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How to find a supplier

How to avoid the deterioration of the situation with counterparts

Now even entrepreneurs who own businesses malymm must follow the changes in the world Conomy . Slowing the development of markets in Europe and the U.S. may cause a decline in the price of gas and oil, and this in turn can lead to a reduction of the Russian economy and thus revenues. As a result – the standard of living of the population falls , and with it the level of consumption. Thus the struggle for the consumer is becoming increasingly fierce.

Another negative point – the strengthening of the crisis in the credit sector in Europe , which can cause a significant increase in the cost of credit , therefore, for medium-sized businesses loans may become less available. For example, for enterprises as wholesale and retail trade, who are our customers, and for those providers that allow stitching to pay for materials and raw materials. As a result of increasing liquidity , solvency buyers falls, and conditions for the supply of raw materials deteriorate.

As for the rise in price of credit resources , we have noted that, compared with the first half of 2011 , the value of loans that are offered at floating rates , rose by 2.5 %, while the value of loans at fixed rates – 1-1.5 %.

As the company is trying to defend against this ? First of all it is important to retain customers and gain their trust by providing high quality of production and sales .As for working with clients – the introduction of a system that allows customers to control the limits of the receivable processing new orders. The basic limits are calculated each quarter depending on the plans for the next quarter shipments for each customer , as well as individual criteria for each buyer.

The most important criteria for us are the period of cooperation with the buyer , the assessment of its financial position , which is based on financial statements or business inquiries , provided by external financial experts , such as, for example , Coface Rus. In addition, we analyze the entire cycle of production and sale of our products throughout the supply chain, as well as analyze how the buyer involved in it . It is also important to comply with the payment discipline during the previous quarter.Sach our company applies the suppliers apply the principle of just-in-time, that is, considerable attention is paid monthly assessment of all suppliers , analyzing the improvement or deterioration of the reporting period , as well as figuring out all the factors that influenced it .

Each quarter, we conduct a detailed audit of all our suppliers. For example , we can go to the suppliers in order to monitor the availability of additional stocks of raw materials provided by the contract .

In vzaimodeytvii with traders it is very important to further understanding of the chain of procurement directly from manufacturers , analysis of legal documents and the total activity in the processes of supplier deliveries , the assessment of financial stability provided by the supplier on the basis of financial reports.

To minimize the risks in supply chain management , it is important to always have alternatichnyh suppliers, and when signing contracts must always specify a fixed cost of products supplied for a period of not less than one year , and also to specify the exchange rate at the date of delivery. This will help to minimize currency risks during the stitching on payments .

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