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How to expand your business

The leaders are actively growing businesses to share their experiences

Self-assured businessman boasts that he was able to realize a unique project , the income from which will be $ 100 million in five years . Such phrases are generally preceded by attempts to rapidly expand their business.

Have come down to earth in a few years or even months , and then comes to the aid of experience : the ability to use the knowledge learned from their own failures . When Samuel Smiles , a famous Scottish writer , said: ” ” He who never made ​​a mistake, and did not make discoveries .

“We asked the managers and founders , who ran small companies , but then they decided to dramatically expand . Their experience is peculiar to many . What were the major flaws and their mistakes?

Alexander Mayzler all done on their own, but did not have time to

Foundress of Thinking Caps Tutoring Alexander Mayzler

Error – wanted to do everything for you . I opened my business in 2004 and did everything themselves : in the teaching and administration at the same time . Then I thought that hiring an assistant does not follow, as well as to allow this, we could not afford , and thought that the work of another person will not meet the standards we have adopted . The problems started because I just do not have time to deal with all and was very tired.

Conclusion: what can you best do it yourself , the rest is assigned to another . Then I highlighted in a separate list of what I’m good at and loved to do, and that could be carried out by someone else. On the basis of this list, I started hiring other workers.

Bob Fisch, 46 years lost touch with customers

Founder and CEO of Biggby Coffee Bean Fish

Error: no longer communicate with customers.In 1995 I opened a coffee house which I have been doing their own coffee, which allowed me to constantly maintain communication with visitors . Within four years, we have decided to engage in franchising. Once I got distracted from work and realized that our network is comprised of more than a hundred points, and I had been sitting out all day in the office, answering phone calls and letters , I spend business negotiations . I could not see our visitors for weeks.

Conclusion: every day I started to call in at our cafe , changing , so the office to work on the road. Since three years have passed , and we were able to increase profits in half. Now we have reached a figure of $ 40 million per year, and this year we expect to increase this figure , as sales in the same cafe increased by 7%, and more continue to grow.

Mark Sheehan , 59 years old : the tasks performed by incompetent people

CEO of Rubicon Sports Mark Sheehan

Error: excessive self-confidence. The company Rubicon, engaged in the manufacture of heavy-duty rescue and ski jackets , considered it possible for her to extend the range of products and production run of summer clothes . We offer consumers a line of clothing for children that protects against ultraviolet radiation , called Sun Shredders. We made a mistake with this project , deciding that customers liked the colors and patterns . We turned to designers of high-tech professional clothes for adults with a request to design clothes for the children, that was far from their area.

Conclusion : It is better to do that than to you better than anyone .

Rob Basso, 37 years has not identified the target audience

The founder of Advantage Payroll Services RobBasso

Error: guided by a very wide range of consumers , rather than to form his target audience. I bought a marketing firm contact list of companies, each of which we sent our flyer . After that, we started to call all of these companies. But we did not even bother to properly determine who exactly should be directed to our offer. It turned out that the flyers were sent to CEOs , while the purchasing decisions of the Company are CFOs . Thus, it was in vain spent a lot of money .

Conclusion : over time , we found that our target audience are companies that employ 15 employees , it must be service companies, and besides, they have to be in a certain area. Only after that we managed to organize a sale. But it was necessary to think through all the start.

David Hauser , 28 years: looking for new people, but because of their compatibility with the team

Grasshopper Group co-founder David Houser

Error: hired a new employee , based on their technical abilities , not thinking about personal compatibility with older employees. A few years ago, Grasshopper, which supplies small companies virtual phone system started very actively developed , the search for new employee has considerable challenge for us . We are looking for people with a technical mindset and hire only the best professionals , forgetting that they would find a common language with already working with us humans.

Conclusion : When a company is in the early stage of development , corporate culture is no less important than professionalism sotrudnikov.Teper we were special criteria by which we take people to work. Now we hire a new person that fits all of our requirements , and do not even know exactly what duties he will perform in our company.

Tom Walter , 62 years : It is used in the old methods

CEO of Tasty Catering Tom Walter

Error: working with clients using older methods . When we have had some success , engaged in the organization of corporate and outdoor events , we decided to expand the business – organized inexpensive eateries. Our sales are well known and always take into account the needs of enterprise customers. As for the cheap eats , there must have very different , and therefore our sales staff were not disappointed.

Bottom line: before you do something , you need to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

David Nour , 42 years : the company wanted to increase due to increased office

The founder of Relationship Economics , David Nour .

Error: The thought that the size of the office corresponds to the successful growth of the company . I was wrong for a long time , considering that the size is always correspond to the prestige of the company. That is why at the time I decided to team up with a consulting company hired new employees , rented a large office , has increased the number of services bought another Copier and even a gym for employees. Six years were spent one million dollars , and then I decided to go to our customers with the question : ” Why did you choose us .” They replied that they use our services because we have a lot of interesting ideas , we are energetic and always implement original solutions . On the number of copiers in our office , no one mentioned.

Conclusion: I have cut staff Relationship Economics, moved to a new office , where I now work only . Now I get more money , headache was much less, and life became more balanced.

Greg Ehresmann , 54 : rushed to the employment of new managers

The owner of the family business – the restaurant Triple XXX, Diner (a type of fast food ) Route 66, as well as companies engaged in the manufacture of soda , Greg Ehresmann.

Error: wanting to expand, hastened to hire professionals bad . Opening the second point , we have taken the work of the manager who assured us in the presence of her relevant experience . But, as it turned out later , no experience she had , and with the opening of another point of the work was several times more . And as I got to the one institution (which is about 20 minutes drive from the other) , the other has had to put out the fire .

Conclusion: hire people people on whom you can always rely on.

Shelly Sun, 39 years old : I wanted to promote several projects

CEO of BrightStar Franchising San Shelley .

Error: undertook the implementation of several projects, but failed to finish any of them . Agency nurses BrightStar provides health care at home, as well as services carers . Recipients of our franchises , we have always offered several projects, as a result of complaints received by unfocused and messy approach .

Conclusion : always focus on the most important processes and bring them before the end of the implementation , and then proceed to less important projects.

Tips on conducting business negotiations

Israeli pro gives tips on doing business negotiations.

Moti Crystal worked in the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel , where he studied the preparatory work, scenario development and analysis of the crisis in relations with the Palestinians following the outbreak of terror in September 2000. As a result of negotiations in 2002, in the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem, held under its auspices , were successful . Today, he is the founder of the consulting company NEXT, which helps private companies to conduct successful business negotiations . He offers a few tips on how to properly negotiate and achieve their goals.

1. need to collect all the information. You need to have all the information : about the people involved , the subject of negotiations on how the previously conducted such negotiations and how they ended with – do not be squeamish to anything, absolutely any information can come in handy. If you do not have enough information to consider that for you , these negotiations were unsuccessful .

2 . Necessary to map the stakeholders. It should be a visual map that describes all human relationships . This way, you can learn a lot of interesting things. Should think twice before taking his ex-wife talks to CEO of the company. One day, I was not lost chet negotiations only because time has not learned that a former company lawyer resigned and was replaced by a new one, used to work out all the documents very carefully .

3 . Correctly count the time. Time can either work in your favor and to the detriment. If you have to sign a document of the New Year in the U.S., then in the middle of summer, you ‘re too late. So how soon will come Thanksgiving, then Halloween , and then Christmas.

4 . Think of the interest . Getting ready to negotiate, you have to understand exactly what you need for your opponent and for what reason .

5 . Work on the strategy of negotiations. Very often people are not serious talks , believing that they can come and see how things will go , and then you can think of something. But as a result , they give considerably lower than wanted and could. Must advance to outline its position. There are three strategies . The first – the negotiations from a position of strength. Even if all the cards in your hand , it is necessary to think well before opening their opponent. You should not try to compare your opponent to the ground , because the negotiations – it’s not a fight. The second – a position which always keeps a famous American investor Warren Buffett, and it sounds simple: take what you need , leave. He makes an offer only once. Do not like it – good-bye . Third – negotiations through intermediaries. This option can be used as in people’s lives and in the life of nations. Usually , in such negotiations do not have to change strategy.

6. Plan revision mechanism . At a time when almost any day is a change , you should not enter into a contract for five years. Each paragraph should indicate the possibility of revising the treaty after a specific period of time. This simplifies the process of negotiations and provides an opportunity to change the terms , if something goes wrong.

7. Try to get acquainted with a future opponent. For many people personal relationships are no less important than the business relationship. For Russia, this is especially important : here one or two of the visit is almost impossible to conclude the contract. People love to get to know each other well , and from personal observation to make decisions. It is not necessary to try to understand . It is necessary to accept and act accordingly. It is better to meet with prospective opponent , drink wine with him , talk about some abstract of the business things, and you will see that the process will go much more quickly.

Founder of the “Sbarro” talks about the changes in the business for the last 10 years

Merab Elashvili talks about the changes in the business environment and among businesses that have taken place over the last 10 years , as well as whether or not to open your own business now .

Business today and 10 years ago – the sky and the earth . I opened my business in 1993, when I was 19 years old. All then went with pistols (but not me ) . Today all civilized : lawyers go about their business , business – his own. All times are interesting in their own way . 10 years ago there was no competition, running a business today is more secure . It’s not so bad, but we are very far from civilization .Now the system works, supporting the business . But there is still no cheap money , long-term money . Entrepreneurs learn how to work in these conditions , but when the head holder is loaded with things for the business is not very good . And it is likely that in the near future will not change anything .

Now young people leave to study in the West, but there it remains. And it makes the business more unpredictable. And not only in personnel , but in fact for anyone to build a business . After all, young people – a movement . We need to do something to our young people wanted to work in Russia , but not only in government agencies . We’ll see what will come up with our government to encourage young people to work and develop in Russia .

Personally, I’m not afraid to start new projects. For example, we will soon open a chain of hostels . In the big cities of Moscow and hotel prices are very high. And in England , Austria and the United States, many people are coming to a city stay in these hostels : inexpensive, neat and clean.

Our business plan was based on the calculation of the price of 800 rubles for a place to load and 74% in the capital and 69 % in the regions . So, what is more profitable than to build new facilities and renovation of rented premises do . Now we are looking for such facilities , will appeal to the heads of the regions – we want to take a favorable location. Without their help, the room will cost us dearly , but this does not correspond to the economy of the project. First, we want to open such hostels in the capital and several major cities. In which cities we will open hostels , depends on who the first to be able to negotiate . I do not think we will get a failure, since all regions are now interested in the development of tourism. Today, 285 of our restaurants operate 5 44 cities of the world.

For 10 years the owners have changed . And if before the crisis were important to them revenue and geography , but now all are only interested in cash flow , if a point in lower income, then it should be closed . It’s not that simple. We have already had to close unprofitable restaurants in Russia and other countries. For example , in 2010, we closed all in Ukraine: all major cities have been our restaurants , but as a result of the crisis hryvnia fell , and all our products are imported from abroad. Raise prices we could not , because the competition was . Therefore I thought it necessary to close the business.

One should always keep an eye on efficiency. It happens that after successfully running a restaurant opening nearby shopping center is just impractical.

It is better not to start the projects in which you can control the situation yourself . In Egypt, we opened the restaurant Viaggio together in a local partner . Six months later, it was clear that the planned efficiency, we have not reached , and the partner did not fulfill all the promise . As a result, I sold him the whole business and walked away from the project. As it turned out , it was on time .

Should be an expert manager

The desire to obtain expertise can bring top manager harm , not good.

In a previous article I wrote about why each team should be very different players .In addition to various cultural and professional outlook , temperament and life experience , every person is predisposed to perform certain work: Someone better find new ideas , some of their realizovuet , and someone performs the duties of best top-manager , manager and other staff members which poses new challenges. Of course , each of us has its advantages and disadvantages. In a strong team, the good news is that people are imperfect perfect combination.

To become a leader ?

Often, moving up the career ladder a person has to change their priorities . And if the manager can always remain a manager in any other company, specialists and experts in certain questions must make a choice: to abandon further move up the career ladder, but retain their beliefs , teach or coordinate the work of a team , learning management skills and management.

Talking about such changes in the professional growth of a person , it is impossible not to recall the words Prutkov , who believed that a specialist like a flux – from a good specialist will never be a good manager . But based on my experience , I would like to refute this assertion.

It is very important that a person be motivated to gain new knowledge and skills , meet new challenges , and that he had ample time and opportunity to develop new skills . In this case can be a good example of a vice- president of technology at Microsoft’s Brian Harry , whose career started with a classic garage startup. Later, Microsoft acquired his project , calling it Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, which is part of Microsoft Visual Studio. And Brian , being a programmer , successfully mastered the skills of the manager. Now he is involved in the creation of Microsoft Visual Studio – one of the main projects for Microsoft developers. You can not say that Brian , formerly a successful expert, now copes poorly with the work of the manager. And this is not an example.

Change should be gradually

There are many such examples. Often there are times when a good expert is raised to a top manager without any training . Of course , many cases turn out to be unsuccessful , and the company at the same time lose two good employees: Managers and experts . And it’s not because of the nature of the employee or his propensity to work, and because the change must be gradual . If you want to become a good steward of specialist and was interested in it , learn new skills he should be at a lower level – managing a small team or middle- management positions .

What’s interesting is today a specialist does not have to give up the performance of the duties in which he is an expert , and fully devote themselves to the financial , personnel and paperwork . Thanks to the electronic workflow and modern communications is becoming increasingly easier to combine work and the head of the expert. Similar examples exist too much.

Simply put, any expert can become a good leader. I am often asked whether it may be the opposite. Do managers need good expertise in his work ?

I believe that everything is a bit more complicated . Sure, every leader must possess considerable expertise . Whether it’s telecom , IT and food industries. Otherwise he can not win the respect of his subordinates, and the main thing – to understand what strategy should I choose for business development. But too carried away by detail , to strive for a deep expert knowledges is not worth it , as it may not be for the head of dignity and weakness. In this case, it is impossible not to remember the saying of the man who can not see the forest for the trees. Only in this case , too deeply studying the same direction, you can see the big picture of the business and not allow fewer errors than in the absence of expert knowledge.

In other words, the leader must be a balance between the production and use of their knowledge and the assistance of its staff , which is always possible to assign tasks , for which you must have considerable expertise. In any case, I ‘m sure you have your own opinion about this. I would be happy to debate . How do you think a manager to be an expert , and, conversely, whether the expert to become a good manager? What are some examples of these changes can lead to?

Unwanted customers

The fact with what buyers need to stop work and how best to do it tells the owner online store.

By creating our online store we were founded upon the quality service and individual approach to each client.

But whatever you do not engage in business , there is always dissatisfied customers .On the one hand, it’s not so bad. Drawing on its own experience , I can say that it was customer complaints allow you to find and correct weaknesses in your case. When customers of our online store to leave their reviews, they first come to my email , so I can see them online. In 90% of cases I personally respond to our customers. If the customer did not like something , I think it’s my fault that something was explained to the staff picked up the wrong staff , not fully thought through technology.

But there is another side of the coin is such that customers are trying to completely rebuild the entire project according to your needs . First you listen to this client because aspire to create the perfect business, but starts to get upset as a result of technology. In such cases, it is important to defend your position.

In addition, the clients can get caught and crooks.

Free chocolates

In this blog, I somehow already asked the question of how often the scammers . Indeed, they are often for the reason that the orders are paid upon receipt . We have such things happen : The delivery driver lucky to survive unharmed . Problems arose with this order .

80 % of this order are expensive candy. By the customer , a Arkady contacted us by phone. He has repeatedly called and elaborate on whether all normal and in time will come to order, issued on the cafe – that’s actually why swankiest ordered a few pieces .

When the driver called the customer , driving up to the place of delivery , he heard a voice with a Caucasian accent. Meanwhile, near the car , two people offered to help the driver bring food in the cafe , to which he refused, and , closing the car , went to the cafe itself . But, as it turned out, there is no Arkady did not know , did not answer his phone , and the visitors have gone missing . After the incident, we began to more thoroughly instruct the drivers , and the contracting always asked additional landline phone number.

But the most important decision was the fact that we have started to develop other ways of receiving payment. Today, customers can pay the order through ” Yandex -Money ,” with the help of bank cards, and from businesses we accept non-cash payments . With that latter account for 10-15 % of turnover. We plan to increase this figure , and soon realize the opportunity to order payment through Webmoney.

Avoid service competitors

Be one of our customers who have made several orders, but each one ended with some incident: for example, we were late with delivery just 2 minutes , as a result – a refund. And after some time happened to be that the customer is the owner of online supermarket. He was able to “steal” we have not only the rules of our work, but also copied some shares and forums. This fact does not upset us , because we are always ready to share our experience .

Customers extremists

My colleagues have long since ceased to challenge the rule that the customer is always right, as understood – it is useless. But it helped me pick out a group of clients whom I call objectionable. Here is their main features .

1. The client requires timely delivery of up to the minute

As we have always been opened , customer can specify the desired delivery time in between 11:00 and 22:00. We always try to meet people , and therefore allows you to specify a more precise time, but when the buyer begins to dictate terms , hopeless . We had a similar client , we deliver the orders three times . At first, she insisted on a specific time , and the courier was enclosed within the time had brought order to the other end of Moscow time. But at the address ‘s client could not be found , and the question of how to pass on the order , the response was something like this : ” Oh wow ! You have time ! “. The next attempt was no more successful , as the client has changed the course of the delivery address , and only the third time she managed to pass the order. Thus , the average fuel per delivery can be multiplied by three. After that , we were told our staff will never follow in the wake of such clients .

2 . Customer complains about the order, but does not return it

If the client has not approached the goods, he can always return it. And not just because he is always right , but also because it is prescribed by the law “On Protection of Consumers’ Rights. But if the client is dissatisfied with the order, but to return the money for it does not want , they say, it’s a matter of principle , there is nothing good to expect from such clients is not necessary. What’s he up to – is unknown, but the whole company suffers .Be one of our client relationships which we interrupted after he posted an ad on the Internet, which stated that the advertisement for the store , we announced a set of extras . After this, our operators sat for two days , taking the flood of calls , and the ” how this works” has been added to the phrase , according to which our company has the right to refuse a client to maintain, without specifying reasons.

3 . The client threatens you

There were customers who could not only complain about us , but also threatened . At what my colleagues are always very worried because of the threats , because they understood that in the internet age , any threat can be a couple of minutes to spread throughout the network, and millions of people will see it . I had a very long time to convince them that a normal person would never threaten .

Sometimes it happens that the conflict became my personal orders . So in July and August , according to my orders , some orders were transferred to another day. The reason for this could beat incredible , standing at the time in the capital, and this has led to a deterioration of logistics. As a result, dozens of customers have been affected . But these solutions also need to sometimes take , even if you offer a perfect service .

Laced earn easy

Founder of “Footwear Russia ” is about sales opportunities related products.

For a long time we did not attach much importance concomitant production of goods , because not only did not bring much profit, but also brought a lot of trouble. Change your attitude and take more seriously the production of these goods have caused the decline in the economy – we had a chance to review all the business processes and the production of laces insoles were no exception . First, we sought to optimize the material and labor costs. But then our goal has changed dramatically – we began to consider the possibility of expanding the production of related products, flesh before committing them to a separate area . As a result, we have earned on related products is 7 times more than usual, which amounted to 10 % of the retail sales of goods, and now we are planning to increase these figures .

An unfavorable production

More recently, we frustrated by the fact that consumers tend to find in the store is not only shoes , but also a variety of creams, laces , brushes, socks , stockings , etc. toge this category of goods provided we are only 1-1.5 % of retail turnover product , but it took on a lot of energy , as all these little things should have packed in special small boxes to keep them under certain conditions , to inventory . And at the end of each month, the remains were formed , which had to be utsenyat or write off .

This category of non-essential goods was considered far , and so her team studied the formation of each store. After a ridiculous deal in goods that benefit only 1% of revenue , and more important tasks we have had quite a few . It would have lasted longer if it had not the crisis of 2008, when , in order to survive , we had to analyze each business processes in our company, and accordingly restructure its operations .

The crisis in the business of helping

Then we noticed the related products. Decided to change the category , but rather to reduce costs but most possible limits – why spend time and money on such a non-profitable products . The first thing we decided – is to conduct centralized procurement of all types of goods . It also helped that the purchase price was down and we were able to develop a single set of range for the entire network , and store managers no longer need to waste time on the formation of the range. After that, we started thinking – can I have some way to make this segment .

In addition, we analyzed the needs of customers , and as it turned out , the assortment in our stores are not fully satisfied customers , there are some problems. Thus, we decided that the sale of related products is a function of the service . So we started does not seek to earning , and to keep customers happy , so we decided to take apart this direction. To do this, we have identified a specialist that only related products , has analyzed not only the buyers’ requests , but also the existing experience in the world market . The decision was such – in order to make more money to expand the product range.

Are establishing service

We made the purchase of an additional batch of related products. The result was more than successful – in 2009, revenue from sales of this category increased to 3 %, which is 1.5 times. Inspired by this success , we decided to further expand the range of products. Soon we recruited a team of experts , which included marketing , goods and technology .

Then it was decided to focus not on ordinary products, such as shoe polish , and new , and even unusual products for the domestic buyer. But here, there were some problems – our distributors have not heard about many of these things. So we decided that we need to promote these items yourself. Then we engaged in the development of new products our Chinese partners , and together with them we were looking for a new design solutions . We have developed an anti-slip stickers for shoes , dry deodorant for shoes , foam -cleaner and gel insoles . Now we sell these products online ” Vestfalika .” Today we have more than 100 items related products, but we are constantly creating something new.

In addition, our creative department never tired to offer ideas . It was developed a number of interesting new products, but only a few of them have been approved. So, for example , has launched a line of care products for the feet called ” Vestfalika .” We also conducted an analysis of the market and saw that the stores offer cheap or creams for the feet of domestic production, or expensive overseas – the average was not.

We chose this niche . Our idea was to offer the consumer cosmetics, proper quality foreign counterparts , such as , Dr. Scholl or Gewohl ( retail price about 400 rubles), but a lot cheaper. We have addressed domestic manufacturer of white makeup to develop their own unique recipes . The result is a series of his own cosmetics ” Vestfalika Medicine “, in which the average cost of one tube was 89 rubles in retail. Since the test sales were successful, we launched a large batch production of cosmetics . This year we plan to sell 300,000 units sold . To date, we have developed 15 unique recipes of goods , by the autumn plan to release 6.

New ideas

Only recently have we realized the full potential of certain categories of goods. So, for example , happened to leather goods : belts, wallets, business card holders , handbags , wallets , and even tights and stockings. After analyzing this product category , we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to do the development of this direction under its own brand. First, we launched a number of bags Emilia Estra and sold them in the network ” Vestfalika .” After that, we opened a separate network Emilia Estra, which offer the buyer a lot of accessories , including not only handbags and belts, but hosiery products to youth style , which we hope will find their buyers. The first store we opened in Tyumen, and the year we plan to open 5 more such stores in large cities in Siberia .

But some of the experiments and had to give up . For example, we sell spirits throughout the whole year . It was sort of a pulse option, and if women customers were any money after buying shoes, they could buy more and perfume. The project was quite successful and we managed to sell all of the party spirits, but in the future we still gave up the idea . Much excitement was not observed , there was only a smooth , quiet demand, and we wanted more .

After analyzing the related products segment , we found a lot of benefits. For example, small items can make the maximum mark-up , and thus it is possible to make good money . In addition , the wholesale price for such products is low, and even the high mark-up will be especially noticeable to customers. Who else will stop price 05.10 rubles. Another advantage of such products is that you can promote your own brand through the production of private label.

Conclusion – we should have just abandon the stereotypes that related products – it unprofitable to focus on the needs of customers , revenue growth was immediate . As of the first quarter of 2012, revenue from sales of related products reached 10 % , and now we are planning to increase this figure to 15%

All of a beautiful business

The owners of beauty salons and clinics talk about all the complexities of such business , expectations and disappointments customers about famous wizards and false advertising moves.

The term “Beauty ” was first performed as a researcher at the World Congress of Dermatology , which took another 80 years before. In 1945, Zurich was the first recorded worldwide organization of cosmetologists CIDESCO, whose founder was George Dumont . To date, the annual turnover in the service sector aesthetic medicine clinics and beauty salons to $ 180 billion

And while Russia’s share in this market is 1%, it was Moscow that brings a quarter of the total. According to an estimate ExpoMediaGroup ” Walled City ” , the figure is about $ 1.5 billion greatest number of services , and therefore turnover bring beauty salons and barbershops . Today in Russia there are about 12,000 . According to Igor Stoyanov, owner of a major Russian network “Person” , this figure should be added around 3,000 ” salon- appartment ” public work one or two masters, who both work for themselves, and at the same time work in salon. It should be noted that in some Russian cities “density” of these shops have already reached U.S. data – one in 1000.The history of Russia begins salon business in the early 1990s , when the background of the many hairdressers left after the collapse of the USSR , are beginning to appear in the first private institution. Little known at the time salons “Aida “, ” Dolores “, ” Jacques Dessange ” and “Person ” is now turned into the largest Russian Internet company , even owning their own schools. And by 1995 , a similar business has become very popular among the wives of wealthy people. A regular hairdresser is increasingly complemented by a massage , manicure and cosmetic treatments. Already in 1997, in Moscow, there is a first cosmetology school .

In the early 2000s, this business has become more systematic . First, it has stood out separate networks that have grown and evolved . Secondly, all the salons and clinics sat down to share on the price category. According to Igor Stoyanov , now salons economy class for almost half of the total turnover , while another third – the specialists who work at home, “premium” has only a fifth , but the segment of “luxury” – only one-tenth . The average resident of the capital can spend per visit 1,500 rubles , and beyond – 700-800 rubles.

Services of clinics specializing in plastic surgery, make up a very small share of the Russian market , which is about $ 70 million Leonid Pavlyuchenko , president of the Russian Association of plastic surgery clinics results in data showing that the number of doctors working in this direction up to 6000, while the number of clinics equals several hundred (although 20 years ago there were only three such clinics ) . In 1992 he opened the first clinic ” Face “, which carried out plastic surgery , and during the crisis went bankrupt. In Moscow in the early 2000s, the number of such clinics , there were more than three hundred. In five years, the majority of these transactions have been made in other Russian cities , but Moscow still provide the lion’s share of the turnover.

Another reason for the popularity of the business has its profitability . All costs of opening a clinic could pay for itself in six months , as the plastic surgery on the abdomen , chest or neck, bringing 100 % profit . At that time, as the business grows, about 40 % of customers were satisfied with the results of operations , the third part of potential customers such clinics favored foreign experts . In addition , the cost of some operations in Russian clinics in 1.5-4 times higher than the cost of related services in Switzerland.

According to the Ministry zdravsotsrazvitiya 2006 plastic surgery market is growing every year by 12%. In this case, a plastic surgeon profession as a beautician , has received a calling and the right to be called a medical specialty in 2009.

The first statistics on plastic surgery appeared in 2010 , it was published by the Organization of ISAPS. Russia belongs to tenth place in the ranking of the number of manipulations , and for one year was conducted 350,000 both surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery. The most popular is the manipulation of the injection of Botox , which is 25 % of the total. Next on the number of manipulation – the injection of hyaluronic acid, which is designed to combat wrinkles , as well as liposuction and breast volume increase . In fact, the Russian experts estimate ISAPS not trusted. Says Leonid Pavlyuchenko, these figures are underestimated by at least half.

According to experts , plastic surgeons in Russia earn in a year from $ 30,000 to $ 200,000 , while the annual income of their European counterparts is $ 200 000-250 000 , the annual income of U.S. surgeons averaged $ 2 million Leonid Pavlyuchenko believes that the opening plastic surgery clinics in Russia will cost $ 1.2 million in a Moscow clinic average cost of the operation is 100 000, outside the capital , this amount is much lower .

At the request of business publication Forbes Woman proprietresses five salons and clinics in developing their business for more than 10 years , will talk about all the rules of this business.

The owner of beauty salons MILF Elena tells how to work with business people .

First Elena received a diploma Pedagogical Institute. Then an economics degree , diploma ” crisis manager “. After Elena graduated from Harvard Business School , and then – received the diploma of the Los Angeles School of Cosmetology . In business, Elena has more than 15 years .

When I decided to open his first salon , I have been guided by their feelings . I can not spend a lot of time to care for the body and face , manicure , etc. I think that is all it should take no more than 2-3 hours. Therefore, in my salon a few large rooms , each of which can simultaneously run multiple masters , we also purchased a special couch transformers, which allows us to perform multiple procedures at the same time : manicure , pedicure, facial cleansing , etc.

It is very important to be comfortable with not only customers but also employees. Office, which employs the wizard must be spacious , otherwise deteriorate quality. Also, the master must be a professional high level , so that even in the most uncomfortable conditions accurately carry out the work.

Most of my clients – it is business people at less than half of them – men . And between people and business , for example, people from show business is a big enough difference. For the latter, it is important that for a moment could not see the effects of your work. For business travelers, it is also important , but not enough , they often go for the procedure , the result of which is very noticeable, and therefore to the public is best not to appear a few days.

If the client has decided to do the procedure in the subsequent restoration , we always warn him about it. For example, if a client makes a procedure Fraxel ( rejuvenation of the body and face without the use of surgical techniques using laser removes old skin ), then after that you can go out only on the fourth day , but only after a week there is a full recovery. And to the face better not touch .

Business people all calculated. On them you can synchronize clocks . The process of care they ha is planned for the entire week ahead. They differ in that delegate their powers , even for an expert in the beauty salon. They are not eager to try some new items or experiment , for them the most important thing – the result.

For me the ideal client – a man, after all , deciding to visit our showroom , he does it all the time. He always arrives on time , obey the expert and never nervous. It generally – a regular customer .

The founder of a network of clinics of aesthetic medicine ” Klazko ” Eter Krikheli talks about marketing moves in a beautiful business.

Originally Etery of Georgia. Received the diploma of the Moscow Medical Dental Institute. The first study, in which we have conducted the procedure of laser hair removal , it opened in 1997, and the following year opened the clinic of laser cosmetology . Esterification was also the founder of the award in the field of aesthetic medicine under the name “Golden lancet .” It happened in 2005 .

Marketing in our business is quite unusual and even chaotic , as the standard techniques in this area are not working. Let me give you an example. Once I ordered a fairly reputable one agency to conduct a study . Although the target audience of our clinic were people with high incomes , experts advise to advertise in the women’s magazine ” Lisa .”

In the West, advertising in this area are not accepted at all . And if you enter the name of a respected and well-known plastic surgeon , you will find only his scientific work. If you type the name of the domestic graduates of residency , you will see a lot of advertising to its name.

Once upon a time there was a boom in search engine optimization , and on the first lines appear the names of the little-known nouveau riche . Now it is not working as well as the first lines in the search engines rightfully belong only to the most honored art.Not often heard complaints from colleagues , they say, a lot of forums on the internet now redeemed , and they appear negative reviews. But I do not even pay attention to it , because of our potential customers so simply does not. And the prize “Golden Lancet “, which we have established for plastic surgeons , only contributed to the strengthening of relations with colleagues, and once PR was excluded .

I have my own bans on advertising . We do not tend to hold such shares as ” two persons for the price of one “, because understand that we may lose customers. We have, of course, there is a system to encourage customers, but sales are alien to us .Often there is advertising, through which health centers are promoting this or that service . Although many devices have appeared in our clinic before , odd others , I decided not to use them in advertising. Because the device – it’s a tool with which the specialist conducts a particular procedure . What is the meaning advertise tools?But even without advertising, we also can not do without. When the night cut down the sign ” Klazko ” ordered by the administration of our district . Then customers were asked not to move or we , or perhaps closing. But our most important resource – it is word of mouth , through which we get around two-thirds of our customers , and further hope that this resource will be a key .

Foundress of the Institute of beauty ” Sensavi ” Karasev Julia talks about the psychology of clients.

Back in the early 1990s established the Julius Center of Chinese Medicine . In 1998, she opened a beauty salon ” Vermel “, and a few years later opened a beauty parlor called ” Sensavi .” Julia was awarded the Order as part of the international award “Profession – life” for being able to develop the technology of reinforcement person using bionitey . Her designs have been awarded the prize ” Grace” twice.

For me, all of the patients are divided into two types : up to 40 years of age and older. Very often young people , in the hope of changing personal life , strive to external changes. And older people do not want to grow old , and therefore are struggling to maintain or refresh their appearance. More problemlos are patients older than 40 years, so they always notice kA good effect.

More difficult to work with the young , as they do not always know what the result wish to receive . For example , she wants to make such lips like Angelina Jolie. She does not want to understand that they do not fit the shape of her face and nose . Most often, we are able to convince young customers do not do what they just did not go.

Not very good and the fact that patients are waiting for some miracles. For example, the appearance of a Russian technology Thermage ( face lift without surgery , radio-frequency energy acts on collagen fibers ) , many customers think it will solve all their problems . People were ready to great lengths to make such a procedure. We tried to explain to people what the effect will be , but the 18 -year-old looks back is not possible. During the existence of the procedure, only two customers were told that a bit disappointed and expected more. But after seeing their photos before and after the procedure, they actually saw a good effect. There are those customers who want the minimum period for maximum effect , and therefore are willing to do almost all the anti-aging treatments at once. In such cases, we always recommend that they try to start something one.

Some people choose very long correct procedure . Typically, these customers we offer a bit of simple , and advising them a lot and absolutely free of charge. We always give the customer the opportunity to mature for a particular procedure.

It often happens is that the patient does not realize that more needs to be corrected . For example, a girl’s problem skin , it also wants to correct a crooked nose . But I see that smooth skin would be able to smooth over this deficiency. Our experts never say directly to the client about his shortcomings that it would be better to fix. Those are the rules in our clinic. Each patient should feel comfortable with the doctor, and other shortcomings can be remedied in other ways.My doctors have to be psychologists , as all patients are completely different psychological types . If the patient is passive , we do make up a program under which it works . If the patient is active, the doctor works in tandem with it , selects and negotiates with them the procedures that are necessary for it now .

Chief physician at the clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology ” Lanthanum ” Rybinsk Nina tells about all kinds of risks in the work of Plastic SurgeonsNina is a doctor of the highest category . She finished 2nd Moscow Medical Institute . In addition, Nina passed the Cambridge courses on healthy eating and nutrition. Is the winner of national awards ” Grace” as the ” Best Hardware cosmetology in 2008 .”

Familiarity with the subject is for me as a physician is very important point . My task in the first toe minutes to understand what people expect from a particular procedure. Also, for me it is important to define what this type of patient – a therapeutic or surgical. And if the problem can not be solved by a therapeutic , I nominate the operation. After that, I have to understand the extent of man’s hope , and most importantly, be honest in this . After all, if mulatto skin rejuvenation procedure will make it a blonde still will not.The worst thing for any doctor – it’s frustrating to see the eyes of the patient after the procedure or surgery. Therefore it is better to promise him a little less than he actually receives . And for me it is important not to lose a customer because of its clinics, how to lose a friend.

And if the client is dissatisfied with the results of the operation , it means that there is a fault in the doctor. There are no accidents. The unsuccessful outcome of the operation can only be the case if the client is not fully examined , or the doctor is not enough skilled, or uses poor-quality equipment. Responsible for the outcome of the head physician and clinic and surgeon . So before you hire a doctor , I watch to see how he was doing surgery, and then ask yourself the question: would I have a patient of this doctor ?

But if an error occurred during the operation , no need to hide from the customer. To recognize their mistake and try to fix it , but at their own expense .

Fortunately, our work has never been tragic cases, but an error occurred . Through years of experience , I have learned to refuse service pathologically unhappy customers . For example, if you are drawn to people with perfect shape of the nose , but he did surgery on it in several different clinics , and now wants to try and take you , so customers always have to say “no.” Also i say “no” to those who desired as a model facelift sneaked portraits of movie stars or Barbie doll.

All information about our patients is strictly confidential , and if people come to me who allegedly heard somewhere that some stars do have surgery , I have never been confirmed. Or if at some event I encounter with his client , and he says hello to me , I’m not surprised . I too would not have filed a mind that we are familiar with.

The management holding ” Aida” Aida Vulfovna tells about the rules of HRReceived a degree in economics at the Moscow Institute of Industry .

In 1994 he opened his first salon . To date, they have six. In 1998 he founded the educational center called ” Salon Management .” In 2003 began to publish the magazine ” Beautiful business .” Since 2007 the clinic Westmed, which Aida opened with a partner .

I tried different ways of working with masters . One of the first to experiment with the ” cultivation of stars.” This wizard we no longer works , but I do still admire . Sometime in the late 1990s, he received the title of world champion , but our business is not affected .

How to profitably sell small bank

To sell the bank on favorable terms possible during the crisis. It is important to know to whom it will be interesting . This principle was followed by the Russian group ” Renaissance “, which sold a small group of Ukrainian bank Rinat Akhmetov’s SCM in March last year. Conglomerate , which in 2010 made ​​a profit of $ 850 million , and could buy a large company. In this case, there were many vendors , as many Western banks sought to withdraw from the market of Ukraine. How did the ‘ Renaissance ‘ to sell his bank SCM ?

In 2010 was the year of the crisis of bad debts in the banking sector of Ukraine, and so many owners of banks were not ready to expand. And if in 2006-2008 it was possible to sell the bank for 3-7 of capital, which was at that time a record figure in the whole of Eastern Europe , then in 2010, the year to get even a single capital at the bank was very difficult. According to Greg Krasnov , CEO of Platinum Bank, then the average for the capital of the bank amounted to 0.2-1 and depended on the quality of the loan portfolio. In February 2011, Bank of Georgia has sold its 80% stake in a subsidiary in Ukraine, Donetsk investors for $ 9.6 million (representing 0.82 Capital Bank). ” Renesang ” does not include the amount obtained from the sale of the bank, but claims that this amount exceeded the bank’s capital . Bankers who know about the conditions of the deal, said the bank was valued at $ 31 million , which was 1.2 equity.

In 2005, the “Renaissance” is buying a small Ukrainian bank

The bank was renamed to Renaissance Capital , and its development proceeded on the basis of consumer loans. In the wake of the financial crisis, some operations were discontinued. As explained Tatiana Khondru , deputy chairman of the bank’s loan to Russian Renaissance , the owners felt that the investment dollars in Russia is much more profitable than in Ukraine.

Already in May 2010, the bank’s owners have started preparing for the transaction. Then the bank Renaissance Capital , which in terms of assets held 95th place, with a loan portfolio of $ 45 million , re- launched earlier frozen consumer credit program , but under the name ” Renaissance Credit” . At this time the SCM combined Donghorbank And Pumbaa belonging to her, and began searching for opportunities that would allow them to take a segment of consumer lending , capable before others recover from the crisis . According to Ilya Arkhipov, business development manager at SCM , the creation of such a trend in FUIB would take three years. And to save time , it was decided to buy a small bank specializing in consumer loans .

Sebastian Ruban, board chairman of Renaissance Credit , back in 2008, was interested in working with FUIB . At the time, his head was Rafal Juszczak . They discussed the possibility of a joint project in the field of consumer credit . But the joint project was never realized, because Juszczak soon left his post.

According Arkhipova, about the possibility of buying Renaissance Credit in SCM learned from colleagues in the market. In addition, SCM managers considered other sites for shopping , for example , Platinum Bank and Home Credit Bank ( HKB ) . But as the Platinum Bank was also looking for items to purchase, SCM and stopped at Renessense HKB with which negotiations began and quickly was performed their due diligence. As a result, HKB has sold Platinum Bank, and SCM has continued negotiations with the Renaissance . It remains only to establish the value of the bank. Representatives of the Renaissance began to extol its loan portfolio of high quality. During the 2009-2010 -ies the bank managed to sell distressed debt , which earned them 100 million UAH from the six collection companies . According Foul , while the share of problem loans , depending on the product and the bank was 15-50 %. With that , these figures were the best at the time. However, the SCM does not immediately believe the reports . FUIB then chose to err , since no experience in consumer credit , he did not. Then it was decided to give the money only after the closing of the transaction in case of defaults will increase dramatically , and degrade the quality of the loan portfolio.

Another argument is that the Renaissance deserves a higher price than the average at that time to market was a good team and new technologies. SCM agreed with this , but because the deal was struck.

After the sale Renesssansa Donetsk investors , its development took off . Arkhipov says , the very next day after the announcement of the transaction , many of his friends began calling him with questions about the possibility of opening deposit . True, we did not cater deposits , as cheaper resources for this can attract FUIB . Already in 2011 , the assets of Renaissance Credit rose to 40 %. The banking system growth rate was 12%. SCM did not change the state, but only extended it to 2,000 , up 67 % over the previous figure . According to Krasnov, Pumbaa is allowed to become a leader in consumer lending . The objectives have been achieved.

Moreover , the situation in the Renaissance would have been better if you would have delayed negotiations with the SCM for eight months. And while the negotiations were conducted on the transaction price, the Renaissance competitors offer consumers the most favorable conditions for cooperation. As a result of the Renaissance among the three major networks after the others on less favorable terms. Today the Renaissance behind the market leaders in consumer lending in the number of sales outlets in three times.

This means that the CCM will continue to buy up banks . To sell bank SCM ? According to Arkhipov to interest in buying the bank SCM , you must clearly demonstrate how the business will be able to add business Akhmetov , because not enough simply to increase its scale . At Renaissance Credit succeeded. And the price of such transaction shall be reasonable.

How to make money on laundry

Interesting ideas on how to create your institution the right atmosphere and attract new customers.

Even as the CEO of financial company ” Yumis ” Alex Lukyanov decided to realize his idea to open a bar and a laundry service. This prompted him friend from Germany Anke Navottne . She decorated the bar and began “Wash -40″ , which was for a student of the Academy of Art and Design Zurich theme of the thesis. Furniture for bars made ​​to order Petersburg artists , and for ordering beushnye laundry dryers and washing machines from Germany, where such establishments are commonplace.For 150 rubles you can get a wash, but for $ 100 – one- drying. The share of laundry is only 25 % of the income , that is 5.6 million rubles a year. But Lukyanov believes that it is a competitive combination of bar and laundry in one institution , and the best advertising – word of mouth .

Regular clients ‘ Wash -40 ” are poets , musicians , and students. Lukyanov describes the audience of its bar as subcultural layer Petersburg. Also comes a lot of foreigners. But the owner is rarely in a bar , because after Anke defended the diploma , the couple moved to Berlin, where Alex has opened a new business – a studio infographics.

When Lukyanov open his bar laundry , he was guided by Anton Belyankin , who as leader of the ” Two aircraft “, and was a trendsetter for such facilities in St. Petersburg. It was he who brought popular at that time in Europe the concept of club life . In 2003 Belyankin opened the bar “Dacha” Deliberation on the street , who worked on the principle of similar bars of Hamburg. His partner was a friend from Germany.

These bars operate on a simple principle . An area of ​​100 square meters . m playing live DJ, and sold only snacks and alcohol. The most important thing is to face control , monitor not intended for those who are dressed and how or whether the visitor is drunk, but for the fact that all the visitors would have been one of the cultural layer , and there were no problems between guests . According to the most Albers , in their bar nobody steals jackets come to them are nice people , and ashtrays not change after the first stub .

It would seem an impossible task . Especially in Moscow, where the only ” John Donne ” and ” Lighthouse ” can claim the title of such places . In St. Petersburg, as this concept is the most popular for bars . But only after the divorce Alexis and Anna. Then he opened a new bar “Fidel “, which was located next to the cottage. Chances are the owners of these bars did not yet know what synergy, but that’s what happened. In the area of ​​Prospect number of such institutions are now tens . And now with the street Duma associated club life in St. Petersburg.

Of all three of these institutions belong Belyankina – from one place it gets relatively little revenue, but compensates for this by the amount . Today, among these bars in St. Petersburg held a kind of competition. A few years ago, Albers , who lives in St. Petersburg for ten years , opened its own cafe ” Dune” , located in the yard of a house in the area of ​​the Stables . With the sand and sun beds , she managed to create a beach atmosphere . Since visitors come mostly at night , they were roasting under the sun .

High turnover or the maximum margin?

Dreams and uncertain financial model can lead to a loss of customer expectations and defocusing business, and as a result – a loss of money.

How much do you think there is a fair way of doing business ? Bender once offered 400 ways of obtaining money , but honest business models , there are only two . The first is to be cheap to buy and expensive to sell in order to get the maximum margin . A striking example is a boutique jewelry , which can be a year to sell one large diamond, get your million and go to the Canary Islands . Typically, the model has a large margin the costs of promotion and marketing , good service. For the consumer, the value of the goods is the right price for it. An important role is played by the brand.

The second model is based on a high turnover where you need to slow to pay debts , but to collect them faster. A good example is the supermarket . Sold a million loaves of bread, make a million and the Canary Islands . Is there a relationship between these two models ? Of course , there is : either you have high turnover , or the minimum margin.

Of course , you should always strive to ensure that both turnover and margins were highest . The point at which the turnover is turnover diamonds loaves of bread called ” orgasm of capitalism.”

Are there many of these businesses do you know? For example, this iPhone. But companies rather the exception. According to the rules , you have to select one item and one item . Dreams and uncertain financial model can lead to a loss of customer expectations and defocusing business, and as a result – a loss of money. But we should not think that such strict rules forbid you to be creative and wants to grow revenue.

Here is an example . Two years ago my family and I went to Stockholm. Take a walk all day on the streets and museums of the city, is coming to the hotel , we decided we wanted to eat. Our hotel was in the center . Who have been in this town knows that is a little patience to get to the Michelin restaurants, but there can be a real pleasure. But the kids did not want to wait . Yes wife was more upset. Having decided that the three hungry women next to me – a lot , we decided to find something nearby. Hearing the Italian speech outside one of the restaurants, we decided to enter into it , because who does not like Italians so finicky eating habits.

The waiters were all brushed and worked very quickly, there were tablecloths on the tables and vases with natural colors , large portions of pasta were very tasty , and the dessert was great at all ! My companion decided that tomorrow we will come here again .

It’s time for lunch. We have come to the same restaurant and saw all spoiled : there was no vases , no flowers, no handsome waiters , and portions of pasta and sauces less than others. And the prices were lower. But in the restaurant, as well as yesterday , a lot of people. It turns out that they are working up to 16:00 on the turnover , and after – on the margins . And at the same time offering a different product ! Everything is different : tablecloths , tables , music , waiters, menu. And the customers know what is going on at this time. This approach seemed to me a very good one.

How to choose the right model? It depends on many factors: the strategic objectives , the value of the goods to the consumer , market , etc. Most of all, the choice affects the businessman . Margin model is more risky than a model of high turnover . First, you can not sell anything at all , and secondly – not to sell the desired amount . Should choose something that you are more willing to build a financial model , and then you can move on and other steps which bring you to the point of ” orgasmic capitalism.”