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David Yakobashvili: “We have long pondered”

Recently, an international brand in the field of food company PepsiCo announced a 66% stake in purchasing one of the largest producers of dairy products and juices, “Wimm-Bill-Dann.” Stake of 66% was estimated at $ 3.8 billion, and total capitalization of IAP is estimated at $ 5.4 billion sale of the News “Wimm-Bill-Dann” rocked the stock market, resulting in the company’s shares soared by 40%. The transaction occurred literally and instantly became a surprise to the market for a long time claimed for the purchase of French giant Danone, but this year the French have chosen a different path, they have formed a joint venture with a major competitor, “Wimm-Bill-Dann” – by “Unimilk.”

Forbes spoke of the largest in the history of Russian consumer market transaction with a member of the board of directors and co-owner of “Wimm-Bill-Dann» David Yakobashvili .

– How long was preparing this deal?

– Very quickly, just two or three weeks. Pepsi had shown great interest.

– That is, they come at you with an offer to sell “Wimm-Bill-Dann»?

– Yes, and we briefly contemplated. This is an offer that was impossible to refuse! Estimate of $ 5.4 billion – a big premium to the market price of shares in ADR is roughly 35%, while for ordinary shares generally about 80%

– All private shareholders “Wimm-Bill-Dann” decided to sell their shares?

– Yes, we all sell out. Even a little sad, after all we created this company, it is for us as a grown child. On the other hand, the sale of shares of a leader can be considered successful completion of any business enterprise.

– How to spend the funds?

– Yes I have a lot of things, you know. That’s even a museum samoigrayuschego tools dostroyu finally, his collection will be replenished. Property at us, “Promuglesbyt” many things.

– Maybe some new venture will begin with the other shareholders “Wimm-Bill-Dann»?

– Yes, there are new ideas. Here are denser peat think to do, it’s the perfect clean fuel.

IAP Company was founded in 1992 and is now the largest Russian producer of dairy products and one of the largest producers of juice . In Russia and CIS countries, the company owns 38 companies, the state – 16 000. best known dairy brands, “Little House in the village,” “Miracle,” “Imunele”, “Happy Milkman”. best-known juice brands: «J7», «Favourite Garden”, “100% Gold». Revenues from June 2009 to June 2010 was $ 2.4 billion

The acquisition of IAP was the largest in the Russian consumer market. Interestingly, the previous largest deal also made PepsiCo, having bought in 2008 75% of the juice plant “Lebedyansky” for $ 1.4 billion PepsiCo bought everything not in free circulation shares of WBD. Their owners were the main founders Dmitry Dubinin, Sergei Plastinin, Yushvaev Gabriel and David Yakobashvili.

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