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About the nuances of the business

Details that can not be underestimated – plastic lighters, gum-clasp and a broken cistern.

One day my friend the photographer took pictures in the recently opened an expensive restaurant, Moscow. The host institution asked him about his impressions, which produces a restaurant, asking honest criticism. Friend said: “Everything is fine, only one thing: when I asked for a light, I brought the 40-cent Cricket. This causes some dissonance. If the lighter has been solid, even Colibri for $ 50-70, everything would look different. ” A week later, the photographer called back and thanked him for advice – clients like it.

Another story. I had the opportunity in 2007 to criticize the “Book of the real profits and real growth,” authored by reputable consultant Fred Rayheld. In Russia it has issued a young publishing house “Generation”. In short – the book explaining why you can not save on buyers, and offered to evaluate the success of the enterprise by asking the question “Would you recommend this company to a friend or colleague?”. So, the “Generation” I would not recommend to anyone – the book was published on the cheap loose paper, and on the cover was a photo explicitly download online.

Nuances, details, particularly – it’s rate of serious intentions of the company and the entrepreneur – it’s like the consumer or, at least, leaves no room for doubt. Timur grief, is the founder and CEO of “Kalina” in 1999, told me how to explain to their workers about the importance of a smooth and tight screw the cap (it would seem, what a trifle) on toothpaste tubes and tubes of cream: “Suppose that of thousands of shoppers every tenth does not want to take the bad with the toothpaste cap twisted. Then he tells the others that “Kalina” is doing everything anyhow. And yet few people notice that they face someone bought a paste from another manufacturer, and do the same. So we gradually left without orders, and you – without a salary. ” Working Gorjaev definitely understood his message. Now “Kalina” is a manufacturer of state level, and it all started with the provincial factory, formerly bore the name of “Ural gems.” Unilever Corporation in October last year entered into an agreement to purchase 82% of shares of “Kalina” for 17.6 billion rubles, which is 13 EBITDA enterprise. It is clear that not only caps brought such success. But all these details and especially strengthen the basis of the business and determine its survival.

Increased attention to detail was the cause of the phenomenal success of Moleskine. Once called moleskin handmade notebooks, the cover is a pasted over with a thick cloth of cotton, which bore the name of the mole skine – «skin mole.” These notebooks have used famous artists, poets and writers – Van Gogh, Picasso, Apollinaire, Sartre, Hemingway. By the 1980s, moleskin ceased to be popular. But in 1997, Francesco and Mario Francesi Barutstsi, owners of a small Milanese publisher Modo & Modo registered trademark Moleskine, deciding that the retro idea could be profitable. They are, in fact, re-invented moleskin. The owners have decided that to promote the brand not only legends of former popularity. Ahead of the competition can only use the parts that create comfort in general. For their notebooks they made flexible but sturdy cover, added gum-fastener tape-tab, internal pockets – the number of nuances eventually grew. The first batch of Moleskine has 5,000 pieces, and in 2005 they sold 4.5 million investment fund SG Capital Europe in August 2006 bought 75 percent stake Modo & Modo for € 62 million, when the annual revenue publishing – € 12,7 млн and profits – more than € 2 million

Important for consumers to feel the thoroughness and thoughtfulness of production and service, and they are willing to pay for it. For serious partners and contractors details are essential, too. Just have in mind not the outward signs of success and stability, you can easily buy (cars, watches, furniture in the office), and such particular that can show the relationship to management and business processes. I was told a story about how the Russian company has lost production project with the Japanese company. The talks were held in the office of the enterprise, and one Japanese at some point went into another country. Upon his return, he spoke to colleagues. The Japanese are consulted and ultimately postponed the signing of the contract. Then it turned out that their decision influenced by the fact that the toilet cistern was broken. It is absurd? The Japanese decided that a partner who can provide small, fail and more.

Top of makeovers for entrepreneurs – especially when spent time, money and effort, but it does not promise a mandatory return. When the understanding of the importance of details does not come from a marketing calculation, and from professional ambitions. As an example, I usually think of meticulous approach Andrew Dellosa, Moscow restaurateur. When you open a network of “Mu-Mu” he was looking for glassware manufacturer, which would make it exactly as in the book “On the tasty and healthy food.” When Dellos conceived “Turandot”, he studied vignettes and a half years of the late Baroque, that his institution they were really authentic. One antique dealer said that he once asked: “Andrew, why is that? Maximum, one tenth of the visitors will pay attention and appreciate. ” Restaurateur said: “For me it is important to view this part of the tenth.”

By the way, the young publisher “Generation”, which I mentioned above, is no longer engaged in the business literature …

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