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Minority shareholders will remain in stock

“The new law on joint stock companies the rights of minority shareholders will not be infringed” – said the director of the analytical department of the IR Dragon, Andrew Bespyatov.

“The amendments that were adopted are favorable for the stock market, and the provision of compulsory purchase could turn out just the negative consequences for the shareholders, provided that the average free float (the number of shares which are in free circulation) in the market of 5-7% , “- says Andrey Bespyatov.

Despite the abolition of the listing, just the presence in the registry allows the exchange party rightfully trade shares.

Yesterday the Parliament adopted amendments to the Law “On Joint Stock Companies”, the first version of the law vetoed President Viktor Yanukovych.

Parliament has also abolished the point where the owner establishes the right package, which consists of more than 95% of shares from minority shareholders to require the sale of some shares.

Kopromissom was abolished requirements that allow for all the public joint-stock company must go through the listing procedure. However, they must still be in the registry of one of the exchanges.

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