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Small Business on the Internet

Only 35% of small and medium-sized businesses develop their business on the internet: have your own website, a page in soc. networks, or use online business directories in the end. These are the results of the study “IT market in Ukraine: the Internet for business.”

It turns out that in general the Internet activity of small and medium business in Ukraine is 30% lower than in Germany, Irlanii and Brazil. It is not even in the absence of many target audiences on the Internet, where they abound, and the model of Internet use by small businesses.

The most densely represented in the Internet business of tourism, industry and agriculture. As an outsider – retail. But here everything is clear, the majority of small businesses in retail – grocery stores within reach, the Internet is not interesting for them as for one reason, because their target audience – residents of nearby houses. A survey of employers showed that most entrepreneurs (58%) had never thought about creating your own website for your business . A Web page of their own opinion, no need to promote products and services. Those who got all the same site, consider that it is necessary only for the deployment of their contacts (82%) and concise information about the company (46%), as well as to accommodate the price lists (53%) . Only one in five of the surveyed entrepreneurs using the site for e-commerce.

Internet advertising market in Ukraine is growing annually by 30-40%. But mostly (85%) that the budgets of large and medium-sized enterprises. Small business operates while the old-fashioned – is investing in traditional offline advertising.

The average advertising budget of a typical small business $ 100 a month. Hardly the money you can hire a professional manager for advertising, so most companies advertise on the network. For example, the company provides services in organization of skydiving, ordered online business card. After that, the number of calls and orders increased, but the possibility of online booking site no. “To promote our website we use Google Adwords, Yandex Direct and” Runner “- says Yulia Buryakova, manager of the company. – We will understand this: if the number of jumps decreases, then the advertising campaign is over. ”

To change the careless attitude of businessmen to the Internet, large Internet companies offer free solutions for the operational activities of the enterprise. For example, Google launched a service Google Apps, which allows you to use a mail service, calendar, and organize video communication between staff, with the help of Google Docs to jointly create and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Service allows free use of 50 accounts, which are also provided with the protection of antivirus and antispam.

Another practical solution for small businesses can become site builder with which you can parse “collect” the site for several hours. These services offer Google – Google Sites and Yandex – “Yandeks.Narod.” However, if you want your site to look decent in front of your customers better use the services of professionals. Also on the Internet, there are options to control the traffic to your resource, the most powerful of them, Google Analitycs.

The availability of free services in many ways to change the stereotypes of the high cost and inefficiency of the Internet. However, attach a small business network, experts say, will only successful example of a neighbor. When one entrepreneur makes his site with the designer, then you are likely to think about such a possibility.

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