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MMK Ilyich falls out of the portfolio Akhmetov?

Property rights are the second largest steelworks in Mariupol Ukraine. Lenin, which is the holding company of Rinat Akhmetov “Metinvest” trying to challenge.

As it became known, the four physical persons with the court trying to challenge the registration of two plants of JSC “Ilyich-steel” and JSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works named. Ilyich. ”

Economic Court of Donetsk rejected the claim. However, the decision may be challenged by the economic court in Donetsk Appeals Commercial Court and the Supreme Economic Court.

If the plaintiffs (in some mysterious manner) is able to prove the illegality of the registration of OAO “MMK Ilyich” and “Ilyich-steel”, this will lead to the recognition of illegal conduct additional shares mill, after which the holding company was able to concentrate in a 75% stake.

Individuals who have applied to the economic court, insisting that the registration of the two plants was in violation of several laws, namely, that the company shares were reissued to lease plant boiler. Lenin, the founder, by the way, which was a labor collective, on the same AO. Also, in their opinion, was illegally established company manages assets “Ilyich-steel.”

Plant Guide does not comment on the situation with litigation. Vladimir Boyko, chairman of the boiler. Illich disown and said that he knew nothing about it is not known. Also, the head of Mariupol. Lenin did not know about a possible connection with plaintiffs’ raiders.

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