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“The barber’s nobody taught me”

Igor Stoyanov its first facility opened in July 1998, just before the crisis. He now has 50 stores in five cities, and the company’s revenue last year exceeded $ 20 million

– Tell me, Igor, where to start?

– I think, with intent. Why do you need me? What I’ll do as a result? Can I live without a hair salon? These questions need an answer.

– Do I need to learn the profession of stylist to the owner?

– I did not study. I remember in the early 1990’s as a haircut in a salon and asked the hairdresser how much it costs to open a salon. He said: $ 30 000. Here’s how it started. Then, 14 years later, I went to study at the hairdresser. Now I understand that such a zone, parting, and so on.

Beauty Shop «Person»

Beauty Shop «Person»

– How do you find a good place for schools?

– There is a writer, Haruki Murakami, and so in one of his works have a character, he opens a restaurant there. When realtors offer him a place, first he goes there for a long time sitting in front. If most of the passers-by a common language, he finds, therefore, the place is good. The basis I take the same principle.

– What’s in the cabin should be the average check?

– We have a $ 30-50. Now one of our salons, “Persona” is a system of four grades price: haircut will range from $ 30 to $ 100. Over 50% of the cost of a haircut can be a weekend. This is an opportunity for people who just come to Moscow, alumni and students.

Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop

– Due to what such a low price?

– They serve the masters of novices who need to get a certain number of clients. Every newcomer who comes to us in “Persona”, clearly sees its future. Career ladder consists of four steps. The next step differs from the previous payment of not less than one-third.

– Where do you find artists?

– We are always looking for unusual solutions. For example, we now have taught deaf manicure and pedicure. Some have already sent to work. They are gaining a lot of good customers just for a month.

Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop

– How to promote a beauty salon?

– If you just invest in advertising, then they do not pay back. I managed to make the school of stylists and image of the laboratory for TV stars. So I developed the awareness and brand. You can unscrew the master-star, but if there is a fear that she will leave, then promote yourself as a star.

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