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Published the names of new owners Ukrtelecom

Alexander Ryabchenko (Chapter SPF) has named the names of individuals who are a legal entity of LLC “Yeosu” bought 92.79% stake in Ukrainian monopoly of fixed telephony. Surnames Ryabchenko onarodoval at the plenary session in the Upper Rada.

He reported that all owners are citizens of the Republic of Austria, who acquired the company through the Cyprus offshore company (Epic Telecom Invest Ltd), subtly hinting at the fact that Ukrainians are implicated in lobbying here. “Ukrainian names are not” – he added.

The names were given in response to comments by people’s deputy Andriy Shkil, saying the owners should be first and last names. In particular, it Goldshayder Peter, his 24% stake, Gustav Vurmbrok – 24%, by 23.5% from Bridget Goldshayder Vurmbok and Marina, the remaining share of 5% is Franz Lansshuttsera.

At the same gentlemen, and P. G. Vurmbok Goldshayder is co-founder of the investment fund «Epic», which is actually invested in shares of “Ukrtelecom”. Apparently the Austrian Foundation for all it is worth the Austrian fund itself, and all statements of fact that the Austrians should someone else groundless. Recently, representatives of the Fund, in order to dispel the myths, even made an official statement on this matter and said that Ukrainian is the sole owner of the asset and fund changes associated with the owners of the holding structure optimization, which took place before privatization, Ukrtelecom. Peter Goldshayder frankly surprised politicization of Ukrainian society, he said – “Strangely enough, as is insignificant event can attract attention.”

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