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Unwanted customers

The fact with what buyers need to stop work and how best to do it tells the owner online store.

By creating our online store we were founded upon the quality service and individual approach to each client.

But whatever you do not engage in business , there is always dissatisfied customers .On the one hand, it’s not so bad. Drawing on its own experience , I can say that it was customer complaints allow you to find and correct weaknesses in your case. When customers of our online store to leave their reviews, they first come to my email , so I can see them online. In 90% of cases I personally respond to our customers. If the customer did not like something , I think it’s my fault that something was explained to the staff picked up the wrong staff , not fully thought through technology.

But there is another side of the coin is such that customers are trying to completely rebuild the entire project according to your needs . First you listen to this client because aspire to create the perfect business, but starts to get upset as a result of technology. In such cases, it is important to defend your position.

In addition, the clients can get caught and crooks.

Free chocolates

In this blog, I somehow already asked the question of how often the scammers . Indeed, they are often for the reason that the orders are paid upon receipt . We have such things happen : The delivery driver lucky to survive unharmed . Problems arose with this order .

80 % of this order are expensive candy. By the customer , a Arkady contacted us by phone. He has repeatedly called and elaborate on whether all normal and in time will come to order, issued on the cafe – that’s actually why swankiest ordered a few pieces .

When the driver called the customer , driving up to the place of delivery , he heard a voice with a Caucasian accent. Meanwhile, near the car , two people offered to help the driver bring food in the cafe , to which he refused, and , closing the car , went to the cafe itself . But, as it turned out, there is no Arkady did not know , did not answer his phone , and the visitors have gone missing . After the incident, we began to more thoroughly instruct the drivers , and the contracting always asked additional landline phone number.

But the most important decision was the fact that we have started to develop other ways of receiving payment. Today, customers can pay the order through ” Yandex -Money ,” with the help of bank cards, and from businesses we accept non-cash payments . With that latter account for 10-15 % of turnover. We plan to increase this figure , and soon realize the opportunity to order payment through Webmoney.

Avoid service competitors

Be one of our customers who have made several orders, but each one ended with some incident: for example, we were late with delivery just 2 minutes , as a result – a refund. And after some time happened to be that the customer is the owner of online supermarket. He was able to “steal” we have not only the rules of our work, but also copied some shares and forums. This fact does not upset us , because we are always ready to share our experience .

Customers extremists

My colleagues have long since ceased to challenge the rule that the customer is always right, as understood – it is useless. But it helped me pick out a group of clients whom I call objectionable. Here is their main features .

1. The client requires timely delivery of up to the minute

As we have always been opened , customer can specify the desired delivery time in between 11:00 and 22:00. We always try to meet people , and therefore allows you to specify a more precise time, but when the buyer begins to dictate terms , hopeless . We had a similar client , we deliver the orders three times . At first, she insisted on a specific time , and the courier was enclosed within the time had brought order to the other end of Moscow time. But at the address ‘s client could not be found , and the question of how to pass on the order , the response was something like this : ” Oh wow ! You have time ! “. The next attempt was no more successful , as the client has changed the course of the delivery address , and only the third time she managed to pass the order. Thus , the average fuel per delivery can be multiplied by three. After that , we were told our staff will never follow in the wake of such clients .

2 . Customer complains about the order, but does not return it

If the client has not approached the goods, he can always return it. And not just because he is always right , but also because it is prescribed by the law “On Protection of Consumers’ Rights. But if the client is dissatisfied with the order, but to return the money for it does not want , they say, it’s a matter of principle , there is nothing good to expect from such clients is not necessary. What’s he up to – is unknown, but the whole company suffers .Be one of our client relationships which we interrupted after he posted an ad on the Internet, which stated that the advertisement for the store , we announced a set of extras . After this, our operators sat for two days , taking the flood of calls , and the ” how this works” has been added to the phrase , according to which our company has the right to refuse a client to maintain, without specifying reasons.

3 . The client threatens you

There were customers who could not only complain about us , but also threatened . At what my colleagues are always very worried because of the threats , because they understood that in the internet age , any threat can be a couple of minutes to spread throughout the network, and millions of people will see it . I had a very long time to convince them that a normal person would never threaten .

Sometimes it happens that the conflict became my personal orders . So in July and August , according to my orders , some orders were transferred to another day. The reason for this could beat incredible , standing at the time in the capital, and this has led to a deterioration of logistics. As a result, dozens of customers have been affected . But these solutions also need to sometimes take , even if you offer a perfect service .

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