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The best way to pay for online shopping

The main advice is to use in ways convenient for the customer who does not bring you losses. Co-owner Kupi.Vip, Oskar Hartmann, adds: “Everything has to work fast, be simple and understandable.”


Much of the customers in the CIS countries prefer cash transactions, paying the purchase of a courier delivery. Delivery of goods across the country are often paid by cash on delivery – many online stores look like an online catalog with the ability to order.

Advantages: Cash is convenient and customary to pay for most buyers. The popularity of this method of payment for goods in shops – 59% of the total in Ukraine and 74% in Kiev.

Disadvantages: The human factor. In the cash money to bring the courier, the trust which is not always justified. In the newly opened online store similar case has already occurred – in the words of CEO Natalya Kulakova had to dismiss one of the couriers, who simply did not come at the end of the day in the office to deposit revenue.

Payment by WebMoney

Possible way to make purchases through the electronic money system WebMoney, or “Yandex”. With the granting of such a possibility you will be able to attract more potential clients and to simplify the receipt of proceeds in cash.

Advantages: Simplify the task of courier – no need to pay to drive to the store. According to Natalya Kulakova of, this payment method is attractive for buyers who want to order, for example, the goods at the house to another person.

Disadvantages : Fee to convert electronic money into ordinary is about three percent.

Credit Card Payment

For the introduction of card payments in your online store, you can apply to the services of companies like ChronoPay, CyberPlat, Assist. They are engaged in full service of such transfers for a percentage of every transaction – from 0.8% to 3%.

Benefits : By analogy with the electronic money, simplify the process of obtaining the money. This payment method is also potentially beneficial in the future: more and more customers online retailers moving to cashless payments. At present, the percentage of users was 10% (according to research holding ROMIR).

Disadvantages: We are still not very popular to pay credit cards. About 90% of cards issued by banks for payroll, but use them only for withdrawals from ATMs. In addition, you can lose a lot of time setting up a system of payment by credit cards. According to director of the online store Basil Muntean, the red tape can take a month or two and a half – to negotiate with the companies serving these transfers, the provision of the necessary documentation and the necessary settings and configurations.

Payment by SMS

This payment method is useful when working with virtual goods. To make money for the purchase of a client sends a message to the specified number, and the correct amount is automatically debited from its account subscription.

Advantages: This payment method can theoretically use each, which is not the credit card or WebMoney. Now mobile phones provided by the vast majority of the population.

Disadvantages: There may be delay in obtaining money from the mobile network operators – up to six months after the reporting period. In addition, a high percentage of the commission, which can take up to one third the amount paid.

Combined payment method

To serve at once all payments in shops, there are specialized companies aggregate, such as “Robokassa.”

Advantages: The contract with this company will allow you to get any kind of money transfers, including through the facilities of fast payment. Such a contract will save you from self-connection of different payment systems, the company aggregator will receive payment from customers and transfer them to your bank account.

Disadvantages : A large percentage of commission for currency conversion rates and service charges.

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