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Open restaurant: calculation

“If you take ordinary, everyday tiles, refrigerators, not start the repair or just do not equip the kitchen, and do, say, only a bar, or open just something narrowly specialized, I think you can get away with $ 40 000, – shares his experience Yekaterina Drozdova, owner of the cafe “Stew.” – And if you have in mind a full restaurant, though from scratch, these investments can not be less than $ 400 000. ” The final figure will depend on the size of the restaurant concept and business model: for example, whether all the dishes are cooked in the kitchen or delivered from a single kitchen in the whole network. Consider the main items of expenditure.

Space rental

The cost depends on the location on a map, and of the appetite of the landlord. Square meter can be removed as a UAH 400 and $ 1000. Normal prices in good locations range from $ 500 to $ 800 per m ².

Rent to a maximum term of which only is possible, although there is a risk if the project is not successful it can become a headache in case of closing establishments. Be prepared for all the time building the restaurant to pay for the bare walls. Also, do not forget about utility charges and other circumstances of a burden in the future, from landscaping to the adjacent territory of a free lunch for heads of nearby organizations.


Certainly the cost of designing, building and equipment lines depends on the format and size of the institution. In the calculations suggest laying in the business plan costs $ 800 to $ 1200 per m ². At the construction can be saved if you open a restaurant on the ground of another institution. But in this case would be added expense for the amortization of the equipment and furniture, inherited.

avoid the problem points to the design, construction and decoration of the rooms can be a case of buying a franchise. According to Svetlana Knyazeva, vice president of franchising, “Rostik Group”, the amount of investment in the discovery of “Il Patio” is about $ 500 000 (here included $ 35 000 – lump-sum payment for the right to use the brand). More budget projects can be done in the field of fast food, such as sandwich chain Subway, dekliriruet fee of $ 12 000, and the final cost of opening – $ 200 000.


Ideally, the staff needed already at the design stage. “If a restaurant that you are going to open, somehow connected with food, chefs need to engage right from the beginning, – says Roman restaurateur Rozhnikovsky. – He was then working on this kitchen, but for a Chinese restaurant to one equipment to another Italian. ”

Salary costs will rise as soon as the restaurant opens. Costs depend on staffing. Salary ordinary cook (legally formalized) – 2500 UAH. Line personnel, who works in the hall – about 2,000 USD. Wages chef in the market varies depending on the skill, experience and personal skills – from 7000 USD, a chef with a name and extensive experience may cost more than $ 10 000. Managing a restaurant is usually asked from 6000 UAH., Efficient and experienced director who has worked successfully in an expensive restaurant – not less than UAH 10 000.

Actual estimates for the opening of the restaurant

Area restaurants: 200m ², which is designed for 100 seats. We note an important point, the owners of the restaurant, who wished to anonymously share their experiences, built it for two months: Tighten the building has at least a few months, the budget would grow by leaps and bounds.

106 000 UAH. – Rent for two months

16 000 UAH. – Utility bills for two months

210 000 UAH. – Direct construction

110 000 UAH. – Licenses and approvals (both formal and informal settlements). Most of the money spent on the coordination of redevelopment areas and maintenance of construction works. Big changes can not be, but as a rule, most restaurateurs are beginning development of a room in a secondary fund (sometimes residential). If the act only formally, the amount may increase as the process of preparing the documents last for a longer period.

120 000 UAH. – Extra batteries and electricity. This is important because in most cases, rooms have electrical power 25 kW, and for good restaurant should be at least 60.

10 000 UAH. – Services designer and decorator who worked on the project and design.

15 000 UAH. – Payment for the engineer, a witness for the correct execution of the project.

5000 .- USD fire alarm.

UAH 10 000 .- water treatment system.

60 000 .- USD heating and ventilation system.

15 000 UAH. – Lighting.

80 000 UAH. – Built-in furniture, communications training and other work.

90 000 UAH. – Furniture, signs, small interior trim.

90 000 UAH. – Kitchen equipment (refrigerator, thermal and mechanical).

70 000 UAH. – Bar Equipment.

40 000 UAH. – Dishes.

10 000 UAH. – Kitchen utensils.

10 000 UAH. – The form of employees.

24 000 UAH. – Office equipment.

6000 UAH. – Music.

10 000 UAH. – Low current (switching to the TV signal, music, computer).

20 000 UAH. – Cash system.

UAH 30 000. – Salaries of personnel to open (chef, manager and deputy, line staff).

20 000 UAH. – Elaboration of dishes.

50 000 UAH. – Advertising.

80 000 UAH. – The creation of strategic reserves plus current food and drinks on the first five days as a rule, vendors lend restaurateurs, giving some food and alcohol, as well as a bar equipment free of charge.

UAH 30 000. – Unforeseen costs.

Total: 1.337 million USD. or $ 167 000.

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