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Putin is lying

Vladimir Putin at a regular press conference held in the form of a “conversation”, looked like a very experienced in their own circus juggler, so he deftly juggled facts, substituting the concept that if you do not know the truth or do not read Ukrainian media, you begin to believe him. It is moderately quite correct doses and very constructive things (with regards to political issues) with a total lie and absurd (with regards to the situation in Ukraine), but of course, when for months sow bridgehead of lies, it is so boring that you start to believe the lie.

Putin has realized his mistake and began to slowly process its own justification, but did not retreat. This indicates operational convening of the UN mission in New York on March 3, where authorized by the Russian Federation Mr. Churkin tried to legalize the invasion of Ukraine by reading order Yanukovych, who asks to enter the Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. In the current situation Yanukovych will sign anything if only he saved lives and a warm place until the end of life. Frankly pathetic attempt, it did not buy even a neutral, China, which usually remains neutral, Russia also condemned Turkey, which is a partner of Russia.

Unsuccessful attempt to convince the world community in its pseudo- righteous spurred Putin at a press conference where visible overt steps to elementary save face. Reply did not work adequately even frank spittle businessman and newly governor of Dnepropetrovsk, which without emotion called Putin “schizophrenic in less.”Putin lie visible to everybody, Ukrainians world Russians. We enclose some excerpts from a speech where he Putin openly disingenuous.

Self-defense Maidan trained in the West

“As you know, they were trained at bases in Lithuania and Poland. They are professionals , almost like a riot.”

Crimea now in danger

“Crimea , Kyiv want to put the script there and start a series of bombings and chaos. Course, this is very concerned about the Crimean “.

People in the form of unmarked in Crimea – Crimean this self-defense

“Look at the post-Soviet space , full of forms , similar to Russian. Going to the store and buy. No, it forces local self-defense.”

Crimean residents on their own disarmed Ukrainian military

“Self-defense committees took control of all the Armed Forces of Ukraine… It’s some fortified ! Several dozen S-300 , dozens Beech , 22,000 soldiers. All without firing a shot passed into the hands of the people of the Crimea.”

Torment fighters Special Forces “Berkut”

“They not only do not cure – not even fed in hospitals.”

Maydanovtsy shot into themselves

“There is an opinion , even among the opposition that snipers were from one of the opposition parties. You read. These data are in the public domain.”

In Crimea going to go Western Adventure

“We have seen that in the Crimea tightened boevichki of nationalist organizations.”

The protesters in eastern Ukraine, Russia has no relation

“Such support Russia for me came as a surprise. These are people who live in the eastern part , they were beyond the threshold of decision making.”

Dnepropetrovsk not want to see Kolomoyskogo as governor

“Elementary rascal , a few years ago our oligarch Abramovich threw. Such rogue governor do – of course, people are unhappy.”

Ukraine and Russia brothers forever

“Ukraine – our nearest neighbor , fraternal republic. Our armed forces – it’s comrades in arms , friends. Ukrainian and Russian soldiers – on the same side. This is happening now in the Crimea.”

Current Ukraine completely different state than it was then , with this state we have not signed anything

“If this is a revolution , then in this area , a new state. And with this country we have not signed binding documents.”

In Crimea legitimate Prime

“You follow all procedures , there are no violations.”

Revolution There was no

“It’s all very well prepared. Western instructors have tried.”

We do not recognize the president, if he is not pleasing to us

“There is a danger that some will pop natsionalyuga an anti-Semite , a person with extreme views.”

Objectionable Russian government does not get a discount on gas

“This is purely a commercial component of Gazprom’s activities.”

Because Western aid to Ukraine , it will not get a new loan

“Our Western partners have asked us not to do.”

Tanks on the border due to the exercise

“Our doctrine is not related to the events in Ukraine.”

Yanukovych our people

“His fate we participated humanitarian considerations – it could kill.”

Crimea – Russian territory

“The question of the annexation of Crimea to Russia is not considered… In no case will not warm up such sentiments.”

Collapse of stock markets is not related to the conflict in Crimea

“There was a nervousness in the markets until the situation in Ukraine related to the U.S. Federal Reserve policy. They have taken action to increase the attractiveness of investment in the United States. Investors began to withdraw funds from emerging markets suffered most… India, in my opinion, and the other BRICS countries. Russia – too. Slightly smaller than, say , in India, but also. this is the fundamental reason. ”

No violations in the Crimea

“Our actions are fully consistent with international law , as we have a legitimate president of circulation , which coincides with our interests.”

Russian peacekeepers

“If I decide to use the army – it is legitimate… This is consistent with our national interests – to protect people. This is a humanitarian mission.”

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