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Not all plants are still sold out

The owner of the holding ” NOVAEM ” tells the story of how he bought several unprofitable enterprises , and three years later combined them into a strong holding.

Until a few years ago, I thought to create a holding is impossible because everything is already sold out on loans for shares . Today, no plant should not be without a host . I thought my train left , because everything sorted out back in the 90 ‘s. But if you look at things from the other side , really wanting to create something, then anything is possible . VC example, we have also succeeded.

How to start the creation of the holding

In 2009, I had the opportunity to buy Barnaul “Sibenergomash “, which produces boilers for power plants. I have worked at the plant for economic life of 10 years , but in 2003 he resigned and began working in metal trading . The company ” Trubmash” , in which I worked , was engaged in that supplied the pipe Energy. Turnover “Trubmash” was about 1 billion rubles a year , and the prospects were good. But I wanted more.We have also worked with other suppliers of metal, through which we learn that “Sibenergomash” going through hard times . This plant was part of the ” Energomashkorporatsiya “, which could not pay all the loans, and therefore the plant planned to sell to the highest bidder . Then I got the idea that it is much more interesting to engage in the production of machinery and equipment for them , rather than selling pipes. After production – is a whole other level . All the same, the 10- year experience in this plant has had an effect .

It is not enough to own the plant – it is very important to be able to properly manage them . I knew everything that was happening in all corners of the factory, I felt it . And when we came to buy the plant, there were those who wanted to buy it, only to sell the next day . For local authorities , this decision was unacceptable , because they wanted the company is developing steadily .

And then a few could this promise . Everything has fallen in price, and few would dare to invest in the company , because the company had a little bit of money. Probably , our application was almost the only one in this auction . We bought a “Sibenergomash ” in the summer of 2009, having paid for it 367 million rubles.

Here is everything in order

The plant was in poor condition. The works were many: to deal with the infrastructure , to repair the roof , shop, organize the work with people who have long since ceased to believe. And the former owner of the plant popervah accusing us of raiding : he put protection at the entrance, so we could not go inside. But the factory workers were eager to change, so keep the defense was very difficult. Many realize that a change of ownership may come a better time . Some even advised to break something , to push , but we went the other way : to communicate with people , talked with the leaders of the plant in order to defuse the situation that has developed in the factory. It turned out that it is enough just to come in and tell people what they do not want to harm anybody , and resell the company no one will. A guard who was of the inhabitants of another town, she soon left .

For three years in a factory was invested more than 1 billion rubles. And if in 2009 the income was 800 million rubles, or in the next year , it increased by 70 %, and the next – another 50 %. How did we get this far ?

We took an active search for new customers , and at the same time trying not to let go of old , telling them that the company will grow. We no longer trust the managers , and it gave the result. If you give a person an opportunity to negotiate , make allowances 5-10 %, it immediately becomes a different feel. I tried to create a cohesive team for the development of the plant.

Do not forget about the people

I always try to be with people that they know , where is the Black Sea . In addition , I receive from them a boost of energy that will not get in the office . I do not spend my collection , but I can just walk , shake hands with the workers. I always say to them specifically . Can ask , for example, if they are not in the cold room. And it immediately becomes public . I can on any machine to see how much income you can get from it , but this person can not be determined. As can motivate people , they can provide energy greater than a machine .

Contributed to the increase in the number of orders that “Trubmash “, which was also part of the group, could very quickly provide us with metal, which is our competitive advantage . We have always tried to be the first in those competitions that have helped to develop new technologies or acquire new competencies. For example, in order to Kazakh energy made ​​an order with us , we purchased 1,500 tons of coal on their ekibastuz section, sent him to the German city of Cologne, where with the help of burners Siemens, who planned to be installed on our boilers, the coal burned .

German experts have concluded that this method helps to reduce emissions to limits that will take effect in Kazakhstan since 2013. Then we received an order for two boilers , but we plan to get more orders and , as all work in Kazakhstan on ekibazstuskih coal , reduce emissions into the atmosphere may be the only way .

We control the entire production chain

Competition in our industry is high. We knew that in order to get some advantage over our competitors , we need to have a base of raw materials to build the entire chain – from metal to finished boilers.

Quite by chance we found you want us to plant . I was told that in Alapaevsk Sverdlovsk region is frozen enterprise, which belongs to the Ukrainian group “Privat” . This factory has a blast furnace , which can produce ferromanganese . This was the plant that could return to work at the desired approach.

We turned to the “Private” with a proposal to buy the plant , to which immediately received an affirmative answer. For 4 months of the transaction was completed, and in November 2011 we launched the work of the blast furnace . Get all the arrangements to start work was not so easily , but the people had suffered already , and if an official did not give his consent to run the plant, it would not understand even the governor of the city.

When people see that the company is started again , they can work at night , but would not miss the chance. Where once it employed 100 people , now has 500 . We plan to run the plant for 90 % of output possible in January. Total acquisition and launch of the plant in operation , we have spent about 1 billion rubles.

Last fall, for us was marked by the purchase of another plant – ” MORSHANSKHIMMASH “, which is in the Tambov region. Information about it we got through banks. The fact that the regional authorities have decided to save the plant , and so bought it from the previous owners . They supported the company afloat, not allowing it to close, trying to find the money from the bankers , who in turn found us .Then we decided to work on increasing the production of additional equipment for boilers , as well as develop existing competencies. In this way we were able to ease some of the production process at the Barnaul plant , and a good opportunity to start the production of equipment for the oil and gas chemistry , which we have previously carried out in Morshansk.

This plant we bought at his own expense . At the group zakreditovana only 10 % of annual revenue. It should be noted that in 2011 it amounted to 12.1 billion rubles, although in 2010 the figure was 5 billion rubles.

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