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We must still go on the attack

As an entrepreneur has to work under unstable conditions

The company was resistant to changes in the market ( as in the rapid growth and a sharp downturns and volatility ) is very important to have a valid strategy. An effective strategy should help to ease the company in the first place in the industry to market forces , so as to remain at low levels of risk and unpromising. For example, for the FMCG market by market forces first place – it’s multi- retailer network (Mulliez Family, Metro Group), the second place – well -developed manufacturer that owns a network of production facilities and branches in areas close to the producer , allowing you to have enough profitable logistics (Unilever , Kraft Foods).

It is also important to carry out a large-scale business format ” 24/7/365 “, which requires the generation of revenue for the company for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is particularly important to understand the importance of this principle to companies that have a long sales cycle or production.

Companies that own this strategy and that follow these principles , to date, there is quite a lot. It is these companies even during the economic downturn have shown growth. For example, the Civil Code “Elecard “, which is well-known global manufacturer of hardware and software development for digital TV (HQ GK ” Elecard” is located in the city of Tomsk) . The company’s strategy is based on a strong competence in terms of technology – it is entirely dedicated to the research, the creation of new technologies. GC ” Elecard” launches the development of new technologies for 5-7 more years before it will appear on the market , which gives it the ability to always set the tone . Works well and the company is “The Messenger” , because in times of crisis it has reached a new level of development ( opened flagship store multi- Enter – Forbes). It is impossible not to draw attention to the company Nespresso, which is engaged in sales of coffee capsules , intended for special coffee machines – something that people will buy and during the crisis and, in stable times . Despite the fact that the solvency of the population and the demand for products is not growing in most parts of Russia , the company Nespresso achieved faster than the economy itself . The main advantages of their strategy – attentive approach to each client and caring and quality service.

More ” hygienic ” element – is competent management costs. The first phase of the crisis was not conducive to ensuring that all secondary costs were excluded. In this case, it is appropriate to evaluate each employee according to his perspective and effectiveness. Therefore, people who have no prospect , or whose work does not give smooth results , should be able to look themselves in the labor market . But the owners of the company needs to understand why the best professionals should work just at them.

You need to get serious about the selection of business partners. Working with different clients give different results , so you need to immediately decide which customers are most profitable for you . According to data for the period 2008-2010 to the process of finding new customers attracted CEOs , sales managers and marketing directors who are more actively working with both regular and potential customers . This is a very important step, as the number of successful transactions can not only stabilize the company, but also to contribute to its growth.

Therefore, companies should move to shorter tender schemes. For any kind of production among suppliers is always a leader – a supplier that provides a product or service , the best in the category of price and quality , and most importantly – to make it in time .

It is equally important to develop a good relationship with customers. Some of the customers may be difficult , but if we keep them well -established contact, we can find out in advance about the difficulties encountered , it will not immediately stop the shipment. We can go to the meeting and to enable customers to pay in tranches. But the hard line must be able to understand.

Companies should evaluate who is the financial partners of their customers. In 2009, there were many situations where many companies have ever refuse to comply with its obligations , that was caused by the negative situation in the financial service providers . Companies received loans if the same were on factoring , and their banks are bankrupt or withdraw the license . To date , such cases have become commonplace. One of the banks closed , on the part of banks are changing owners , which often becomes the cause of the termination of operations.

In 2009, many were simply no time for the Internet economy , and do not have the resources to do so. Now a changed market conditions – in a couple of years, almost all retail will conduct operations in both online and offline mode. Translation of business in the online mode has considerable advantages for sales. It should also remember that , on one hand , a nation aging, but , on the other hand, people who are actively using the Internet in the economic life . Therefore, the company presented in the Internet , has a number of advantages.

Of the 235 countries in 87 stranaz during the first wave of the crisis, there was an increase . Therefore, many companies need to rethink their positions and begin to conduct profitable operations in other industries. You can attend and maintain its growth in Russia , but also to move to a more stable areas in which there are more competitive offers .

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