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The crisis in the country real estate

crisis in the sector of the country real estate is clearly delayed and forcing developers to seek other opportunities to sell their properties: they have to cut the price to offer credit, and most importantly – completely alter its proposal.

Last year was bad enough for merchants houses. Buyers were scarce, many had to cut prices.

“Over the past year, the average price per square meter in the Kiev region of the cottages fell by 10.2%”, – said Victor Kovalenko (director of consulting firm “RealEkspo”). Statistics confirm the words Kovalenko, the maximum fall in prices has occurred in Boryspil district, where the price per square average fell by 36% per year. But was seen and the growth in Brovary, Borodyanskyy areas, but it has nothing to do with the emergence of demand in these areas is likely to succeed in selling more inexpensive objects.

But however, as the Vitalina Medyanaya, Director of Sales Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development to track price movements rather difficult, as the price of suburban real estate differ substantially from the actual price for which the owners to part with it, as well as square footage, which are essential Unlike the residential squares, squares comparing the suburban real estate you can not come to nothing, since there are other important factors such as land, nature, communication, infrastructure and common amenities.

Crisis – draw conclusions

The crisis has brought to fruition. One of them – the developers moved the landmarks, they no longer rely on a large land bank and large cottage complexes.

Elena Alexandrova, head of communications agency, says that she had to spend lots of time to find a town where being though, would be any construction work. “Painted on the site is beautiful, picture perfect, in the sales department promised a heavenly sanctuary. And when I came to the place, found an open field with the guard booth, “- she says indignantly.

Kovalenko leads an incredible statistic: 74 out of 90 cottage villages in the process of construction – have been frozen. Leadership in this branch holds Makarov district of Kiev (17 frozen projects), followed by the Kiev Svyatoshinsky (15 projects campuses) and Brovarsky (11 projects).

Others call more pessimistic forecasts. Medyanaya believes that the rapidly developing at the moment, only six projects. According to “RealEkspo” in recent years in the Kyiv region declared the construction of 263 cottage towns, eventually came into being only 84.

Time bonuses

The price of suburban real estate fall

The price of suburban real estate fall

To increase the demand traders used two methods. The first way – sales promotion by holding various stocks.

Sometimes developers can negotiate with the banks and they give them mortgage loans on favorable terms, but more often than they expect for their money. In the second case, the credits are usually issued for a period of three to five years in exchange for 15 years and in the national currency, but a maximum of 4.5 million USD.

In the cottage, “Our mіstechko” when buying ready-made objects developer proposes gibkue progress payment if the first payment of 50% of project cost. If a customer purchases a cottage under construction, the amount of down payment is 30%.

Many players are interested in selling so that they are willing to exchange houses to cars, construction equipment or materials, as well as contract work. Thus, developers cover their risks and accelerate the implementation of projects. After all, in essence the city and the commercial real estate is much liquid, and the more expensive it will be the first, rather than suburban.

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