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Who hunts for the Korban, and Axelrod, suffered from an explosion in Dnepropetrovsk

Learned the details of the events that preceded the assassination attempt on the life of Dnepropetrovsk businessmen Gennady Korban, Gennady Axelrod and Oleg Levin. The newspaper does not bind together the following facts and attack, but did not rule out that the information is made public today, will be important to analyze the causes of the incident.

Recall, last Friday, all three suffered from the explosion of homemade bomb placed under a sofa in Dnepropetrovsk cafe Pepperonni, where businessmen dined. It turns out two of the businessmen – Gennady Axelrod and Oleg Levin – except close to the structures of the group “Privat”, brings together more and that they were co-founders of OOO “industrial and financial group” Sparta “.

The firm owed a large sum of money and, apparently, is not going to return. This is evidenced by several documents that became available publications, as well as official statements of the company’s creditors.

According to them, “Sparta” in July 2010 filed on itself in court, where required to recognize it bankrupt because unable to pay accumulated debts amounting to a total of 668.7 mln. The court opened proceedings in bankruptcy, appointed executor of the estate trustee and set the last day for which the register of creditors’ claims – September 22, 2010.

As explained by the expert from the law firm ILF Elena Khitrova, bankruptcy will allow indebted firm to avoid the return of the debt. The fact is that since the commencement of bankruptcy proceedings to impose a moratorium on satisfaction of creditors’ claims, penalties shall be suspended pursuant to court orders, says the lawyer. Thus, creditors can not collect debts from the debtor, even on a court decision and must stand in line, wait in the liquidation procedure the receipt of money from the sale of the property and they might quench some of the debt. If the money from the sale of the property will not be enough to repay all the debts, the court simply to write off the lender and left with nothing.

More than others because of bankruptcy, “Sparta” may suffer the bank “Forum”. Half of the debt of the company Dnepropetrovsk (362 mln.) – Is a loan that she took the “Forum” in May of 2006, as well as unpaid interest thereon and penalties.

Resonant attempt to Dnepropetrovsk business acquires more details. As it became known, they are hunted not only killers but also numerous lenders.

Schindler Lifts in Dnepropetrovsk hotel Axelhof Boutique Hotel

Schindler Lifts in Dnepropetrovsk hotel Axelhof Boutique Hotel

Bank “Forum” gave money to “Sparta” for construction of luxury hotel in Dnepropetrovsk “Axelhof Boutique Hotel” (commissioned in September this year), as well as retail and office center “Kudashevsky” (delivery scheduled for early 2011). Both objects through the company “Akselhoff” belong Gennady Axelrod and his associates. The firm “Axelhof” 50% of the share capital of which is the property of “Sparta”, engaged as a third party to the proceedings with the bank “Forum”.

According to the press service of the bank “Forum”, repayment of loans was shopping center “Europa” on the street in Central, 10 in Dnepropetrovsk. Its market price, according to the latest assessment on January 27, 2009, amounted to 318 million UAH. “According to currently available information from the bank, shopping center” Europa “was sold by the borrower to bypass all the registers of the prohibitions, and then resold several times,” – reported in the financial institution. In addition, according to the press service of the “Forum”, the former owners of the borrower’s bank to secure repayment of the loan were laid 50% of property rights to share in the authorized capital of LLC “Axelhof.” The hotel itself “Axelhof” never give a mortgage to the bank so the bank has no knowledge of what the market price of the hotel and whether it is the property of “Axelhof.” What assets are available today from OOO “Axelhof”, the bank is also unknown.

How to avoid debt

The fact that “Sparta” she appealed to the court of bankruptcy, the debtor’s good for the fact that he alone is in charge of the bankruptcy at an early stage. As explained by attorney Helen Khitrova, in which case the company itself initiates the assignment manager of the property, clearly planning to date, when opened bankruptcy proceedings and has the ability to carry out all necessary operations to withdraw the assets until it is opened.

In its petition for bankruptcy, filed in July of this year, lawyers ‘Sparta’ indicated that the company has no property assets sufficient to meet the full demands of all creditors. “Calculation of some creditors, the debt to which there will lead to inability to meet its obligations to the debtor’s other creditors, which violates the rights of the past” – said in the lawsuit document. Immediately indicate the total amount of monetary liabilities – 668.7 mln. – And given the amount of assets of the business today – 356.8 mln.
As stated in court documents, the chances of returning the loan to the bank “Forum” reduces the spring ruling by the International Court of Arbitration International Arbitrage Company Ltd. As stated in court documents, in March this year ownership of the securities, which should serve as collateral for the loan was in favor of otsuzheno offshore company “Fanfard Trade and Investment Corp.” (Virgin Islands).

Throw up

Gennady Korban, crisis management, the group Privat

Gennady Korban, crisis management, the group Privat

It should be noted that in March, just days before a court decision Gennady Axelrod, Oleg Levin and Myron Sosnowski left the founders of the “Sparta”, keep in touch with the company only through its associated company, including the company “Axelhof.” Instead, the owner of the firm hundreds of millions of indebted, was the ex-predpravleniya of “Private-Intertrading” Vitaly Timshin. This may indicate that despite the change of ownership, the company remained in the interests of “Private”. “Neither the new owner of the borrower, it – the general director or former owners, Oleg Levin, Gennady Axelrod and Myron Sosnowski, who are guarantors of the borrower, and, besides, they are also indebted to the bank more than $ 3 million each, in their unwillingness to with the bank any negotiations (hangs up phone) – According to the press service of the bank “Forum”. – In parallel, through the decisions of the courts themselves arranging sham marriages to the civil purpose of breeding with bank mortgages of personal property. ”

It is also worth noting that “Sparta” filed a counterclaim against the bank “Forum”, which requires breaking the General Loan Agreement with the bank and pay damages from underfunding of $ 52 million

List of victims

In addition to the bank “Forum” financial-industrial group “Sparta” is a debtor has about a dozen companies. For example, 50 million USD. PFG is debt “Sparta” handball club “Motor” from Zaporozhye. Among the creditors are also Fantan trading limited (Nicosia, Cyprus), “Forstoun Networks LLP” (Wales, UK), Ltd. “Yukun” (Kiev), Inc. “Slavutich-Leasing” PE “Akvitens” PE “Rent- Service Plus. ”

Get comment from representatives of industrial and financial group “Sparta” failed. In the Main Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dnepropetrovsk region also does not comment on the possible versions of an explosion in a cafe Pepperonni, including a possible link between debt, “Sparta” and the attempt on the life of her former owners. “The criminal case was filed, the investigation continues,” – said the Department of Public Relations of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dnepropetrovsk region.


Debtors do not go to the contact

Press office of the bank “Forum»: In this connection arose in mid-2009 to financial difficulties of the LLC PFG “Sparta” Bank “Forum” offered to the borrower for debt restructuring is quite acceptable to itself. Bank attracted a consulting company Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, which in the fall of 2009, has developed a program of restructuring. It was this: in the amplification of the borrower collateral mortgage TC “Atrium” banks to offer installment loans with repayment of the body and reducing the fees for the loan to a symbolic one per cent. This program was approved by shareholders, but incomprehensible to the bank at that time because (December 2009) was not accepted by the owners of the borrower.

Later, in August of 2010, the bank became aware that the borrower in order to disguise the sale changed mailing address is in the bank’s mortgage shopping center “Europa” and sold it to an offshore company. All that the bank “Forum” in late 2009 – early 2010, it was not known, and in every way he tried to persuade a borrower to go for restructuring.

Only in April 2010, the bank learned about a complete change of ownership of borrower (Oleg I. Levin, Axelrod Gennadiy Ilich and Sosnowski Myron Jaroslavovich surrendering their shares in the authorized capital of a certain Timshinu Vitalii Ivanovich, who became 100% owner of the borrower), realized the futility of further negotiations, and April 27, 2010 filed a lawsuit to recover the debt from the borrower.

PFG Ltd “Sparta”, in order to delay the trial, the bank filed a counterclaim alleging the bank causing losses to society in an amount much greater than the size of the loan.

According to our forecasts, taking into account the existence of a counterclaim against the bank and the borrower’s bankruptcy case the borrower, the review of the dispute between the parties will take at least one year, but realistically 2-3 years.

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