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Experience restaurateur: thinking out loud

That just do need to open a restaurant? I’ll tell you: communication. And not even this most administrative resources, and the familiar at all.

Take the beginning of the real estate. Free, though a good place to find extremely difficult, and realtors with small businesses are extremely reluctant to work, responding to what to look for a small room so cheap it is unprofitable. Rescues only notebook in the truest sense of the word. Got me a friend here and agreed. But anyway, you should always check the landlord, from my own experience: in the last place already started a renovation, when it emerged that a former partner of the landlord challenged the property in court. I had to through a friend of architects to specify whether the building is not subject to demolition, asked for, is there a big debt to the utilities, etc.

Going to have money in the bank? Remember! Man on the street do not give loans. Even our equipment, dishes, the restaurant turns the previous few people care about. I was given credit for 30% of turnover, but it is minuscule. Lay flat just do not an option.

Rental rates – another story. Currently in Kiev, one square meter, close to the Khreshchatyk street, is worth about $ 500 a year. Keep in mind you would pay immediately after the conclusion of the contract. In other words, for a time when you will do the repair, you can pay $ 15 000 for a relatively small room. In parallel, will the cost of purchasing and installing equipment, as well as to design the restaurant. And here again you will need communications: for example, we had 10 aprons, but whom we did not apply, the minimum order at all – at least 40. As a result, sewed aprons girl friend. Looking for someone who can build us a case according to its own designs – a company that has agreed, once warned that our order will last. The cabinet was made after three months of regular calls to the secretary general.

Thrown everywhere. Wanted to make a sectional floor made of antique pine – such boards cut out of logs, which are in turn taken in the analysis of old houses in the villages. They found a man who agreed to do it. Made a prepayment, determined time – a month. Five days before the deadline, he called and said that he did not get back and ready to pay in advance. And we have already commissioned work, for installation of the floor – to be repaired after all the other one tied. In total, we spoke with 80 contractors, of which only two have done their work on time and for the money that was originally specified.

Sharp corners, I had already mapped out for yourself in advance – a sign, SES, alcohol license, MOE. But had no idea what might be absurd situations. For example, according to the norms of SES premises where food is prepared and where the dirty dishes have to be partitioned. And on fire regulations we need to have the pass and no walls. I had to put fanerku – now move it depending on who came to check.

A sign just do a special item. In the ATU have a specific person who claims the sketches, and sign documents. From the first time he denied to us for a reason, saying “not in the spirit of the city.” I brought him pictures of the old town, trying to prove something. Then – again, through friends, found out that you can contact the friendly clerk firm, having them draw a sketch for $ 2,000, which is 100% agree. Moreover, we can use our achievements, only to change the tone a bit, for the mind.

No small business can not support. For example, to change the rules for labeling bottles, and distributors in these rules did not react in time, and the inspection at hand. They ask to see if the energy value of Hennessy? Is there a voluntary sign of the absence of GMOs. Bottom line: at the bar we have gaping voids.

Familiar lawyer shared that the inspection bodies in 50-60% of the requirements put forward more than is written in the law. According to him the same advice we have introduced the following rule: when they come check them with his own hands, we did not show, and the authorized person (CEO), in such time there is almost never in place. Want to remove the cash – even filmed. But the free feed-water inspectors, we are strictly banned, and then got into the habit.

Once there we have the case come tax, and we met them unkind. They called the Economic Crime, brought guests and the whole person, took a few boxes of alcohol, supposedly to check. I called the police, saying that unknown, presented as DAEC, came and stole the goods, then a letter to the prosecutor wrote. Nothing – all returned. Of course it was terrible to some, but now no snares do not build.

Paid back if the cost? Paid off in about two years … You see – I’m not complaining, I am absolutely satisfied. Just such a work. Vain.

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