up.

– If Kolomoisky has no relation to “Dinamo”, how to explain his role in covering the considerable costs of the club through sponsorship? It is also not directly controlled by Abramovich, the club CSKA …

– It’s just the usual sponsorship. Not Kolomoisky and “Privatbank” has its own advertising budget, which allocates the most profitable. Obviously, they agreed to “Dynamo” (Kiev) that “Privatbank” is the sponsor of the club among banks. And I’m sure that Kolomoisky in sponsorship “Dynamo” personally took no part.

– And you do not see this violation of rules that can not be an owner of two major league clubs Ukrainian football? And here we have a case where Kolomoisky involved immediately to three teams – “Dinamo”, “Dnipro”, “Naftovik-Ukrnafta”?

– In this case, no one directly with anyone not connected. What makes “Privatbank” – is nothing more than placing advertising budget, but that does not support the club “Dynamo” (Kiev) afloat.

Boyko – it Firtash. Normal, loyal people

– The state has many years of unsuccessfully trying to put its management on “Ukrnafta”. Absurd – the state owns a controlling interest, and “Private” – only 42%, but that he runs the company. Every time government tries to remove the management of Kolomoisky “Ukrnafta”, but it is inconclusive …

– This is the usual blackmail. Mace was appointed head of “Ukrnafta” in 2003, still under Kuchma. Prior to that, there was a state representative, Mr. Salmin. Company we have taken in a nightmarish state, it was a lot of lenders, loan mass, the mass of joint ventures is unclear to whom the extraction of oil!

Today “Ukrnafta” is actually built as a vertically integrated company. For as long as controls Kolomoisky “Ukrnafta” as a shareholder … It is not even a minority, because the owner of more than 40% – it is rather the cumulative shareholder than a minority.

So, for this time only officially received more than 2 billion hryvnia dividends, including – to the state.

But when it comes to the new government, whatever its color, it always starts with “Ukrnafta”. Because it’s profitable, profitable business!

– Do not you agree that the state has control over what belongs to him?

– Almost all decisions are made by the Supervisory Board, where 6 out of 11 members represent the state. I believe that if the government trusts the private company to monitor current activity, there is nothing wrong with that.

– Is it true that after the revolution, Tretyakov also tried to make “Ukrnafta” to work jointly with his personal interests?

– You are very ill-formulate the question. There was a time when the Tretyakov was a member of the supervisory board “Ukrnafta”, he also recommended that the person to head the supervisory board …

– That is, it was an attempt to make friends with the new government, “Private” on favorable terms?

– Again, it is incorrect to say “attempt”. There’s a new power, it is someone. It represented the Tretyakov, so we worked with those who represented the new government.

– How do you know that this man represents a new power?

– Very easy. 50% + 1 share owned by NAK “Naftogaz”. Accordingly, when it comes to new fuel and energy minister, he puts his own man in the chair for NAK “Naftogaz” and those immediately initiate a shareholders’ meeting “Ukrnafta”.

– Boyko, just trying to get Kolomoisky …

– Incorrectly you formulate – “make”. Once you begin to “get” Kolomoisky, usually occurs the spirit of contradiction … (smile) . Get him to do something hard. You can make weak people, and “Private” can fight. Therefore, most likely, we are talking about some arrangements, some compromise.

– Who arranged by Boyko with Kolomoisky to be left with “Ukrnafta” alone? When I came to Yanukovych, he’s immediately offered to a company headed by the representative did not “Private”, and states?

– Yanukovych, incidentally, still leaves the idea. A Boyko … can not say that he represents the interests of Yanukovych. Boiko – Firtash it is a little different group, they are normal, business, dogovorosposobnye people …

– And proof of that – an agreement on the merger in the chemical industry and Firtash Kolomoisky?

– In my opinion, these agreements are not implemented. While I know that there were attempts to purchase “Ukrnafta” a number of chemical companies – “DneproAzot” (controls Kolomoisky) and “Rovnoazot” (Firtash controls) .

This concentration was discussed at the supervisory boards of “Ukrnafta” in my presence, but concrete decisions were taken.

I understand that the chemical holding Kolomoisky Firtash and it makes sense to do will be solved when the fate of the privatization of Odessa Portside Plant. It is easier to fold together to tap as Alexander Yaroslavsky (controls “Cherkassyazot”) , and buy the plant.

– And that, “Private” will try to privatize it?

– Yes, of course, will participate in the privatization of Odessa Portside Plant.

Have Kolomoisky unique black humor

– Two years ago, between “Private” and Pinchuk was conflict over the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant. He is now settled, the NFP is jointly managed by Pinchuk and “Private”. It is true that Pinchuk has made concessions when he realized that he could not sell Ukrsotsbank, if not put up with Kolomoisky?

– No, Ukrsotsbank – it was just a small incentive mechanism …

– … Viktor Mikhailovich to compliancy?

– Yes. But this mechanism arose already in the moment when negotiations were going. It was just some extra incentive. But I think that Viktor did not lose what did not sell Ukrsotsbank, because it now costs much more.

– How did you end the conflict over the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant?

– You know that the Supreme Court took eleventh appeal Viktor Mikhailovich Pinchuk and changed his mind and sent the case to the new composition of the court. A court ruled that Viktor legally bought NFP … (smile)

– What does it cost?

– Expensive. There are too many nerves.

– Who reconciled Pinchuk and Kolomoisky?

– What is reconciled? With Igor V. very hard to quarrel. Because, in spite of any conflicts or corporate projects, which he leads, he never takes a personal conflict.

I remember it was a joke … Do you remember the famous speech by Mrs. Theological NFP, when she raised her weight. And at this point Kolomoisky Pinchuk called and said, ‘Vic, you’re holding the right flank, and we have left to go, You’ll see. ”

In Kolomoisky very unique black sense of humor, and he never takes it into a personal conflict.

While that Kolomoisky and Pinchuk was a corporate conflict regarding NFP. While the NFP – is a strategic project for the ferroalloy business Kolomoisky. While the horrible hurt Kolomoisky that Kuchma brazen manner it would not allow the privatization of the plant, although he was prepared to give the State Property Fund in two to three times more for the same stake.

The main claim to Pinchuk was as follows. In 2003, at the time of privatization of NFP, there Kolomoisky owned blocking – 26%. Pinchuk, being in a certain political repertoire at that time had all the chances expensive to privatize the plant.

At this point, Pinchuk met with Kolomoisky. And Igor Valerievich said to him, and then repeated it in his interview: “Vic, you, when you walk into the store, take what you want, but ahead of cash, you pay. Therefore, I suggest you pay the normal price and buy the plant together.”

Victor M. rejected the offer and decided to buy their own NFP. As you know, it was 400 million hryvnia, which was $ 80 million. While it is – the largest factory in Europe, which is the other money.

And in this case to conduct a limited competition – just a crime! Naturally, when the power has changed, we had the opportunity to review the results of the sale of NFP. Especially because …

– … Tymoshenko as prime minister was in agreement with you.

– It is simply matched the track. You know, it so happens that today we have with you on the road, and gone tomorrow. It was then matched the way Tymoshenko and Kolomoisky.

I was interested Kolomoisky return it to the state and honestly buy. What it has been declared everywhere, openly in the press that he was willing to give $ 500 million, is ready to participate in an honest privatization of a controlling interest. Actually, it coincided with the ideology that held Tymoshenko and the president. If you remember, the first sign was “Krivorozhstal”.

– But then, Yushchenko said that the NFP try one of the gang of crooks to pass another gang of crooks!

– There was a phrase …

– Is true, then reconciled with the president Kolomoisky …

– It is with him and do not quarrel. I think the president was simply not informed about what is at stake. Now the conflict is over.

– But the conflict led to the resignation in 2005, Tymoshenko as prime minister!

– No. The conflict was the catalyst for a certain relationship Tymoshenko, Yushchenko, Poroshenko. Because at that time openly lobbying for the interests of Poroshenko Grigorishin, which, in turn, represented the interests of Abramov and Vekselberg. Namely, they wanted to sell Pinchuk controlling interest in NFP.

– Are you saying that Pinchuk had no such right?

– Yes, it was entitled. But it’s like to buy a stolen car.

– But your methods of struggle can not be called perfect, when you to stop processes for NFP, using the definition of some very “left” of the courts! All it is obvious that this scheme raider.

– Can not say that … raider Courts NFP really stretched to 2003. Since then the administrative resources have been Kuchma, we could not overcome it by any means, after all, Viktor had this administrative resources.

The only way to passing this administrative resources has been the diversification of trials. This was done until 2004, before the arrival of the new government. And when the new government came, there was a real opportunity to initiate on behalf of the Prosecutor General for the Cabinet to review the claim of the sale of 50% of NFP.

– A Kolomoisky pushed Tymoshenko to initiate this process?

– Kolomoisky with Tymoshenko spoke not at all. They are generally seen before, maybe once in a lifetime.

– They did not need to see, because the mediator was Brodsky.

– Brodsky played a role, but I would not say that it has been a key or that he was the man who carried out some sort of coordination between Kolomoisky and Tymoshenko.

Between the Guarantor and Kolomoisky Pinchuk spoke Russian

– When Tymoshenko led the NFP return to the state, suddenly emerged from his surname Berezovsky Bosov representative, who allegedly bought a part of NFP with Kolomoisky. Tell us what happened then?

– They do not buy, although there was an agreement, I can confirm it, that if the NFP will return to public ownership and will be put up for sale, then as a businessman Bosov (not as a representative of Berezovsky’s) will take part in solidarity Kolomoisky in buying the plant from the state .

– But Bosova associated with Berezovsky as Korban – with Kolomoisky!

– Maybe. But I would not say that Bosov – people of Berezovsky. He independent businessman, secured enough. At the time, was indeed such an agreement.

– Who was the guarantor of the agreements between Pinchuk and Kolomoisky about NFP?

– A Russian businessman …

– Mikhail Voevodin, a representative of “luzhnikovskoy group”?

– I will not call someone’s name. This guarantee was attracted rather by Victor Mikhailovich than Kolomoisky. A Kolomoisky it agreed.

– How many percent of the shares received a guarantor?

– I have no right to disclose it.

– Pinchuk was so afraid Kolomoisky that still want to draw a guarantor?

– I can not say that Pinchuk afraid Kolomoisky. Maybe he needed a third party. You know, this so-called ad hoc. So we agreed, signed the agreement. But that does not appeal to any courts, we can choose some qualified respected people who make up ad hoc.

For example, you say, “I want to be my referee was, for example, Gennady Korban,” and I said I want my referee was Mr. Filatov, for example. This is a normal civilized form of agreement.

– Which hosted the meeting at which there was reconciliation between Pinchuk and Kolomoisky?

– Meetings were held in different places. Basically, in the office, Viktor Mikhailovich, but often in Geneva, and anywhere else.

– But what moved Pinchuk, when he offered to broker an agreement with Kolomoisky? Maybe he’s afraid because he remembers the story of the assassination attempt on the lawyer Karpenko, who worked with Pinchuk and Grigorishin. The order of this attack was suspected Kolomoisky, and was even issued a warrant for the arrest of Kolomoisky in this case.

– By manipulating this so-called lawyer Karpenko, Pinchuk … I do not want to talk bad about Victor Mikhailovich … Moreover, I admire Pinchuk as patron who understands contemporary art and carries it to Ukraine. Here he is number one!

Therefore, we will say so: first, Kuchma entourage, and later – were trying to Poroshenko environment by manipulating the statements by some of the counsel to draw Kolomoisky to a criminal prosecution.

– But there was even a representation of the investigator in the Pechersk court for the arrest of Kolomoisky!

– Yes, but it was totally unfounded. Because on the basis of the statement can not arrest the person.

– But it is a criminal case!

– It’s criminal case had been sucked from the finger.

– A presentation on the arrest Kolomoisky, which came to pick up in Pechersk court personally Piskun, who was then attorney general?

– I will not deny it. I was not present when Piskun visited. I know about this process, because Kolomoisky is my partner. And about things related to the restraint of liberty, that the family and something else …

We help each other, we are friends. And I also took part in this situation, but for free. Because he considered it his duty in relation to Kolomoisky.

It was a criminal case, simply invented out of thin air at the request of a lawyer, as you say, or Pinchuk, or Grigorishin or Poroshenko – named Karpenko. He can not even call a lawyer. Perhaps this is a lawyer who has some kind of license that was used to great people as against the applicant Kolomoisky. But it was sheer provocation, and no more.

Third part of the interview: Gennady Korban: Kolomoisky as Plyushkin does not like to sell – he only buys

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