The Moscow experience: analyst | Предприниматель

The Moscow experience: analyst

Why Moscow? First of all, thoughts are already in Europe, Ukrainians, and mentally while still close to Moscow. Secondly, Moscow as the capital and due to the accumulation of oil capital ahead of Kiev in the restaurant culture for 2-3 years. Therefore, Moscow’s experience is entirely possible to apply to Ukrainian reality.

So, at the beginning of last year in Moscow, there were 6685 restaurants (Rospotrebnadzor data), it should subtract about 15% of enterprises controlled by the Railways (station cafes and restaurants). According to some estimates only about 13,000 in Paris restaurants, while in Tokyo – 140 000.

In the pre-crisis, the market has grown with the dynamics of 20-25% annually , as in 2009 when the market took a crisis and the market fell by more than 15%.

According to a study conducted by Bondstone Group, the market allows for 5 years to open in Moscow at least 400 new schools.

“Financial institutions within two years of crisis, flatly refused to credit the restaurant project. Now the situation has changed and is expected to surge in start-ups, and it is not good, since many of them will fail. After parting with somebody else’s money is easier to own. “- Denis Yakhno share experiences, Director of Consulting Federation of Restaurateurs and hoteliers.

In a survey of Forbes Russia, experts note that today will be popular institution for one day or facilities in fast food format.

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